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Many Hats
July 15th

"Now it's Time ta ... Bang Your Heads Motha-Fuckaa's"

I ask One of my Friends In Russia, if he wanted to get out of Russia?

he ask "Why?".

I said, Your Leader ... isn't he bad?

He said ...

That Man has Protected his Country from the Strongest things In the World and Never Caved.

No, & he is Very Proud to be Russia and Live there.

Then, he said he was ganna get back to Playing his Villain. 

What have You All been Sold?

No Person is suppose want to be President, to Much Stress. 

If Masonry let's me ... I'll do it (10 to 20 years, I'm not Ready "yet" Stats say, "The People" will Vote me) ... fix Our Country (USA) ... it's about Time the Founders are a President again. The last One Gerald R. Ford, before him was the Mason Lyndon J. Johnson, then H. Truman, 1st Mason President,  George Washington ... about Time again I'd say?

People that don't Know, I Feel ... should NOT be In the Position, if not Knowing what it is, & What Made it.

Masonry Made the United States of America, Proudly. 

SomeOne Took Our CornerStone from the White House, We want it back!

Is Germany On Ukraines Side?

I'm alil Dutch, Mostly Irish,  alil Scottish,  alil Portugese (Proud of Each) ... I'm not being Racist about Germanyat All ... "History, Same Group", from there is All ... started In 1916.

The Liberal Progressives Movement. Or New World Order.

Trump isn't Protected by Masonry,  Look what that System is doing to him. It is Extremely Powerful. 

Lucky for me ... my Group started 3700 years ago In_GOD_We_Trust-4 could call it the Old World Order.

Others of Us ... King Solomon,  Alexander the Great, ETC, Andrew Jackson, Andrew Johnson, J Garfield, Theodore Roosevelt, W Taft, Franklin D. Roosevelt ... me name22

K so ... Who wants ta make some Jewelry with me ... Fun Really.

Multing Gold ... I Lite mySelf On Fire few Times, Im done with that ... lol

(Had a Full Burn Suit Each Time but 1 Time, was like Half Suit)

Person We said GOD Bless You too Another ... that was Cool ... if Christ becomes More and More Popular with my age and alil younger ... it's Always been the Elders into Jesus.

That would mean, 17 years of Eternal Vanity is Winning that Other Group name32

I'll keep my Word ... Un Color Ttreated Natual Black Pearls

Not Farm Grown,. Could make More White Pearls, Black is really Green, and Blue, and Muti Colored.

You dont Know it ... this Brought me Up ... doing it ... like ... EV has Value.

https://Maisie Krassel.com/

You 👀 the ©️ Date Date On that)

Maisie ... I didn't See that name9

(About Time for aNew CutOut ha ... Need fighter ... Valiantly.)

In the Real, I did See that ... and We are Proud of You.

I am Proud of You Both.

Standing Up for GOD.


 "What he said".


I really would got off that Dude ... lol ... Chicks dig it though name28

Don't Look at me, the Drake's of the Industry are the Womanizers.

Can't get his Buttery Dress out my Mind.


Dudes like Dudes at his Friends house.


Pink13Pink8                          Pink3Pink20

Give it Up, Give it Up, Give it Up now ... Drake is tryin ta Waddle somehow :)

He says his Pants are On Fire, & his Contracts bout to Expire.

Had to make Sure I used that Word right and Yep ...

Meaning of Womanizers is All the lil Hopper's out there ...

"Meaning of womanizer in English a man who often has temporary sexual relationships with women or tries to get women to have sex with him: He was a gambler, a womanizer, and a drunk. He had a reputation as a family man, but was actually a serial womanizer."

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