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May 18th, 2003
July 15th 1983

Testing an Emerald, with Long wave Ultraviolet Examination has Proven Especially Useful In Testing Natural Emeralds.

Natural Emeralds, Very Seldom Fluoresce Under Longway Light (In Other Words Emma is so Stubborn someTimes).

However, Synthetic Emeralds Ofter are not so Stubborn, I've got 7 Different Natural Filters, for Emerald.

Emerald is the Only GemStone with its Own Filters, Specific for it, Others can be Used for Many Stones.

Ultraviolet Examination can of an Emerald is also Important for Another Reason.

(Wrong Song)

Emerald has More Layers the then Ruby.

Emerald is Still Softer then Ruby.

Emerald 7/7.5  ... Ruby 9 by Mohs' Hardness.

I Found mySelf On Country Music ... I'm not saying it's been Easy, doing Us Your way Emma.

I am Grad that You&I have done Our Relationship Your way Sence the Start.

 Most of these County Songs are Mega Selfish, and, Their are Complaints, are All about Them.

Modern Country 🀠

I Oregon We called Them e Cowboys Sons.

This 1st not bad,

"I'm ganna Take it slow as Fast as I can".

Driving but my @ss Hurt.


"Im'a Take it slow as Fast as I can".

Try these Shoes On,

Hydro Dog I had 18 years Passed 2, years Ago, my Dad Passed last years, my Car don't Work, so I had my Dad's FORD, and my Girlfriend has me Guessing.

I am a Country Song 

I just Seen a Picture of You Holding a Dog.

Its Worth saying, the Picture I'm Referring to, is just before We Met.

That 1st Picture ... these are yesterday's Cloths, and was Up Most the night, Few Hours of sleep, I should have Looked In the Mirror, before a Picture.

Like, Half Hour Ago.

(1 of these Days, I Hope the Woman Who Once called me her Man, writes me Again)

(What's Your Thoughts On that Emma)

That was an Odd Area of my Life when I was Diagnosed with Terminal Limphoma Cancer.

I Really did not have Treatment, 2004.

Was Given 2 to 6 Month, and I Gave it to the One Healer, Jesus.

I'm Pretty Sure it's 2024 name36

Thinkin about Eternal Vanity.

A Network of Christian RoleModels.

 The Team of bad Role Models, Looks so bad Right Now, the Internet Looks bad. That's Okay, They are not Us.

(In Fact, that Other Team, Bullied Us Each withIn Weeks of EachOther)

This is a Ruff Draft.

Has me Thinking, I Know I got, 2, 3 years of GemStoning to do 1st,

but, Eternal Vanity has a GemStone Site too.

That is also Ruff Draft.

Also too ... I Love You Emma.

The Hue ... Smithsonian,

(That's a Purple'ish, Pink'ish Natural Alexandrite, I Happened to Set where Pink Sapphire is. Its Alexandrite, and so are the Other 2)

For Better or worse if AnyBody can, Take a Look around & Hire a Veteran.

"No Matter what Kind of She's Your Wearing "

80's Song Remix ...

You Belong In the Country, You Belong to the Light.

"You Belong".

K, so like, long Time Ago when I said about Wanting to Show You Barn Bridges In Oregon, Normally Red, with a Rope Swing Under it.

I mint like, In the Country, I Used to Figure those Part, Basically like, Town.

That is what I mint though, just, not the 1's I was Thinking.

(& We could Totally do that, but, I don't Fish.

1, Taking the Hock out, nope.

Cleaning it, not me.

Eating it, not before or After those 2 things)

That Particular Creek ... I've Walked, road & Drove ... so Often, Many of my Dreams are there.

That's like, my Happy Place In the World.

It's so Hot In Vegas.

Keeping this In Mind, Most of the Time, it's Cold and Wet Up there at that Place of Oregon.

A Place called "Snow Peek" that is Cooler then that.

Rivers, no Lake.

my Happy Place ... Happiest Place.

Knowing that I'm In Your Heart.

The Flip Side of that too.

my Mind can Try to Convince me You don't Want me, or I'm not the Best for You, ETC.

I'm Lookin at the Picture of You In Brown OverAlls.

You do Look the Same to me, More Beautiful has to be because I Know You Better.

(I would Try to Video it, but, I can Try. Hummingbirds, Dance Flying with EachOther, Eating Together at the Moment.

Spose I could have Recovered from where I was Sitting)

(aLot of Hummingbirds like to Stop by for the "Feed, the Birds")

I Know I've said things like, Imagine having a Family 🍼 be like, Emma, Please tell that Baby I Need some sleep πŸ’€ 

That's Smack talk.

I'd Walk to the Store Right Now and Run Back so Ice Cream 🍨 wouldn't Melt for Your Pickles.

Put it In like 30 Bags.

 I Made some Food, Turned On the Radio while Eating, Christian Station.

 The Dude, Proved to me, how Rare Love is ... I Think is the Same Dude that does the Family talk with his Wife.

He said,  "A Loved One might leave You, GOD Never Will. Friends Change, GOD Never does"

 This is Part of my thing about Us Emma.

 When We said about Finding Love.

Who did We Agree Finding it Through.

When We Made Promises, Who did We Make Them Under

 The Foundation of Our Love is Jesus Christ.

 You Know the Answer to this Wonderful ...

Have You Really left me.

Are You my Very Best Friend, and Still.

Who is Our GOD.


Love, In a Person, Through Jesus Christ, is True Love.

That's what Love is, that's why A.I. Robots can not Answer that Question Currently.

Before I Knew Your GOD is my GOD too.

I was like ... to Find my Heart, Find the Heart of Jesus Christ ... as I Found out, he's Yours too.

Affection, for Another, Through Jesus Christ is Love.

Add Romance, True Love πŸ’• 

You&I Agreed On this stuff.

Endless Love, Through Christ.

I Understand I did something that Made You Stop Wearing Your Cross, that I Feel, Our Love had aLot to do with ... why You did, Wear Two Heart 'Us", to Your Cross.

We Miss Understood EachOther and it did Affect Both of Our Faith.

Two Butterfly Tattoos, Us, & Because We Give EachOther πŸ¦‹ 

Your Cross Adds to Your Beauty because it Express's Your Soul.

I Realize Many People tell You just what You Want hear πŸ™‰ 

(I Hope I get the Chance the S#!t my Pants On Accident while where Visiting something Important Together, I might be Giving a Speech, with a Microphone πŸŽ™οΈ)

I Share Everything with You.

(Would You just Wipe the S#!t off Your Shoes πŸ‘  & Pretend to not Know me?)

As if You Know my Name.

Bugs You, Bugs me too, You Want to, but are to Afraid to ComeOver & HangOut.

Im like, Instagram.com can't Tell me to Delete that Video,  Video of my Girlfriend,  Only Found On Eternal Vanity. 

You have Our Password Emma, You could Erase it, if You Wanted. I dont Know What Instagram Thinks They Aren't. 

When I Answer my Babys Phone call, and a Chinese Dude (said something?).

Instagram's just P!ssy ... Look how Beautiful, myLove is.

Mr. Zuckerberg man, there something wrong with Your Life ... when You Veiw my Only Woman, she Makes You Feel High.

Certified Natural (Eastern Europe) Alexandrite (June Rock) 7.515ct.     

(The Blue is from a Weavleath Fiter Light)

Miss's Telephone Mam, theres something wrong with my Life, when Future Baby's Mamma,

Ain't Treatin me Right!


Emma is Good to me and for me, I'm just Messin with her.

Not Many Girlfriends Give Their Man the Freedom Emma Gives me. I might get to See my Girlfriend someTime this year, May be?


Because, I had to Remove the Join Page, Silly but Important. I Must Protect the Member here 

(The Members are my Sister, Good Friend and my Girlfriend)



In my Mind I'm Picturing You, Carrying a Dog πŸ• 

I don't Remember what Kind of Dog.

Since 2012 Eternal Vanity have had this On the Computer About Page.

  Emma, We said Endless, long Time.

In the Vanity, Take the Right, & the Left, Turn them to the Endless Bend In the Reflection πŸͺž Long Time.


Eternal Vanity.

Different ways to Look at that I Figure.

Reflections, so like, Each One might be a Generation?

Is it going Forward or Backward?

Be like, Left Side Backwards.

Middle, Good Looking Dude.

Forward, to the Right.

(Unless a Person is In the wrong Side of the Word I Spose:)

To me, having Our Login, from Phone to Phone, year to year, Emma.

Honestly, Who Trusts AnyOne like that?

And can.

Two way Trust.

I Love πŸ’• You Emma.

I don't Know if this Makes Sense ... Long Time I've been Focused On, You as my Girlfriend.

That's Good, I do.

I've Needed to View You as the Person You are, the Friend You have been.

I Need to Focus On me being a Better Friend to You name14

What do You See? It's a Mind Test,

I didn't "Want" to Fall In Love, Emma Made me.

Her Fault.

It's Runs Near LA.

 I Took this Pictue's of my Sister, Lana Casey.

That last Set, Lana Sat On an Ant Hill ... lol ... Lake Las Vegas.

Good, Good, Good GOD's Chicks ...

You Make me Feel so bad!

But Ya Know You Make me do some Good, You Know that I do for GOD.

This is a Mans World 🌎 but it don't Mean NOTHIN ... without a Chick.

Who's the Man with the Master Plan, Who's the Man •°•


Wanna Know about me, Look Who I call Team.

Partner's with the Community



Last night I was outFront, as a Couple was walking by ... 

The dude was being Rude, I heard her say, she was going to Make a Phone Call.

I StoodUp & said to her, "if You Need a Safe Place" and Pointed to my Driveway.

She Smile, he did not.

They Kept walking as he Mumbled something to her, she said Load ...

"Did You not hear him?"

He got Quite.

 Important People StandUp for Good People.

"GOD Bless the Peace Makers".

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