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My Masonic Working Tools.

Masonic Tools & Titles Given to me Dustin and Nellis.

The dry rose that stands for the Love Dustin holds for me. Nellis Freemasonry has recently Accepted me as Family. I got loyalty is that valued in Masonry? I hear that it is.

Dustin had these made for me. These.

What do you think about this idea Nellis? What if I push Dustin into him and I climbing the latter of Freemasonry together.  If he should be attending more often then he does. Something about Easter Star too? Very interesting.


How high does our Masonic family want us? Dustin listens to me, I saw he has what looked like some sorta blue rope with a blue fold?

I could play cowgirl and rope him up blind folding him and drive him there myself to the Nellis. Sound like a plan?

Nellis: Its a maybe that my family and I might come to the Electric Daisy Carnival May 2021.

If I go or not thank you all at Nellis for inviting my family and I to go with Nellis to EDC. That is very kind & my Family can go to? If I cant, dont let Dustin Party with out me.


I look up to Freemasonry. My main reason for that with as many great things Masonry has done and been through. That you for your trust Nellis.


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