Sunshine is more valuable then gold

Lana Casey
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Las Vegas

Greetings everyone, I am simply passionate about Life. Laughter is music to my ears, I love hitting a happy note!

• I am a Professional Publisher Partner with Bing and Google on separate domains, Graphic Designer, Model & Sole Proprietor of "Casey Eternal Vanity".

•The noblest profession is one that allows you to use all your talents most of the time, to achieve meaningful results. He who enjoys doing & enjoys what he has done is happy.

• The beauty that transcends time is beauty of the Spirit (Eternal Vanity). Beauty is charm, depth, wit & warmth all focused on others. Every living being feels it when they've been around it.

• Time should not be often spent reading ones own story spend it more wisely by being focused on writing ones future, reading others stories and inspiring people if they read yours.

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