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Sudduth, Louisiana, USA †
December 17, 1984

Micky Ekko (born John Stephen Sudduth; December 17, 1984) is an American artist and record producer from Louisiana, signed to RCA Records. He is best known for being featured on Rihanna's 2013 single "Stay", which has charted in multiple countries worldwide, becoming Ekko's first-charting material. Ekko released his debut studio album, Time in January 2015 through RCA Records.

Born John Stephen Sudduth in Louisiana, Mikky Ekko had a restless childhood as the son of a preacher, moving around America's deep south. Having settled briefly in Tupelo, Mississippi, and absorbed as much gospel as he could, he relocated to Nashville, Tennessee, and started playing in bands.

Ekko began working as a songwriter for other artists, but realized that he wanted to be a singer himself. He released his first EP, "Strange Fruit" (produced by Tim Lauer) on February 15, 2009 containing the first songs he’d written by himself, most of them acapella. Ekko says of his location, Nashville, United States "fortunate to be in a city that’s so loving and hospitable." From September 2009, he toured with the Nashville-based collective group, Ten Out of Tenn.

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