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Nature Painite ...

A Store wanted this Exact Painite for the Price of Lab-Grown. They said becuase its 70+ Carats They, would give me 8 bucks a Carat, for this ... lol ... for a "600,000 to 800,000 dollors a Carat", not as Clear as these though, These are More ... Must Watch the Stone Stores, if I were ... less Informed ... I could have sold it for a Price, I would Kick mySelf for, 40 years from now, simply cause ... Think about that ... if They would have said, 20, 30 'million", I would have gave Them a Good Deal.

Like 284 Carats Nature.

Place showed me a Bunch of Lab-Grown Painite from the "Internet" ... if getting Stones from the Internet, expect a Lab Stone, and need to have All the Tools. They showed me, plently of Lab-Grown Painite. Some Reason, Bell Ruby, Purple Ruby, Purple Sapphire seems to be to hard for Them to Grow. The Rest, Need E&I's Tools.

They said, "if it were Ruby" I said something like ... "Then it wouldnt be as Expencive" name41

Like Alexanderlite, it is 8.50 in Hardness.

Painite was Thought to be Pink Ruby tell 1952, a dude with the Last Name "Pain" found that it is "The Must Rare, & Costly GemStone in the World, by Far"

I just Leaned it is More Conductive then the Natural Barmes Rubies to the Right of These Pics ... cant really See the Rubies.

Even More Condutive then Most Nature Diamonds I've Tested.

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