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Democratic Republicans?

Emma, where do You See Your Self In 20 years ... Fixing the Country with me.

It's a Circus 🎪 no Leaders, with Jesus , as he Lives In All of Us ... You&I Choose to Accept that, as he Carries Us.

What Know why Joe wanted to be President?

When he was Young ... he told Every he wanted to be President. No Reason.

No Man wants to be President.

In the Last Few Hours, Emma&I's Profile has had, 72 different Flag, as Each Flag, and Large Visits.

36 United States, so Far.

I'm not Sorry Joe ... Your a mean Person, All about YourSelf. Your the Center Right.

Enjoy the next Few months In Office, You will not Make a 2nd Turn.


Learn what that is, and You'll Know Who's Watching You and Hunter.

16 Year M.M. I Know All about You ... and, I'm a Freemason Who Owns Media Groups.

I'm Ready too Emma ... let me Us :)

Forever. $ is Only Comfort.

Happens the the Other Social Networks Focus On $.

As EV is about Jesus GOD.

Jesus ... Made Our Table, In Front of Them.

How do We Pay him Back ... I Know how.

Eternal Vanity, with no Doubt is and has been the Most Influencing Network, since 2004.

Real Socal Network, this is the Only One name33

People Used to Ask me ... What's is it?

itsVanity, SelfWorth.

The 3rd Social Network.

What are the Other Networks ... Human Traffic, They do.

Pushing Adult Se× Affenders to Bring Adult Films and Books.

These things, did not Exist In the 90's, Tricks.

AnyOne Agree with Biden, Bidan ... O-bidan.

G.S. and Clinton would Vacation to Islands, to do Unspeakable thing with lil Girls. It's Documented. The Trips, and the 2 Informants Investing.

In the 90s, LGBT did not Exist, They Frauded.

Twitter came In 2009 ... EV, 2004.

I have Proof, Copyright Fraud Their Date Created to Look, iCann Knows, 10+ years, Twitter has been In Investigation. IG too, ETC.

Eternal Vanity ... is Freemasonry. I've does 3 Investigations, to See, if a Family is, Qualified to be In the First Federal Brance In the United States, as We Made All Other Branches.

In the 90s Sex Affenders were LockUp, because They are Sex Affenders ... People got LockUp for Life.

Now, Peoples Children will be Taken away, if, They say ... it's Their Child, and We are Protecting Them from LGB'TV, Se× Affenders.

I Just Check Our Stat ... One with a Poll.

More the 80% Agree with You&I Emma.

We Must Protect the Youth from the Adults, Sex Affected.

To the County.


In 20 hours, Agree with Us.

All Pro Perversion said, nothing.


When I was about 10, I started Smoking Cigarettes. I Followed Older "kids".

Now I Think ... the Older People I Hung with In Oregon. Telled me it's Best to Smoke, it will Stop the Diaper Age.

Wrong, I figured it will Make that come Faster.

LGB'TV ... WTF ... I Agree with my Love Emma.

I was Born In California. I got out.

I Agree with my Girlfriend, NO P0rn In School, Simple.

It's Old People Demanding You, the Infected Our Youth.


It has not Real Start Date.

Some this say the 60', some say it was Founder In the 90', I was there, it was not. It's a Fake Ground of Sex Affenders.

Hurt the Countries Young, Targeting the Youth.

A Person can not tell me, Two Men can Raise a Boy Child, not Expecting the Two Males will BrainWash the Baby They are not Allowed to have.

Abuse, by Brain Wash, tell You All get Older, take Them to Court wit Your Head Up, the Youth will when.

Keep the Country's Children Safe. Look what Joe is doing In Europe. To the USA Really.

What Happened to the Boy, Who was Convened as a "Young Child" that GOD Made a Mistake, and he was, Castrated .Make him a Girl.

Suicide Rate ... Most People Who have a Sex Change, End with Suicide.

 They get a lil Older and can Live with the Attack School Pushed Them In to.

Emma&I are Americans, that European still.

GOD Makes no Mistakes, All You Parents that did Drugs, While, or before getting Pregnant, Female & Male.

You Really are not Sure why.

Tell Your Teachers , They should be In Prison.

Let the LGB'TV tlThey are Sexual Predators Perverts.

They are Bullies Pushing Their Perversion.

I have Though Many Time, why did I Start Smoking around 10?

Because I didn't Know Better.

Born In Blue, Why?

LGB'TV will In the Future get the Most Intrusive Life In Prison for Brain Washing, in some of the Worst was.

And the Parents that let Them.

10 years or some.

I'm a Drop out ... 6th Grade Basically.

So, If I wanna go Back to School, Who Locker do I Use?

School tot me, the Teacher are Large Children.

To All Youth Who are trying to be Pushed In to ... being someOne Your not.

Your Perfect how You are.

Those Who were Tricked can Win In Court after 18 years.

A Lage Compassion.

Don't be Fooled, LGBT Groups will go to Prison with the Other Se× Offenders.

They will Learn, why Many are not Allowed In the Communitys. Life, a one Life In Prison, Eternity of Nothing.

China says, it's been Illegal for Men to use Girls RestRooms.

I didn't Shower at LMS Gum. It Made my Uncomfortable. I Think, that was 1 of the Reasons I Dropped out ...

I couldn't Type Right ... just like when I Coded the Social Networks You All Use. I Use my 2 Fingers. Still.

Teacher said "I was ganna be a F#€king Failure.

I Spose ... he doesn't get On the Internet Much, I was done with him, Mr. Young.

The Teacher liked to Talk to the Boys, while They got Clean.

Earning a Good Christian Woman's Respect, Important. Keeping Your Respect Emma ... is the Extension of that.

You got my Respect SweetHeart. I Know I still have Yours too name38

In this Next 2 Weeks, Please Stay Next to me Emma, from Direction, to how You Make me Feel, that ... I can, do what I Think I can't.

my sleep might get Odd ... Im'a Step by Step this with You ... then with GIA. Back to Us.

This is Nothing like the Diamonds, I stopped Selling Diamonds, that is a Different Level. To little $, to High of Risk ... Different People.

Diamond People a Thrives, Real GemRocks (Diamond is not a Rock) ... We are talking, Top GemStones GIA Paperwork 📜 EV is not a Part of GIA Team.

Diamonds don't Make the List of Top not even Close, Diamond is Classified, "Affordable" GemStones.

EVs Rocks, are Classified, "Priceless".

This is, Bigger the HipHop.

Leads to, Endless Passabilitys, I already Made a EV Music Studio ... should say, why Need 4, 5, 8 Network when, this 1 was Made for it All, started 2004.

Before Twitter, Twitter can't Fix itsSelf, They didn't Make it. IG withh be Next, it TicTok does Fall before IG does.

IG is Powed by Facebook. I don't See Zuckerberg letting his Meta Se× Site Failed that fast. It's Actually a Se× Site ... IG has a lot to do with it, it's like, Part of it. "FB's Meta".

Let's do this Babe, 2, 3 years back at #2.

#1 would be In Site.


Much of the stuff We say ... We'll Keep Between Us Emma.

What would You do if In 20 years, We Ran the Majority of Entertainment, and Fashion.


This is Eternal Vanity, 2 years be for Hannah Montana came out (EV did Help her Start) 6 years before Drake ... did AnyOne Notice 6ix9ine got Free after the Elites Set him Up ... I'd say EV, but, Emma&I are Mason's too, EV & Masonry ... kinda also the Same thing.

Forever Life ... Eternal Vanity.

What's In the Endless Bund of Reflection 🪞

And Masonry Needs Us.

We Need Freemasonry.

This is Not a Natural EV Ruby.

This is a Natural, small, Low Value Ruby.

A Stone Must have GIA Paperwork.

Holding Your Hand, Rubbing Thumbs.


You still Give me Butterflies 🦋

"All I Ever Wanted, All I Ever Needed is here in" Your Heart.


I Love You Emma.

 (5/6 years ago, I used to HighLight stuff You did and said not to, because, People told me not to do that stuff.

Favorite Color Black ... not a Color Emma, I Tried that too, my Favorite Shade of Black is Green ...

Ive said, don't Joke about Real stuff, Cuase ... that's kinda what I do. I Realize it's Natural for You, as that's Hot.

You told me You Love me, & I said be Careful with that Word.

Coming from You Emma ... I mint it.

I have Loved You before You said, "You Trust me for some Reason".

You Already Know I Dreamed of Your Personality, before We Met, after We Met, I've Dreamed of You.

You have been a Mega Impact to my Life Emma, In a Great way.

Think about this Babe ... I've Given You More S#!t then AnyOne In my Life ... Why?

 When I Asked You if You had Done a Deep BackGround Check On me ... You where Explaining YourSelf. Part of how I Know I can tell You about YourSelf by sayin about me.

I Know Your Better Home Schooler then me ... Teachers just didn't wanna Deal with me)

Emma, Oil or Lotion?


You just ganna Leave All those Memories are Ya?

I'm Keeping mine.

I was Thinkin, is it Okay that I'm getting Very mad about Thoughts of a Dude & You.

As You were like "I like that You Might get Jealous of me".



Remember how We Met, Wonderful ... what I was doing.

After We Met ... my Views of Everything Started Changing for Better.

I don't Believe You wanna Leave "Us" Behind.

I Know I don't.

We Used to talk about Keeping EachOther Center.

SkaterGirl / Beautiful Woman.

When I say You Make me Nuts, You get me Right ... there's also Thoughts of a Couple of Monkeys.

A HIM Song that Fits ...

"All I Ever Wanted, is You myLove".

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