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Black Diamond & Onix ...

A Black Diamond runs at the Conductivity Rate of the Moissanite Chemical Compounds, Diamond Simulate.

Does it Look like ...


Or after a few minutes do You realize... it's a Chemical.

Foggy, etc. Cheap looking ... not to be that way ... a Cubic Zirconia can look more like a Diamond, then Moissanite. In my Opinion. At least Cubrs are Lab-Made Crystal.

Actually, There is no saying what Diamond looks like, Pepper Diamonds.

Many of them at least, there is that Plasic stuff, I dont know if that is Concitered a "Cube"?

I couldn't find Moissanite in the GemStone Books, it took a second. 

Chemical Moissanite, then I got it, its like, JB Wald, mix 2 ... mix them Real Good, then imaging, its let  to set Dry, then Cured & Cut.

Below is Very Low Conductive Onix (None Conductiv), and Conductive Black Diamond, from the African Side ... Only 2 Places in the World, Black Diamond is Found, for some reason, the Books Stress that at one Time, Brazil and Africa were the Same Continent. 

I wasn't Born then, One would haft ta ask GIA about that, I'm Sure They know)

I can show them though, can They?


I'll Show with a Real Conductivity Tool "C-Mate", and Good L.R, used Currectly.

That Cap means Very little.

Natural Black Diamond and  Natural Onix, look at the Short Index ... for Diamond.

"Some" Labs say, a Diamond has to be a Certain Colorname33

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