(Home Page) helps members stay in touch with friends and search for other members.

Copyright Your photos and express Your personality, with videos, music, profile status and description etc.

Members get Your own blog system, photo gallery, secure messaging (with photo attachment) and a personal friends list, videos, playlist, profile status, flags, faces, graphics. Profile: A main page, designed to be found on search engines with modifiable picture, website description, status, flags, faces and more.

Messaging: Members can write privately to other members (title, message and photo attachment).

Photo Gallery: Albums are made to be fast, clear and pleasant to use.

Blogs: Each blog post goes on an individual web page that is connected to the creating members profile with likes, only seen by members. Copyright photos, html graphics, thoughts and work.

Friends: Members can save friends profiles to their private friends list. A members most active friend (Forget-Me-Nots) is on the top of their list.

Video: Every account has its own video system. Quality videos can be loaded and managed easy.

Music: A music box with an audio manager. Music can be played at ones profile, however there is a link to pop a page and continue to use the internet while playing a members playlist. The box is made without "flash" this has more pros then cons, the any one con that really matters is the songs not going down one song at a time. Other than that You computer or any device is happy about it.

Computers & Mobile Phones: itsVanity is one of best (maybe even the best) social network for different devices. At the same time, members never need to goto different place, the website takes care of it all, always learning how to make itsVanity better and better in every way, including different devices.

Free Promotion: Every member has the chance to be on and, both with a high volume of traffic. The site .net shows the last member who logged in, at the front of the list. The site .org places the site first on the list, who last saved a change on their website. As many know, promotion is very had, from business to acting, modeling, many different talents and showing the world who You are and things You enjoy.

Web Search: Find friends, family and others with the search engine.

For blogging, writing with friends, publishing photos while helping your internet presence. This is the place to be and it is free.

We thank you for choosing this website as your social network.
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