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To All the Homies ...

I know I have been quite lately ... It Seems ... In my time, it's only that Lana & I have been busy (that will come to light). To All of You on the Team ... When You are feeling the pressure ... think about who the wicket is feeling. It hurts "Yes" however, evil doesn't know how to deal with pain either.

That puts us All on the same stage ... pain is a panic ... breath, relax when needed. "They" say  the great deceiver.  That real, like this ... Evilness will experience pain, they know what hurts ... Then they use it on "us" ... I know pain too ... & it is waste of Our Time ...

For instance, I'm back ... I just had to deal with something, I have was told that "I" Dustin Eugene Casey am being sued by the State of Idaho. Because my Grandfather owns over 70 mile in the Great State of Idaho. And, he gave what he owned to me ... He past to Heaven, 3 years ago.

So that You All Know ... Incase I disappear name1

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