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You see Microsoft Today ...

Beautiful ...

And ... Thank You ...

Emma Offial Site ... now We just Need one of Them Offical Link Buttons)

That You for being Good to Maise also.


Is ... https://Emma-Engle.Life.

We can figure it out, but, what We do know ... someOne Who knows more about Search then I do, Bumbed Emma's .Life of Bing zIndex.

I Redirected Emma-Engle.Art

Thank You for Always being there for Eternal Vanity, Yahoo, Bing ... Microsoft, IBM.

Maen aLot ... Personally. 

I'd like to say the same about Google, but, Microsoft has Away been like ... Big Bro ...

Google is like ... Maybe dont even notice EV?

Or Do.

GOD Bless You Microsoft ...

All can Use the Microsoft Webmaster ToolBox to Index You Websites, Free.

If Emma's Search could be set up like Maisie's ... that would Rockname22

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