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Lebanon, Oregon.
July 15th 1983
Anything I Put My Mind To.

Its time, I get alil sleep ... tryinging to program website,, while driffting off the other codes lines.

Beause I I make Your webite Emma, better and the from what I can tell ... cool Person Maisie ... I want to make the webites better, not be to tiered :)

Will be so good soon)I am so slow at monent ... Ive been working on internet Stranth ... that part most others for got about.

We got is hold stonda, Emma and the rest of the EV Team ... we know at least one thing ... we sided with theinicent Team ... lets fight for them :)
GOD Bless You All, Igoing to bed)

Emma, could I ask for a sign ... about Your Gallery, on Your website ... I like being on Your Gallery, for one ... shows all Your girlfriend what You found)

I dont want You thinking I some over rag boyfriend ... just You, normalish, boyfriend :)

I also believe we had a thing was I told You ... I will never leave You.

I also know, because of our relationship ... the way, Our Natural Connection ... makes my Nellis Card, about the same as Your Nellis, Free & Accept ID.

Together, we are the same, in most ways :)

So As I fix the out side of things ... look for the Gallery to update to ... I like the 3 1st pics, if You do to? I keep thoughs there :)

I gatta brake, seeing cross eye ... lol

I am running late on my mark, I have behind the seens stuff hella beefed up, Facebook has Nothing on EV's Power now) things finished by morning for Two People ... Emma ... You mega owe me ... You had best tackle me and tricky me to the ground because ...
Oh my ... like I write last night ... I have been focusing of 3 websites.
, EmmaEngle®Life, Maisie~Krasse®com, itsVanity®com

I Sent You a Sent ... Emma :)
Also ... I'm ganna need to login to our profile for Your website ... part of making the Gallery better ... I doing my Best, to please with Microsoft Bing®com & Yahoo®com. To Both Company's ... You have my Your email, please let me, know, what I can do better, and how we can help better You.

I'll be on it for the next few hours :)

I really hope my spelling doesn't come out wrong, writing in a hurry ... most important part ...
I Love You Emma :) Have a Wonderful Day Today)

Okay, in 30 minutes of so ... keep Your eye on Your Gallery ... Picture Gallery,
You too Maisie just might be, tomorow, depends on Your sleep time ...

& alil on itsVanity.

I might be all the website coding ...
Not just that ... There is a Women in my Mind, & I Love it ... Emma, run All over my thoughts cause ... it Feels so Good.
I think Ive said it to Ya, but Feeling is the Greatest of All Seence ... seems like I have said that, maybe in different words ... The Holy Bible says ... "Touch" ... but I not wanting to make it like that ... Im talk, the Feeling in my Chest ... My Soul.

So I'm ganna be writing aLot :)

When I bring up the Team, I talking ... take a look at the EV Team, we are WAY more then People with a EV website, and or itsVanity website ... I want to say ... knowing that kind of Count of People is far away from not possible ... its one of though things ... with Our Names and Faces .... its all about Hoping People like us ... I Hope & I Believe, that is, whats up. It is with You all, be put Your Sef in my Skater Shoes :)

Sure, someone intentionally tried to head on my drivers door, late November, the start of December ... That kinda things happen

3 Nellis Military People Told me, the whoever knew what they were doing, its a big World (a Cold World;) ... its whatever , fixed when I want to ... It happened to spine me in a way, all it did, was bend things on all 4 corners. I didn't make a claim for 2 reasons ... Im not bringing You down Emma ... I'm showing what can happen (9 out of 10, or 8 out of 9) ...

So me being better at Driving Cars, vs, working on them (its easy, Im just slaking ... lol ... I don't need a car, I sure like that car though:)

So, I was about to move the car, enough to where the other car, head on, to my Drivers side back tire, spinning my into the Brick wall ... lol

The other car, was gone, I checked if I did damage to anything ... I didn't ... so I hobled it to my house, the Weather is about right to fix it, kinda my main thing, the Temp outside.
Its 3 lil Bars, alil Body (not much), I have $580 tires (Each) on it ... the tire has the very same PSI in it (Pounds Square Inch), the wheel, rolls straight not bent, at all. Car is fine really.
That certain paint ... might be hard to find, other than that though.

My bad, Im going on about it ... a "thing" ... I am 100% fine from it, still now and its been mouths, so I would know if it hurt me by now.
Car things, can hurt a week later, not the case.

I believe, that Jesus Christ kept me Safe, even my Horse really ... I also believe ... You Praying for me, kept, and keep me Safe.

I'll keep Praying for You too ... Plus, don't even stress the idea of others praying against us ... it doesn't work that way ... like for one, it doesn't work. All those People do is focus on Hate so much, it affects the EVERYTHING.

When You Pray for Me, it is to Jesus Christ ... When I Pray for You, it is to Jesus Christ.
In other words, GOD Fiter's it. If it's bad, Christ will not let it happy, through Prayer.

When it is Pure, like the Ancient Order, Purity Apron, that I was given more that one of ... and ... Your allowed to hold my Hand, while I wear the Purity Apron in ANY Temple of GOD ... erected in the Memory of Our, bro. Solomon & his Father, bro. David had created for GOD :)See cause ... This is a Personal thing, between Emma and I ... however, its Good Role Model too ...
Emma Engle and mySelf ... "U&I", have earned qualities worthy of the Purity Badge of Music (the Apron, is a Badge, old fashion Badge, way old fashion). I like it though, I have so many Badges :)

I'll be all night on the websites I wrote of below ... MK, I am not Sure how to spell Your name, so Im going be, if it was You and or Family that joined ... Ether way, if a Fan of Your, they have been Good, Ive looked out for You and Your Family, with that. As for the websites I made You .... I am using that itsVanity Profile, in the creation of Your websites. Feel free to us it, You and Your Family.
If it is a fan on Maisie's, and the things You add etc. Just fallow the roles, and Laws ... if a fan, don't feel bad, Your doing a favor, every person, who gets to know, any us us ... thats Good.

The Computer side, is open to join, I have my reasons why the phone side is a fake out page. Basically, All Good People, unless You must, like a past Member, or wait, I might have fixed to reset password, if must join, use the Computer, or Desktop side.

I'll have more writing ... Im on Your .Life now Emma ... I also will be fixing up Your Your .Best &Your .Site its hard :) for others) Whats important is protecting Your Name, and following M
Your .Life
Your .Best
Your .Site

So I figure ... lol ... while I in the area of just talking it up ... like wheres the Filter right :)
It's hard to perform, plus exercise Order, thereby improving & maintaining proficiencies ...
peaceful Freedoms, with the Ambition to stand on Your own to feet .... I saw on ... (I'll put it out there, I have my reasons to Not like agree with "why" IG was created and ... Many of the "IG" team, don't like me (thats okay) ... Many Instagram "workers" do not like me, because in my "opinion", IG has very many reasons, not to like me. In my Mind, it is simply, they came out a few years ago ... & tried as Hard as the Legally could (hm, I just lied, they may have taken it past that, by a very long shot, a different store)
In my opinion, I prove, they are a basic website, (now this, Twitter & Instagram share, Stock, look it up) .... Facebook is Instagram, when You login, what I only diss-agree

with a Filter, or mask on my Mouth)

Here is a question, that I have been asked So Many Times
(I have alway liked be popular, that has never been the reason for Eternal Vanity, got to a point, People accused me of using other Peoples face, so ... my best thought was ... add my Face and Name too, that is my Real name and Birth Dustin Eugene Casey, it was O'Casey, July 15th 1983

Ill be right back)

K so ... not because of any other reason then, simply, not going out side "much" today.

Instead, Ive been website creation and fix ... even harder ... thinking of what needs fixing and to be better and what to create.

At least thats my main prob, tell me something and I will ether find out, why it shouldn't be that why, or cool, let's get it done. All else false ... I have aLot of friends in Canada ... between, Them, mySelf ... & Others ...
for instance, my Sister ... & Emma. You Both Help Me ... Way More than You know.

Jason, I hope Your doing Good? I heard You sold Vivo to Youtube a was like, thats cool ... & out :) I don't blame You, however ... I could use Your help homie ... lol
Ross, trying to get a hold of You)

Something else I noticed while being stuck at Home, when really ... a Person would think ... I work from Home ... its just the Thought of Freedom, Happy, Comen Since, Clean Hands, Don't Touch Our Faces. It's never Good to Ever touch Our Faces.

I was doing whatever that call on Instagram ... it was made to look at :) so was this ... I don't mind)

So I was doing what ever its called ... the point of Social Networks :)
I want name "names", doesn't mean that I would hint)
I am not write of Family ... I am not writing of my Girlfriend. Nothing bad there, Normally, People hear me writing, 90% of the time, thinking of and writing to Her, when She has spare time and feels like ... knowing me more)

Anyway ... lost track of what I was writing :)

A Person, with Family around them, could almost easily say ... a main Part of the EV Team ... That goes back to Thylane and Kristina ... I'm not write about them ether, even though they are Cool too. Purnell, Valo, a.Booge ... I would make a Big list ... All around the World.

I writing about a Family in particular ... I looked at save https://Save_Anyones_Instagram.com, I just want to say ... for one ... go ahead EVERYONE ... look up Your Instagram.com Here ...
The branch of it is just called ... SaveIG.com ... but, it both Instagram, look Yours up, You will see, I am pleased to say, the real bad to branch's are Gone, at least to the public.

K so ... this Family has impressed me and I want Each of You to know that. When I say (write), having fun, on a Scooter, outside ... You know, Your that Family I'm writing of) Stay Strong though all of this stuff, non of Our Family's ... Personally ... I think clean Hands are the best thing.
And weather if was a fan or Your & Family ... I think it's cool, that is the real perpus of EV, to UpLift Each Other. I will be working on Your site ... on itsVanity tonight while I am making Emma's website cooler
We are a Team, nothing can stop.

I'm never trying to leave People out, when I write of Emma, I just Hope, Everyone understands ... I am in Love with her ... means ... thats a Good thing :)

EV website are All different ... just that Her EV website is a part of my website ... does that make since?
Her Life is a Part of My Life ... in a very Wonderfull Way. I hope 100% of People understand me :)

So, I'll just say it, cause, why not ... if it is a bad person, You can email me, if it is a fan, I have learn ... fans can be friends ... with feelings ...
This itsVanity account ...https://Masie.de-Krassel.25, I like it ... in fact, I kinda based it around Emma's ...to be real ... People like You Two ... Happy, Stylish, Cool People.
My opinion too ... The idea of having fun, dispite. Thank You :)

A few websites are getting hocked up soon) Its hard so like, if something is one way or another, no worries ... I keep back up files) Learned that the hard way.

Same with You Emma, Your sites are totally Safe, but, they are ganna get better)

There are millions of millions ... different ways People have Their way of supporting Eternal Vanity. Please keep in mind, there is ONLY One Industry that is above financial's & influence with NO Price. There is an Industry, that tot me ... there are People (Groups) that claim "non profile, meaning "NO PROFIT". I am in that Industry as well, in the same way that I totally respect that idea.

He was referring to Masonry. That is True, Masonry is One of Two Industry's above Financial Influences. We in Masonry are Above Money ... that means, it is harder to pervert.
(To pervert something is to corrupt Someone & or something.)
With Eternal Vanity, being a Part of, Masonry, Eternal Vanity is the One & ONLY Industry that has 100% nothing to do with Financial Influences, it's All about Jesus Christ and the Vanity GOD wants us to have (not vain).

When Logging through History, everyone can see, for 3700 years, Masonry has used money, we put that on US Currency ... ever seen my logo on the back of a $dollar Note " ... "∆" ... The internet will tell a person just what that means, in Every was, but what it what is means, and it is not a Masonic sacred. It means , Our Work in Not Competed ... anyone ... Anyone ... feel like standing in the way of Progress?
If So ... Feel Free to write that to this E-Mail ... I wall make sure Every Mason, gets Your letter and ID :)

Masons are Creators, in the Past, Masons made this like ... The Holy Bible, Solomons Temples, the White House, the Internet ... Math, science (Geometry, Astronomy, taking Record, Keeping Books, the Entertainment Industry, Masons made the idea of Backs, I'll explain ... where is the Best Bank in the World. Switzerland. We Gave Every Country with a Flag, a Flag :)
Creators ... Artists)

I could go one about that, I also codes website, yesterday was a Server thing :)

Ya know ... I' going to Surf for a bit, in the Desert :) on the internet.
I like to look around, make sure People I know are safe ... etc ... and I also need to say up to dat, with the Leaders ... helps me know where I am going :)
I follow my Girlfriend ... guess what though Emma and I follow other with and on EV :)

Together we are changing the World, and that does take the Minority to do that. People with and or on EV is the minority ... just aw, see if the is the truth in 10 years cuase.

Oh, did People hear ... instagram is running out of space :) MySpace, all over again)
IG should not have miss lead ... Everyone ... that just my opinion though, I'm sure money was not the only point, however, that will explain their fall)

Just saying ... best start Loading up a dedicated servers (that DC give IG advice) ... link maybe ... ten Football Fields full of servers ... ya it seem easier, to have made it different ... but ... thats not who they made it ... strings, stings over stings, and as far as I know, it is "ASPX & ASP" programming, mask the the highest quality system .PHP ...a php file can hold ... Everything. It is the TOP.

ASPX, is ... so easy, I never cared to learn it, plus, well, who remember, I saw on the New Media, a while ago, Mark Z ... had such a Safety Issue.
A Good Person was trying to contact Mark "FB & IG", I heard Mark was to Good, to read that Dudes letters, let the guy was a fan (ps, I am SO Thankful for Every Person who like EV, Im not the only one involved, however, I like to say things like, the People who Care, fan can sound humiliating. All I can say, People who like EV website, would tell me, about a prob, and I listen, because I am not better.
To You Good People ... write me here :)
Owner@itsVanity.com ... I will not only listen, I will also ask if You know how I could fix it ... I'm on the Peoples side, this Network, is on the Peoples Side. We are You.

Closed Minded to the People who support a Person, no matter. On the flip, the word "fan" can be used as a bad word, The fans of Eternal Vanity, simply enjoy what this Group is doing, not bad ... I have had a "fan" well Three fans, rip someone off me, after that person punched me, my "fans" better words, Guardians took a Dude down faster then I realize what was happening ... the One girl, out of the Two guys said as my enemy was slammed to the ground (light story) ... chick say to my attacker "You cant hit him" as her actions, put his teeth on the Floor :)
I never got to say Thank You ... Thank You homies in Blue :)

Who has notice ... ALL Eternal Vanity websites, are 4 times faster ... 8 time more Powerful and Reliable, 2 times Safer ...
EV sites are One of the very few websites in the World, that is at this time, is Full of as Much "Host Power" (my host are also my Friends, the give me nothing for free, we Friendly Trade, that is important to say, Ill add to the, the Trade between Two Country's within America) the 98% of Every Other Website, including Facebook/IG & google ... Yesterday was a long day :)
One Wonderful Person knows what I am saying, when I say ... 30,000 twice in a second ... is, at this time 270,000 in three time a second ;)

Lets see what I can do on a Sunday) I know, all website form on not open on a Sunday, but ... I'm not a Form, I'm a Line Brake (crossed the Line, when People went on Strike, I know, that is not safe (I had "Vegi's & Bean" Cans thrown at me, I was hit by at least 10 of them a week, walking by covering my Face and lol at them ... I would do it again ... the Works "wanted" 15 penny more and hour ... I felt it was more important, to make sure the Shelves were full. In my Mind, the People were Much more important, then the Strikers trying to make People starve to prove Their worth. I could train a Orangutan, or a Chew of Orangutan's to fill the Store Shelve (Fact) that took place at that time
Take it to now, that same company ... the were made to rase the low pay, by doing that ... they had to lower, to hight pay.

I used to manage on of the Albertsons I was hired at "Lucky" ... Albertsons was a company at the time, but, my Brother (RIP) was ... is it okay if I say, my past Brother (not me), was in the Irish Group called "Lucky".
For real, if that Group, does not want me to speak of You All ... write me, to say, Take the word Lucky off.

I will, please know though ... if I didn't respect You I would not have wrote it.

... still, I a Human ... I'm not a company :)
Keep in mind, I work for GOD, that is why Your reading this. I follow my boss, Jesus Christ is my, Leader .. many times, I follow GODs Children, when They know best, and with respects ... they follow me ... when they think it is best. We are Each Walking Christ's Path ... sometimes, we All, need alil help, staying on that Path of Jesus.
Always knowing, Christ is, has and always will be better at Everything than we are.

Be Christ-like, we will only find, that Dude, does things, NO ONE can or Every will be.

We don't want his Clothing ... we would want to Make him Clothing, to keep him warm.

A question You asked me) A Good question ... (not meaning You question me), You never have questioned me in a bad why, only ways to getto know me better ... words have many meaning. A Person ... Who has Never questioned me, in that why ...

She asked me a Honest from her Heart & Mind question :)
The type of question, I like to be asked ... and really ... I would totally be cool, with more of that kind of Thought ... a Person could bring that idea to this ... when I Trust You ... when I know You intent to help me, I am do and always will, say ... when You use this Network with Me ... You helped make it.

To EVERYONE how has "MADE" me, have You ... know need to speak of the bad people, doing the flip side of Helping Me make this Network. That has slowed me Down, bad.

I have heard both LasVegas Radio Stations "98.5 KLUC & Hot 97.5" Both of those Radio's, depend of my Crew ... Microsoft and Freemasons & Accepted Masons, Shriners, Shriners Hospitals for Children, Templar Knights, Christins, MLK, Jr, Jesus Christ, Solomon, David, most thing that are in the Holy Bible.
The "CowBow Truck" song.

Hay radio ... isn't Your Microphone ... a "Tool" ... I wont say, I have said this before ... Radio, do You like Your "Tool"?

Some People are not responsible enough to have such a "Tool", our, it has been made main stream ... but cause 98.5 and 97.5 are anti-Mason's.

My being a Master, Freemason & Accepted Mason (Ancient & Modern) the Master part, mean, I know what I am talking about.

98.5 KLUC & Hot 97.5 are doing these this ... I know, put the 2 stations together, now most People would not speak of them. Just remember ... Rating and who get more. the BOTH put together :)

So, with that said, to the Larger Group that I am writing to ... I used to support those 2 Radio Stations. There are plenty of songs they play, I don't aggre with, and that is Totally okay.

In tell those 2 Radio Stations stated playing a Bias song, that is Mega Bias, I haft to say, in the true things that happen in Life, From my Eyes of me ...
In this thing ... its me Promoting a Radio station, that promotes hate, on a profile that we share.
I'm sorry Emma, I never should have suggested to listin to these Stations ... I trusted them, at least I trusted Their judgment ... now it not just the Radio, now, it My judgment in question.

I will never promote the radio Stations again. For Free I show add, for the Radios knowlage ... 98.7 ... who was Your "Ratings" at the begining of the Year.
98.5 KLUC ... who are Your ratings now :)

People need to know, right from wrong, the Radio promoting a Very Clear, Bias shon about Cowbow.

Hold up, if anyone knows who sings that Cowboy Truck song.

I dont normally ask to write me, I dont like some of the things I get sent.

To ALL homie of EV, E✞ernal Vani†y ... write me here, this is my Microsoft E-Mail ...
the Nobody is me ... of course, that is not refering to Microsoft ... Microsoft is WAY BIGGER then google. The Nobody@, is me. But is is a real e-mail address.

To Every Person, I asked to listin to (remember, this website is Internation, not Countie, State and Country, Every This goes to the Whole World.

U mad a mistack obout the Radio, "ONLY about the Radio. I am asking for All of Your Forgiveness.

Honestly, I did not know that song wold et to be Main Stream ... All I can say it, to Those Awesome People ... that look up to me, for any reason ... That Cowbow Trust song made my cry 4 times. My Grandfather, who was a Real Cowbow, respected his Tools, 4 of them, were Trucks, 2 Trackers.

What I am asking is, that Everyone understands, I know that sond was created by Hate. The 1st time I heard it, I wased 98.5 KLUC not to bring the USA back in time. 1920's.

They still pay it, Every Single thing that I have been tought by my Elder in Masonry. That kinda song is anti-Freemasonry.

Of course the People, area me, anr Masons, my Girlfriend Emma ... she understands Masonry, better then, most People do.

These are my words (bro. Dustin Eugene Casey), I am not speaking for her (yes I am, still my words) ... What I am saying ... Martin Luther King, would agree with Emma and I ... plus, it doesnt stop there, my Sister really dis likes that song, when I play it for friends, in the City (they dont even have Family, who are Cowboys, tookmaybe 40 seconds to be ask to leave, they asked ... if I was trying to get beat up by playing that song (True Store)

A Industry that agrees with me ... well, they tot me these things, but, they are me ... Hard for me not to Notice, I was given, the Very Same Uniform Brother Templar is Wear, Proudly.

Grand Templar of Templar Knights.

(that I Trust, You can too Emma), just ... talk to me about it 1st, for real, never fe Fooled I am Real Masonry, so are Templar, They and I are the Same)
Here is a Very small list of Good People and Industry that I agree with ... The link I put, are of Trusted People, that I can say ... Personally, I know that Each of these People and Industry, know Right from wrong. I left so many People out, but, Im not leaving You out ... in Your Heart, You Each know, I am spoking to You too. It would take me years. EVERY Person who has a Eternal Vanity website ... Your at the Top of my List, of People to look up to.

These are links, to other People I look up to, ... Good People ...
Emma Engle
Lana Casey
Maisie de-Krassel
Microsoft Bing, my Friends at Yahoo (they are my Friends, they helped and still help Eternal Vanity Their words "Eternal Vanity is the Best Website on the internet. I will add to that Thank You again, however, You know are well as I do ... Yahoo is better, and Smarter, and has been before google. Yahoo, interduced me to learning Internet Law, and that Bing is as Good as They are. The are different that Bing, that are a Team, Microsoft / Bing / Yahoo / Eternal Vanity / we are a Large (Team and Emma Engle is a Loyal Team Member. Microsoft ... Emma id on "Our" Team, She has Proven her Faith, and I dont think I asked her to, that is the kind of she is. She like Me, all we want is Greater Good, for All, and eachOther ... want Yes, I going to add to ... Emma & I need eachOther, something like, She is Earth ... I am Moon). Grand Lodge of Philadelphia, Prince Hall, Nellis Freemasonry, Grand Lodge of Russia, Grand Lodge of California, Grand Lodge of England, Grand Lodge of France, Grand Lodge of Switzerland, Grand Lodge of Colorado, Grand Lodge of Colorado, Pharrell, Ville Valo

I know there is aLot going on.

I still feel it should be said. The day ... is beautiful ... Happiness keeps People & Animals Healthy.
Happy & Healthy.

I know there is aLot going on.

I still feel it should be said. The night ... is beautiful ... Happiness keeps People & Animals Healthy.
Happy & Healthy.

In Oregon ... I made forts in the yard ...
I made a Wood Half Pipe, for my Board ...
Felt like saying that :)
Humans Can Fly ... For Real)

One Heart :)
Could also say ... Two Hearts on the Same Page)

Two Minds that think aLot a-like. Faith that is very much the Same ... Personality ... I Love it. When I say "looks" ... I'm not being simple Minded.
Mega Beautiful.
You have Love for the lil homies (pets) ...

Your a Blessing to Me Emma ... like a Heart Beat ... Blessed again ... and again :)

I Hope Your having Fun and staying Safe.

I woke up alil bit ago ... went out back ... Awesome day ... Weather is Nice .... Music in Every Direction.
Be Safe No Matter ... All the Time ... Everyday)

In history, there are so many books. That speak of "Man" ... So many Women & Men think that means "Male" ... WO Men :)
Most of the time, They are writing about "ManKind" Female & Male.

Sometimes I forget to type the "s" ... & I end up typing itVanity.com)

Should say, late 90's ... Alein WorkShop was may Favorite Board, though ... they fell into the Gap?

Then ... best board I ever had was the Green Element Board, I took a Picture of my Sister with, at the Mormons Church.

It was my Board ... In tell this lil kid broke her only Board ... so, I gave her, that Board.

My Family & I are Christians ... we are not Mormons ... They must like me though ... Always, wanting to talk to me about GOD :)

So ... We share ideas)

Nothing can hurt my Faith in Jesus Christ, that does not mean ... I dont have an open Mind.

I like hearing other Peoples thoughts.

Its ether ganna make since to me now, later or ... Another Peace, that makes me ... me.

Where does that put two Hearts as One.

I know this ... Your a BIG Peace of me, I have found no Peace with in my whole Life ... You though Emma ... When I was doing somethings to Your site EE .Life ... I saw a picture ...

Shirt said ... "Made To Love" as Your Hands are holding a Heart ...

Pretty sure ... That has been my Heart cause ... Your Holding My Heart :)

Ya know ... We would have even more fun with a C-15 Sail Boat ... lil Boat.
Fresh Water :)

Some small towns, have Grade School and Middle School in One Building.

It would have been fun, if we had ... Skateboarded on the top of the Grade School in SodaVille, Oregon Together.

Like a 15 foot drop ... From the top (upside down V shaped ruff, some parts were 2 story's high), if a Person didn't land it just right ... Off two stories ... lol ... Grass Ground.

As if I ever did that, sure ...

But if I would have, my friends and I would have played Hacky Sack up there, and Skate from one Side of the School ... to the Gem.

Soda, is just a drink ... lol
You would have Loved it)

I never did that though ... & I am lieing about that, in one way or another :)

I also, never road my motorcycle, with my lil Sister at the very School. Made a jump, she still has her lil Honda 50, made from like ... the 50's)

What I did do, it was put on Paper so, I know I did it ... lol

Skateboard down the Halls of the 1st day of High School. I was going by Classes full of People ...

The floors ... I was about to make my Alien WorkShop, Trick Board "45's" ... I was about to ride so fast ... Then I road out the doors and never reterned.
It was Fun for me)

It was a respect thing ... LMS, has None.
(I mint LHS, but, LMS I actually went to for a year, my Computer teacher, worked at LMS, my Father had the old School Condemned, because of Asbestos ...
That is why, Your All in Mobile Home Schools now:)

He did a Good thing. I'm glad I stayed out of that School. LMS, Lebanon Middle School, Oregon.

The area, where LMS was, I have not seen, but ... it's not there at all anymore)

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