🇷🇺 Alexandrite 🔬

Alexandrite a Rare and Valued GemStone ... comes from Many Countries, yet 1 that Stands out, Russia.

Even Still Color Variation, Cut, Charity, even Conductivity matters with the June Stone.

(It's said to help with Romance)

For Nature, a Person "Might" be able to get (this 1 is this "9.20ct", be around half a Million Dollars), Nature can be found, affordable though.

High Quality Verys Rare.

In Russia it is the Top GemStone. Much like the World is Ruby (with the Much More Rare Painite, that could be called Rubies Big Brother, coming from 1 Country, Worth More).

LabGrown is Everywhere, Know a Stone by Price. Even Diamonds will Seem kinda High.

$10 to $1000 ... LabGrown or Made.

Growers, have got Good, can Make One Think "Good Deal", (I've done it, got Lab as Natural). From All around the World, Tools, Books, years.

This is Natural Alexandrite, said by a Lab,  and by Other Labs.

Nature ...

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