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This Is Out Of The 1st Emeralds Emma&I got,

my Sister got for Us, cause Emerald is Emma's BirthStone.

Its Natural (I used the Digital Hardness Tool On a different 1 of the Same Batch).

7.50 with a Real Hardness Tool, not with 1 of the Trick Tools. It did leave a Ding in it, it has to, not this exaxt 1 though.

In the Light Vacuum, this goes from 1400's to 1800's ... In the Surf.

S.G. 2.71

Streeks & Grids are Harder to See as it gets Clearer. Before a Stone is Cut, Some Spots are ganna be More Clear (Better) then Others ... They Seek out the Good Parts before Cutting, Looking for even Weak Spots.

Using this Post and the Blog about the Lab Stone ... Look at the 2 Knowing, E&I have a Lab-Grown somewhere that pass's aLot of Tools, and takes alil Time with, Plus Filter ... to Know its Lab-Grown. Still Looks not like this, Lab Always has something wrong. Lab-Grown Everything got out of Hand in 2009.

This is Natural.

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