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I'll be short & to the point (proof reading now & its not so short ... lol ... Important though). In-less I am wrong? As of what I am seeing or writing (in-less I can be proven incorrectly! By the Great State of Idaho or "ANYONE"). From what I hold in a Safety D box out on my Great State of Nevada (The Battle Born State, call it that over Land, Our STATE, is also GREAT!) ... I'm not sure how I know things like,  "the Land trying to be sold was purchased in 1926 by my Great Grandfather named M. J. Reynolds and he left much of it to His Wife (who name is also being hold for me, as I keep copies), going down the line of Family, it ended up in the ownership of me " Dustin Eugene Casey, or Dustin Eugene Reynolds, 

 Lana N. Casey & Patricia L. Casey". No one except my-Self, for mine, as fuw others understand me, about Your own Land.

From what I was tolded (in a childlike attitude, written by a .gov email ... all is in writing ...

To You Sam, my "Creditalsis" is in my moral's, Faith in Jesus Christ, my #'s (ratings Largest most AP's, etc "My place there Director" ... as a Masonic "bro" (as Sam wrote, that I was not) https://asMason.com  are You welcome? Sam You could check here.

Forgive me to All & to Idaho, that is what "Sam" told me, in other words) as most know, this one post has already been seen by, let just say, I would need to check my Endless Ink, Endless 105,000,000 to 140,000,000 Visitors a day, adding all together. (39TB a day, when made to save space).

Love Every State in the United States of America, the Land of the Brave, Home of the Free, Where theft i not legal, & most of Our Greatest Laws is the Land of the People and what Our Great Government CAN NOT do to us, when most are about whatthewhPeople must to for the State & Government. I know a few Laws ...

Also, how 90% of Law People are for good. It's only a small amoutam that leave a Large Impression's ...

I am seeing the Department of Trusted, in Idaho are at least acting as they are agent the People "We The People, Voters" ... As a Freemason, personally, I hear what is being done to the Great People of Idaho have Politicians that need You, the voters of Idaho to vote, while thinking, how much more of Our Land will WE allow "them" to take before relations of such, as I?

I would almost beat, that Our Wonderful Country "the Union", would call what Our State Department of Idaho, Yours and My Family's State ... Our Country would almost haft to rule it to be that the State Department of Idaho is being a Enemy of the Union the the United States of America. For Grand, Grand Theft. Well in my case, 1 property out of lets say 10 areas of Land in Idaho is being sold for a reduced price of 8.5 Million $$'s ... Sound familiar?

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