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i did the best i could to make my website good =-)

i'll write the owners and see if i made everything rite. to be honest Eternal Vanity is what inspired me to be a model. back then i was so young it may have been the only real thing i wanted was to be a model on this website, well i guess if it ok i can say our website name25 OMG and the smile faces "WOW" facebook needs to ask you for help because they need it. i was already pleased to get away from the sqare pics on instagam. I even uploaded a video so much easier then youtube and just like with my pics, the video is better quality. makes me want to know howbut I think thats a secrete you should keep safe.

now that im a member i see that I can comment to other members blogs. still i want to ask ether Lana or Dustin, how. how did you make this? i'll send them a private message, there could be things they wont want to tell the people, or me now that i think about it LOL.

Anyway im sitting here with me friend and she is going to join after i ask if its alright that we join. seems like i should pay money for a website like this but I have looked through everything Eternal Vanity doesn't want anything. All they ask is that we are who we say we are and to be good to the other members.

oh my goodness look at this BirdBzz1BirdBzz6BirdBzz2my friend and i had no idea all the sweet things on the inside of my website. should show it off, or not.... sorry i'm sure its for a reason. likely they didn't want to sound like a braggart. so sweet though, I guess i'll do like them and other will find out.

if you can see this? im going to send you both a letter asking some stuff. my friend Sasha Banks  have a lot of friends. if its alright we will all join Eternal Vanity we just arn't sure if that is ok. i'll send you a letter very soon after my friend makes a website.


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