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Through My Eye's ...

There is a World of Great Things ... waiting for Us to Play with Them

BirdBzz1& theBirdBzz2

(I know, its not a Bird, but You get Me, and Ya know its a Butterfly:) A World Made for Us ... What shall We do with it?name33

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I am looking at the Strip in Las Vegas. Thinking ... as We are All different, & are supposed to be ... I'm looking at the Strip ... and for the first time in my Life, I'm looking at the City, as the City, not in the back of my mind, "Wondering" (You have always been my Answer, Always) where the Girl GOD made me for is? Now that I know, it changes, my everything. Learning someThing I never knew ... by someOne, I have never known.

I one of You all now ... I'm .. not Searching ... I found her ... and she has no need to look and further ... she found me too)

Our Search ... can be focused on the rest of what Our GOD wants ... Christ whats Everything that is Good, its All his, wants Us to take it for GODChrist Gave me You ... gave You ... Me ... Eternally ...

Free Accepted to do soIn_GOD_We_Trust-8

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