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Emma&Dustin In here
May 18th, 2003
July 15th 1983

Song about You Emma.

Since 2012 Eternal Vanity have had this On the Computer About Page.

  Emma, We said Endless, long Time.

In the Vanity, Take the Right, & the Left, Turn them to the Endless Bend In the Reflection 🪞 Long Time.


Eternal Vanity.

Different ways to Look at that I Figure.

Reflections, so like, Each One might be a Generation?

Is it going Forward or Backward?

Be like, Left Side Backwards.

Middle, Good Looking Dude.

Forward, to the Right.

(Unless a Person is In the wrong Side of the Word I Spose:)


To me, having Our Login, from Phone to Phone, year to year, Emma.

Honestly, Who Trusts AnyOne like that?

And can.

Two way Trust.

Can You Think of a Single thing that Will have More Eyes On it tonight,

then the Moon?

That is the Biggest Piece 🧩 of Moissanite I have Ever Seen.

(In the Spectrum, can See, the Moon is Definitely not Moissanite, or a Diamond)

(The Refraction of Light isn't so Much the Rating of Light, Rather then, reading the Speed of Light that Travels Through the Vacuum).

The Moon Probably Refracts like Moissanite ... kinda Cloudy, I can't get a Reading.

I can't Identify it with a Single GemStone Filter ... Must Mean it's LabMade.

GOD Made the Moon, Stars & Heaven.

I Love 💕 You Emma.

I don't Know if this Makes Sense ... Long Time I've been Focused On, You as my Girlfriend.

That's Good, I do.

I've Needed to View You as the Person You are, the Friend You have been.

I Need to Focus On me being a Better Friend to You name14

What do You See? It's a Mind Test,

I didn't "Want" to Fall In Love, Emma Made me.

Her Fault.

It's Runs Near LA.

 I Took this Pictue's of my Sister, Lana Casey.

That last Set, Lana Sat On an Ant Hill ... lol ... Lake Las Vegas.

Good, Good, Good GOD's Chicks ...

You Make me Feel so bad!

But Ya Know You Make me do some Good, You Know that I do for GOD.

This is a Mans World 🌎 but it don't Mean NOTHIN ... without a Chick.

Who's the Man with the Master Plan, Who's the Man •°•


Wanna Know about me, Look Who I call Team.

Partner's with the Community


All Joins to Eternal Vanity, haft to be done through Email,

I Believe, Together, We can do Good things here ...


 or DC@itsVanity.com 

LVMPD is Also Welcome to Send me a Email Profile Request, of Course Ill Start as Many Profiles as You Want 🚓 

That would be Cool name33

I was writing to Emma about how it would be Neat to have Both her PD, & my PD On here.


Vegas could Show California a thing or Two name40

GOD Bless You All name3

(Peace Officers Week, was the Other Week)


Last night I was outFront, as a Couple was walking by ... 

The dude was being Rude, I heard her say, she was going to Make a Phone Call.

I StoodUp & said to her, "if You Need a Safe Place" and Pointed to my Driveway.

She Smile, he did not.

They Kept walking as he Mumbled something to her, she said Load ...

"Did You not hear him?"

He got Quite.

 Important People StandUp for Good People.

"GOD Bless the Peace Makers".

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