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I should say though ...

I learned at like 13/14 ... a gun on Ones back, is as Good as a Gun at the Store.

Walking the Woods in Oregon ... I came up on a Mountain Man, my AR-15 was on my back ...

The guy, had a 38, already pointed at me.

Nothing I could do but Pray ... Christ is more Powerful than any other Thing.

It's like the Blog I posted ... as I walk through the Valley of the Shadows of Sin ... My Stick shall comfort me.

Salomon & Jesus said that, just alil differently)

With Guns, they are so dangerous ... but You know what ... Personally ... I hurt mySelf with an Oven. I never hurt mySelf with a Gun.

Easy to get around, it has no feelings, when using one, if things go that bad, it has to get bad.

Packing a Gun around Your houses let's say ...

Nothing in the Chamber. If Your packing a Gun around Your house, You would haft to be willing to pull it out, if that happens, the 1st thing ... "I" would do ... Is then cock the Gun. Load it.

If they don't run, one would haft to use it, if they are braking the Law ... & Your Keeping Order.

I don't know ... Nore does anyone know ... just what todo. Go with Your Head, not so much Your Heart. Still Your Heart.

What a Person can Not let happen ... Bad Person can Not get Your Gun, that is were I believe, the Law says, it is Self Defense.

I'm trying to say, I'm so proud of You, but, Please be Careful with All Guns :)

Every house should have Guns. They are almost as Dangerous as Cars are ... Careful with both)

In Vegas, 1st rain, You would think it's a Ice Skating Reck on the Streets.

Your Living ... Life, so Good. Keep doing it, safely. I Love You, so don't get my worryingname3

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