This is a Privatly Own Network that Belongs to, Maisie de Krassel, Lana Nicale Casey, Emma Renne Engle & Dustin Eugene Casey.

We Hope that In a Few years We might be able to Make this a Full Social Network, Until the, We Place As for Your Understanding. At the Moment, its kinda a Hot Mess.
We Thank You for Letting the Four of Us Figure out how to Make this Site before We Open it to the Public.
If a Person Wants to Take Part In Helping, Undersanding there are Many things yet to be Fixed & Finished.

This is a Talent Network, with the Ability to Comenticate with Other Talents, Under Jesus Christ, a Site for GOD's Children, Who Represent Christ. This Site is not going to Take Full Stance for Another 3 to 5 years.
See if I Remember how to do this ... Prayer 1st, Coding 2nd.
i†sVanity. Welcome to EV.

Name Your Account for WebSearch & to Copyright Your property
Description Is Also Used For Web Search
Community Box Is For Members Only
Once InSide ... Each Profile can be Aranged to how You want Yours to be, as the Accounts are Made to Pair with an EV WebSite.
The Site Making it so, We All haft to write Our Login somewhere Safe, as the Next Page will Ask to Login (Some Phone let it go Straight to Saving the Password, Newer Phones that the Site doesnt See as a Robot, just Step stops "Try" to Protect from InstaBot's Joining as Members. After Instagram became a thing, that started happening aLot, Picture Info said they were from
Main Terms of Agreement: As this Site is being Created Any Good RoleModel can Join, and Even Ask about gettin a EV Website (Never a Charge, its about Christ.
Out of Repect All Accounts that didnt Join for the Right Reasons the Systom is SetUp to Remove (for Many Different Reasons, Never to be Taken Personal, its a Syste). For People Who have a Eternal Vanity WebSite, the Sites can be Conected to these Profile.
I could go On about Terms that We All Know, Ill just say, after 19 years EV, I still cant Explain it. Unless I say its about the Children of GOD
Clicking "Create Your Website" You Agree To The Terms.

You Beleive Jesus Christ and that You are Who You say that You are.
Save Your Email & PassPort, to KeyChain. The Next Step might ask You to re-Login ...
The Site will let Ya Know if Your Making a Safe PassWord

itsVanity is a Private Network ... for Those Who Respect & Want to be here Your Welcome here.
Its like, if Instagram & Twitter where also TicTok, Mostly becuase Eternal Vanity Stated In 2004.
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