Different Natural Rubie's ...

Natural Rubies come from Many areas of the World. I wouldn't so Much call Ruby Rare. Natural Good Quality Ruby is Very Rare.

Lab-Grown is Everywhere.

The Most Valued of All Rubies are the Bell and Sun Rise Ruby, Only when Natural.

Much like Regular Sapphire and Diamond Sapphire. Same Value, basically. 

Red and Pink Ruby, high and low in Conductivity. Red is faster then Pink in L.R. as they will meet near the middle of the Chart.

This is Natural Red Bell Ruby from Sri Lanka 🇱🇰

That can be Taken as high as the upper 1800's, a little lower then that, also.

That 1 is 62.5 Carat.

As it is the Most Rare Ruby 🔔 some say it doesn't even exist as We All Know, Ruby is Red ... years ago, I found Pink could be Subject to Super Lab-Grown with "O..." Powder from 2000 Feet under the Earths Crest. With Very Un Known ways to Know.

(Emerald is the Rock the has Natural Filters. However, Ruby does have Many Filters and Tools, Natural Red is So Rare, Few get to Test On it (even even sold as Natural), Making it unKnown by Gemology in some ways, in the US).

I cant say how Emma&I, Know how to 100% Know, We are the Only Lab We Know of Who can say the Honestly, Within Minutes We can Know if Any Stone is Natural or Lab or Any Kind, but, We can and do, I can say the Pink Ones, We got them Un Cut, from a Family Who Got Them out of Gravel that Fell down a Mountain, from a Cave.

Red Bells, From a Family already Cut, from a Cave.

Never from the States, they don't Grow Naturally here.

Density of All, ever the 6 Pointed Star Ruby: #9.

Specta: 694, 693, 668, 659, 610-500, 476, 465, 468.

SP: 3.97 - 4.05

Depth, 2'11, Each.

In LR. Pink is slower then Red, as Natural Surfs Speeds, well Lab-Grown stays the Same Rate of Speed through the Bend of Light, normally. It also Depending On the Cut, if a Surface Vacuum. The Clarity No Matter.

Both can hit the Rate of 1.762 - 1.778 ... 0.008

There is Light Barmes, Dark Barmes, the Small 1 is a Love 💘 Stone.

1 Sun Rise (Pink), 2 Bells (Red) and from the Same Cave as the Red Bell Rubies, are Purple Rubies.

All Natural, even the Low Quality Pigeon Ruby.

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