This Page is Strickly ONLY for Maisie D Krassel and her Parents. Some Time ago, a Parson Joined Eternal Vanity as Maisie.
EV is not down with that, I also understand ... there are some Who like EV for simply for the reason's of ... its the Center of Adding to Your Website. Its Vanity has No Member's ... only the Owner.

Maisie, and Your Family are Welcome to Join to Maintain Your Site, here and it is SSL Safe "DigiCart, and Rapid SSL".
If I get the slitest Clue (of Clone of IG, etc) ... that it is a "Clone", Please do not be upSet at me (Any Supporter of hers, "Thats Great", but ... this is not that kinda place, Official Only), Not Official Accounts, will be deleteted within 24 hours.

The Other "Networks", are for Clones ... I Hope All understand.
Take Your Time (Krassel's) or make an Online Home connected to this Site, this would be a Gallery Page to Your EV Account, only if wanted ... its 100% Up to You and You Family. This way, the wrong the Clone made, can be made Right ... I am so sorry that a System I made, allowed a Clone. To Apperar as You ... when it was Simple Coping from IG, Or, IG ThemSelves.
Krassel's Only ... and You do Not haft to Join EV, You Already are. Its been on my Shoulders, the Clone thing. This way ... I know ... Incase it was a wanted thing "EV"? Just didn't know it was "The" Independent Network, makes it Confuzing and I get that too ... it the Only Network Different and way not done, I just don't know (Think I Know) what to do with it?
The Inside is still being Fixed Up ... Easy to use later, if seeing it Grow. Cant hurt nothin ... if something doesn't Load ... Im in the Dustin Casey, tell me, Ill fix..
Emma, if Your at least with EV ... You are also Welcome, Family too. If wanted?
The Team.

Two Years (or less) from Now, We can be Ready to Beat All. Wanna be a Part of that? Ville, I know You would reather watch EV ... Also Cool ... You are still Welcome also. EV ONLY Official Only. Some People Ill called and ask if its Them, before, Ya know. Protecting Us All, including EV. Not calling All, just if Personal, or I will just know, Personality.
If Sounds mean, Soon ... will Handle ALL. Just needs Time & Care.

If You Join, Save Your PassWord, E-Mail, Write it Down, them go to i†sVanity. I can not see, what the "Other" Networks do, EV has alway been anti Tracker, etc ... Sites.

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You Beleive Jesus Christ and that You are Who You say that You are..
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