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A Bible Teacher Said ...

What is more important to GOD ... the Birds or Us.

He went on to explain why GOD feels We are more important then Christs Birds (Doves).

I'll jump to ...

He said, there is no Bird that really does anything,  that, there is no Bird the Plants Food, store Food ... etc

They do though. 

There is a Pine Cone that never opens and the Seeds would never come out.

However, a "Bird" who does this everyday. 

Flys around,  finding those Cones.

The Bird picks every Seed out of it.

Gathering them in its mouth. Then on to the next Cone.

When its mouth is Full.

It flys around Planting, 1 Seed at a time. All day.

Speakers they, dont know what they read, "most" do it for money, but, there are Real too ... Who's more important, a man giving bad advice about GOD, or a Bird, creating a entire Forest)

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