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July 15th, 1983
Gemology Networks.

 I've Seen with my Own Eyes, a Company Take the Gift I Made for GOD, Eternal Vanity.

The Boss got Very Sick, and lost his Company, ETC, it was an Act of GOD.

He Took something I Made for Jesus Christ.

By Chance.

I can Remember Jeff saying, "You gatta Know when to Hold them, and when to Fold them".

He was talking to himSelf or something?

He's Own Advice.

Eternal is a long Time.

I had Terminal Cancer In 2004, I Made GOD this Gift (Let's call it a Promise) and I am Cancer Free, 20 years later, Zero Treatment.

That Group has Only Inspired me to do Better, Eternal Vanity is Clearly doing Good to get Picked On so hard.

5 years from Now, it Will be Better.

I've Never been to a Club, I've Never been On a Date, I've Gambled Twice and lost Both Times.

Eternal Vanity isn't a Game.

It's a Belief.

Fear of Our GOD is something We don't Want.

Respect is what We do.

I Made Eternal Vanity for GOD.


Who can be Against it!

I just Started my Green Car for the 1st Time In like, 3, 4 years.

It Runs Good.

GOD Gave me the Authority to Make Eternal Vanity.

Maisie Good News name36

my Biggest Worry was that, that Group Messed Up Your Websites Indexing On Microsoft.

 I wrote Microsoft the Same Day that Group Knocked Your Site offline.

Look ...

Eternal Vanity is Proudly a Part of Microsoft, I do Complain someTimes, so does Family.

We don't Need to Domain that Other Group Crashed.

 I WokeUp Thinkin, I've got Good Friends.

Emma, You have been Such a Good Friend.

Maisie, You too ... Both of You are Who I View as my Best Friends.

Maisie, I Understand that You & I have been getting Bullied, Together.

That's not to Stress. Your Original Site should Come Back, stuff is just stuff.

 What is Bigger then stuff.

We have been Standing Up for Our Freedom.

If it was You & or Your Family Pushing, You & I Around, that would be Very Different.

The Person or People Who have been Picking On "Both of Us", are Stranger's, You or I dont Know Them.

They have no Right to say Anything about Our Person's.

It's not Our Family, it's not Even AnyOne We Know.

Zero Right to say Anything.

Now if They Pick On Us Again, All They Will be doing is Proving it.

I See Your Dedication to my Trust.

You have it.

(I See that You & Your Boyfriend are Dedicated to me Trust too Emma, In a Different way ... I Still am like, Maisie, You Deleted Your Instagram and Joined Eternal Vanity:)

Maisie, I Promised You I Will not Ditch You, that You would haft to Ditch me, that forSure.

If You do, I won't be mad. If Eternal Vanity let You down, I Understand. 

I Hope You don't, and I Hope it didn't, Host was Simply Looking out for Us, from a Person We don't Know.

To me, You got a Selfie Stick because Many Photographers can't be Trusted.

I'm not Sure if it's Weird that Emma has my Password.

I Trust her with it.

Emma is like that Old U2 Song ...

"I can Live ... with or without You!".

I'm just Glad she Chooses with.

Maisie ... You Ever Wonder if I've wrote Your Account ... I write to You Publicly.

So Ya Know, cause, as Much as I write, I should say. Plus, Emma would Know if I were Disrespectin You, she, would See from my Sent Messages.

(with my Promssion, kinda a Silly cause, I could do something for You Maisie, Emma is Allowed In my Account, kinda a Team thing of I'm Sharing Owner with)

I do write Emma, I have for long Time.

A Lab Partner ... would be so Awesome ...

A Trip that Only 2% of the Worlds Diamonds are Natural


      Sounds like a Movie 🍿 "The Wedding 💍 Ritual".

In Boxs Near You.

This Paragraph.

(The Dude In this Profile Aet the Chocolate Bar)

Something Never to Forget ... Human Nature.

When I was 9 or 10 ... a "friends" Brother, Offered me Weed, I Smoked.

Then, he Offered me a Chocolate 🍫 Bar, I Aet.

It was a X-Lax Bar.

Weed Gives the Munchies.

Pala AbDull ...

"That's the way Love goes".

Wait, was that Janette.

"Her @ss Burns like a Fire ... can't You Smell the Desire?"

"Ahh, I'm trying ta Take a S#!t, ya, ya, ya ... That's the way Love goes, WooW, Open the Window".

I Think Janette Jackson Sang that?

"Do, do Ya Love me do Ya Love me?"

"If Want so Information Please".

"StraightUp not tell do You Really Want Love to be forEver, Oh Oh Oh ... I'm Thinkin Your not just having Fun".

I'll go All 90's On You Two .

Find some Hammer Pants ... to Far Back?

"Can't Touch this" ... "Can't Touch this!"


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