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July 15th, 1983



"I Love, that, I ... Always Look my Best ...

when Your Standing Next to my Side".

This Paragraph.

(The Dude In this Profile Aet the Chocolate Bar)

Something Never to Forget ... Human Nature.

When I was 9 or 10 ... a "friends" Brother, Offered me Weed, I Smoked.

Then, he Offered me a Chocolate 🍫 Bar, I Aet.

It was a X-Lax Bar.

Weed Gives the Munchies.

Pala AbDull ...

"That's the way Love goes".

Wait, was that Janette.

"Her @ss Burns like a Fire ... can't You Smell the Desire?"

"Ahh, I'm trying ta Take a S#!t, ya, ya, ya ... That's the way Love goes, WooW, Open the Window".

I Think Janette Jackson Sang that?

"Do, do Ya Love me do Ya Love me?"

"If Want so Information Please".

"StraightUp not tell do You Really Want Love to be forEver, Oh Oh Oh ... I'm Thinkin Your not just having Fun".

I'll go All 90's On You Two .

Find some Hammer Pants ... to Far Back?

"Can't Touch this" ... "Can't Touch this!"


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