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July 15th 1983
Comes From Cali

I'm still Buzzin off You Wearing Your Cross.

You do know it, but ...
(I know I said "do")

That means, the Heavens to me.
No other way to write that, I tried.

Also too ...
M.K., I know the feeling of HomeSick, thats what I call it.

Almost impossible to say, just dont be.

If You were Studying the Book of Your Birthstone like I am, You wouldn't have Time to miss Home :)

Now that I wrote that ... something that takes me 2 weeks to read, You would probably read in a hour)

You could too Emma, and aaa, Im'a need You, to be able to Write Real Good, cuase, my HandWriting is ... no Good :)

The Powers of the Holy Cross.

Holds Weight with the World.

Hold Weight in my Heart as it does in History.

To discribe the Woman I have Been in Love with, wearing a Beautiful Cross, for Our Lord.

Our Sweet King.
Your ... Standing Up for him.
I Love You Emma, Wonderful.

That Inner-G ... can Never be Stopped, only Accepted :)

Light WithIn You is Bright.

To me, that is the Nicest Cross I have ever seen.

It has a Great amount to do, with the Soul, the Holy Cross is Resting on.

Also a Very Stylish Cross.
In Both Ways, Sweet :)
In the Soul Way ... I Love.

Years ago, Us talking about "Hearts" :)

To find mine, was where Yours Already was ...
With Christ.

I think ...
Every Good Person, questions themSelves about being a ...
"Good Person".

Proving ... Good People.

Its Raining in the Desert :)

Your Smile is Beautiful.
Theres Your Smile)

I felt a ...
Sprinkle :)

Since I woke Up ... it went from, Warm, Hot Humid to ...
Las Vegas is Oregon Weather at the moment.

Where is the Words for ...
You Awesome People :)

Maisie & Emma

Something Very Cool, in my Opinion ... You Two,
looking out for EachOther.

Good People Need Good People.

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