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May 15th
July 18th

Up a Tree Kissin In the Strangest Position.

To me, the Best Woman I could Possibly have, I do. To me, I Know the Things You Like to do, and haven't, I Know why You haven't, & ... I Understand why ... but, like Nike.

Babe, I do Love that. I Also Enjoy what I'm sayin about, becauseit's about You. I want You to Feel as Much Joy as Possible ... Can Your Nose's ... wait, wait ...


I Love Your Toes Emma.

You Know my Fears. You don't Scare me no More.

Bite if You want, I'll probably Bite Back.

How Else You Think I Look younger then You :)


Na, I Think, In my Mind, I Look alil Older, just, don't tell NoOne Your From the 80's)

You just wait, 1 Day ... it's ganna be like BAM ... I'm OLD "me".

Pops calls it the "Casey Curse" ... his Parents, & Up.

I'm not joking.

Then 1 Day ... BAM.

I do kinda get it ... People younger then me, Think I'm younger then Them.

Makes things ... odd.

Just wait, 10 Years from now, things are ganna Flip ... I'll look Younger ... then ... I'll Fart kinda like Cartmen.

my Hair will downgrade from Gold to Silver.

As I want nothing More, then that, with You Emma.

Think about Our Children, 90, Lookin 30 :)

Look at Your Geans Wonderful. Might just be me but, You basically Look the Same as when We Met. Prettier. 

The Name Emma (אמה), In Hebrew Means, "(עמנואל) GOD is With Us" and "(שלם) Whole" ... the Name Casey (קייסי) In Hebrew Means, "Vigilant" ... Dustin (דסטין), although a Girls Name "In Hebrew" ... it Means ...  Valiant Fighter.

Could Put the Together and Make a Carnival with it ... E.D.C.


I didn't say it okay ... (this Time:)

Blame Topac ... lol ... lil girls)

Ban, Rap, Ban Topac he's to Volant, I don't Understand his Music, it's to Load.

I like his Music these Days, Better.

 I got mySelf a Very SweetHeart years ago ... call me Selfish. 

Your not getting it back Babe, it's mine.

Both Pump with the Inner-G of Christ.

How Long We have been Protecting this Heart of Ours, Underneath GOD.

Is a Better way to put it.

Doing Phone Work when I was Short with my Dad ... I Learned there was a Female&Male Part to the Same Plug.

Now 💘

Looks like Cartmen went to a US Jewelry Store ... lol ... Natural GemStones, well, Aquamarine, Onix, some Others ... but ... it's Lab-Grown that comes from the States.

Pen Point the Gem a Person wants, find were it Comes from, then, try to get a Connection In that Country. 

Then, get a or More Safety Deposit Box's at a Trusted Bank.

That's how Emma&I do it.

At Least 30 High Grade GemStone Tools are Required, around, $100*

In the 1700's, what did the Freemasons do when the King of England was InSlaving.

We Created the United States of America and the King Still wanted Taxs.

Tea Party.

& Also too though Babe ... dont Stress the, back Side of other Networks. Careful, have Fun, nothing wrong with that ... They can be as wrong as They want, it has Nothing to do with the None Worker Members and Robot Members.

That Form I Signed, I did that.

This Website, Including You ... Sister (Lana), Jason, Damon, Ross, Dave, Ruby (I bad with Names ... July Born name2)

I did "some", can I get alil Credit, In my DewIn_GOD_We_Trust-4 really, AnyOne Else at Nellis having a Prob with that)

Tryin ta Make me go or something ... lol ... what happened ta FreeWill Bro's)

You Know What I'm Talkin bout Alice (E&I's Secretary).

Take Time, with Elder Mason ... lol ... 15 year Elder at my Age ... hmm)

That's WTF Emma, EasternStar, May 18th.

I Think I got off Track ... something bout Drake In a Dress ... I don't Know, Probably just went Gray.

Something bout a Parade of Ten Drakes In a Row ... What's that's called.

Girls, like Dudes where Drake comes from.

I wanna write, a Long thing about a Woman, and 1 thing. So, Im'a keep it Short. Devotion to me. As I am to You Emma.

Much like Respect, to be Earned, to be Kept.

Thank You for being You Babe.

I'm Not Sure if You got bad Vision, and just Think Im Good Lookin :Or ... I do have bad Vision ... Clearly I See how Pretty You are.

Really though, with Any Option. "Any" F#ck AnyOne Who disagrees.,


myLove could have Jonny Depp, 30 years ago.

Brad Pitt, could be Under her Thumb.

Yet ... here You are, not with the Freemason Brad Pitt.

With the Free & Accepted Master DC.

Sup with that? & wasn't I Born the 15th ... lol

The Radio (the Drakes) Singers, "talking" In Their Songs, saying They could take AnyOne Chick ... Good Luck Brick.

Alil something that comes with that Ladys ... please dont Make me Puck One You. I will. I Think it's a Safty Function.

I'm Devoted to myLove.

When Our HighTech Tool, Sees a 1ct Natural Diamond as 40+ Inch's Deep ... Brilliant Cut, Fancy.

How do We Rate Our Depth name1

I'm In my Room, Looking at a, like, 5 Foot Tall Picture of a Beautiful Yak.

🐂 Looks at me, kinda, keeps me In Check 🦀

Im'a Pass something from my Thinker to Yours)

Being Your Man, Makes me One, & I like that, because I Love You Emma.

I was just Thinkin back ... You Rock.

When I Look back, I See You&I doing a Dance for years. 

I do Know You Better then AnyOne does, Same Babe.

It's my Mind, trys to tell me I'm not Good Enough. When really ... We are Perfect for Another. 

Emma, You are Our GemStone, the Other stuff is simply to HighLight, what is.

Your Beauty's. 

It's not that You Brake my Heart Emma ... Only Hurts someTimes as You Hydrate it.


 my Favorite Talent On Drums, I Tried, I can not. Some I could, not him though.

My BirthStone 62.5ct (Purple) Ruby, from the Caves of Sri Lanka 

So They Do Still Exist ... lol

The Answer to the Radio (Below) ... starts with, "What is Christmas" •°• the Celebration of Christ.

The "Body" of GOD. (Son, is a Miss Translation, its Body/Lamb). Reqires Biblical Hebrew to Understand the Holy Bible. No Person can Refer to the Holy Bible currently, unless You Know Biblical Hebrew, & are able the Find the Real Book, or Better the Full Canon. 

Translated to English 1100's, 1200's.

We All Miss Understand Another withIn the Same Language. Add the that Rumor, then ... near 2000 years of it. He said "Church is In Your Heart" ... (In Hebrew ... Biblical).

(Look how the Same Emma&I are, yet cant See Eye to Eye, that's as Close as it get, I've not See, Larger Trusts In EachOther. That my Personal Life Knowledge, I Actually cant say that part for All).

To Jesus We Are All Equals, and Individual. His Love ... the Same for All of Us, dont matter if Your Even a Ukraine Leader ... Loves the Same. He might want him to Stop Sending his People back Home. Its Not Up to the Ukranian Leader.

cold, is a Gift, Warth, pain, Love, Happy, sad ... Gifts ...

Love from and for Others, & In Ones Self ... Personally. 

Life is a Curse, or it's a Gift ... What Do You All Choose?


With FreeWill, In Accord.

  Radio also tells me, it's okay it's cold as Long as I'm Held Tight.

I Thonk it's just telling me Storys ... lol

It just said ... GOD is the King of Israel, that's True name22

Be Safe, Drive Sober. Save Many Lives this year right there.

I Think the Radio just said Jesus Loves him 10% More then he Loves me ... then ... told me to Think about that.

How does he Know that?)

Think about it)

I'm Watching 🐦's Play.

In Their Minds, is not Curupted, (Unless a Person Hurt Them In past Times) ...

They though are Playin, like ... the kind I do with my lil homie ... his Friends started too, Good Exercise really ... anyway ... I had Fun.

I'm Thinking of World stuff.

The Word Curupte means 3 main things. 

We as People can be More like the Birds.

I really would got off that Dude ... lol ... Chicks dig it though name28

Don't Look at me, the Drake's of the Industry are the Womanizers.

Can't get his Buttery Dress out my Mind.


Dudes like Dudes at his Friends house.


Pink13Pink8                          Pink3Pink20

Give it Up, Give it Up, Give it Up now ... Drake is tryin ta Waddle somehow :)

He says his Pants are On Fire, & his Contracts bout to Expire.

Had to make Sure I used that Word right and Yep ...

Meaning of Womanizers is All the lil Hopper's out there ...

"Meaning of womanizer in English a man who often has temporary sexual relationships with women or tries to get women to have sex with him: He was a gambler, a womanizer, and a drunk. He had a reputation as a family man, but was actually a serial womanizer."

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