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Jesus is Light, Christ is Truth

The Gospel's emphhasize one of the meaning of "Christ, is "God", ("God, the word of Eternal Life"). God came unto this world as a human.

Much of what Jesus of Nazerith did in his time on earth, had to do with highlighing his idenity. While most felt they needed to hide. Jesus, never understandstood that (being God for what reason would there be to hide, in order to learn he snuck away into caves with men 3 time his age so that he could teach them of the biulding of a good spirit). He felt no reason to hit, he wanted to meet All his people, accoss the lands. Much of his time was spent prooving that Jesus was the Christ., the Father.

Because Jesus is God, he Lives forever. Before the World began, GOD made the Planets and Star as Jesus spoke of the differnces obetween the two often.

Jesus Christ is unique as God's Holy Lamb. Jesus is fully God, Jesus is able to reveal God to us and through us clearly and accurately at any time.

The God you seek has a name, Jesus ChristIn_GOD_We_Trust-11

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