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May 18th 2003
July 15th 1983
Lives In Cail
Comes From Cali

"I have never told You anything, that wasn't absolute true ... that hasn't come from a spot, that wasn't meant for to You."
☆ GOD Ginen

Peacemakers will be Named, "Lambs of GOD".

Johnny Cash, was an American Free & Accepted Mason.

For the racest People. In the song by NIN, "GOD Given" ...
Say, "Yes You can not when with the Color of Your Skin"
Because skin has nothing to do with anything.
All Races in Rkyal Arch Masonry.

Interscope Records signed People light Digital Underground, 2Pac, Spice 1, Lady Gagga, etc ...
Interscope Records, is basically, started by Jimmy Iovine and Ted Field ... and Trent Reznor (N.I.N.).
Could also say a Large involvement with Sony Redcords, to the Bing Lounge.
Their All Freemasonry.

It took my longer then it should have ... like 4 hour+, to realize, the words You said about me Emma, didnt come for You, and You have never hinted such a thing.

I'll stick with You just like IG better then EV, not that Your on their Team, as I was told by many.

Your my Team, did they think I would fall for that long?

Still if You think they have something over You, think about that again. Scott You feel me on that :)
Our Masonic bro, Your & mine Emma.
Lana's too.
In fact, I believe I was the one who Knight You :)
Made You 2nd Degree.

Full Irishmen Soaven, tought me, music in my 2nd Deree)
That You brother. I'm only 14 Irish, 12 Scottish, 1/4 German Dutch and 1/4 Poctagees.

In my Mind and the "Grand Masters of DC and Colorado.

And of course who Don H told each founder to treat me as he. When his time comes, he Lived a Healthy true Weathy Life of Love. I miss him, he used to have me over to his place, Good Man, Good Mason)

The ones who support me making it ...
I was only given permission that my Sister (Lana), and my Lady Mason (Emma) ... could be the Hosts of that Masonic Host website ... by Grand Officers who have no prob given the Name. All I now, I think?

I have Always had much love for my Family at Nellis ... Think what You want of me, however, there are Two Good People who disagree, with how I am being viewed ... Emma & mySelf, Two companies that agree with Emma and is views ... Microsoft & Yahoo. And EVERY OTHER Lodge in the WORLD.

Freemason Host
(Lana, Emma and I were give Permission are 3 Masters, the were are support with the meaning of the Mason Websites. Only the Tree of us, something about 3 Points.
I dono, call DC Lodge #1 about it ;) They are some that I speak with, that know me too)

I would appresiate being invited to the next meeting ... I'll wear my Proper Uniform and my Stick one of the Founders of Nellis gave me, the one, one I can hold.
To Study the Meaning of my Staff ...
To Study the Meaning of my Staff ... Microsoft knews what the meaning of it is.

N.I.N. stands for, Nine Ince Nails.

Jesus was hung on ... Nine Inch Nails.

Much like Ville Valo, GOD is incorporated in every One of his songs.

If NIN sounds to be singing of a Girl in Ring-finger ... listing again ... purele about GOD and the d.....

Trent the Singer of NIN is in Our Click, Our "Team" ... Freemasonry, Ville Valo is too.

Ring-finger is the 2nd sound down, GOD is still incorporated in the top one, but, in the Aladdin Ampathar, everything in my was vibrating, with the top song ... lol two days later like ... "SAY WHAT" :) the Aladdin Ampathar, might be the best Ampathar in the World.

Just before it was over, my ... Brother ... grabbed me and yeilded, let's go, I was like why?

On Our way out, the who Cusino was shacking from the heard of People least to get to their cars, as we road the wave out of the Aladdin :) my Bro, RIP.

"Trent said, "I Love Eternal Vanity " :) in like 2009.

I need ... to get some Tide ... People have aLot of different things to say about Procter & Gamble ...
I'm like, it's the only thing that works ... in my Opinion.
Like New, stays new right :)

My Dad said, I was the First Person to get him High ... he's all chill today ... is that all I had to do all my Life, just ... get him hight ... lol

He was all how do I do it?
I held the Pot Pipe & Light it, and hold the Carb ... for him and he started singing like ... 4 inches away from the Pipe.
I said, Ya ganna put Your lips on the mouth piece, he oh.
The he did, I lit the Bic, he hoped his hear back and said,
WOOW don't burn my eye browns off :)

He try again, I light it, as he was blowing out the smoke, he said, did I get one?

I said, You'll find out in like a minute :)
I helped him stand up)

In the Morning (my morning) I wonder what Your up to ... I used be be able to do, what "I" thought You wanted me to do.

I imagining Your out walking Your Dog or something :)

As long as You know ... no way for me to know.

The last Person I ever would have thought ...
I just got my Dad high)
Mega Weed.

By now I would figure Nellis would Understand my Humor)

So What's Aww, the deal with my Masonic Lady having More Power the All of Nellis and Grand Lodge, put Together? :)
She is a Strong One)
Nellis Freemasons ... that I was joking haa)
We are just a couple as, Clowns) Chillin, with the Shiner Clowns)

Burma rubies
I am Pretty sure People are ganna like, what I'm doing with asMasons & itsVanity Freemasonry ... I'm thinking ... I'm ganna need Your help bro. JIM ... & bro. Mile and Brother Stott.

Of cause Emma and Lana too.

I need to get the "Okay" to make This Official Freemason Site Donait to Nellis, by ... Nellis :)

If there is Anything I can make different or better, let me know :)
Looks pretty Good if asked me)
EmmaEngle.Life & You too Lana) LanaCasey.Com

These Sites might coming in handy in Vacation) United States Maps and Traffic & United Stated Weather ... the Weather one is hard on a phone, (at the top right, says, Layers) Earthquakes even.

I made 2300 but to check its accuracy, that way the Weather one is Slow, its totally accurate.

American Freemason's raise over $2,000,000* a day for Shiner Children.

Drake said something in his song I think might be the funniest thing he ever said ...
He said
"She represents a whole different block so I blocked her" ... lol

Makes me think ... my Girl, reps what I rep ... the Oldest and Greatest Fraternity in the World.

The ONLY Industry above Financial Influence ...
Free & Accepted Masonry.

My Sister, Girlfriend and mySelf ... Rep, what David & Solomon Represented.
Others do too)

Its Beautiful there)
Be Safe please ... You look Wonderful.

I always hang my Plums, and Levels with Sivler Colds ... I never use Gold.

I never said to Ya, I did hint around the Faith.

You being YourSelf, that is the must important to me ...
Jesus Christ be Our GOD, is just as important.

I never said though ... because I, just cause ... being for me.

You found the Path through my Heart ... by, be here for me :)

For sure helps, that Your Personality is so mu like mine.

Just as important as those things ... I'm the only guy for You, just like Your the only girl for me.

My Sister has made cool Graphics that ...

Lana could really make a ...

If she would ...

back into her Computer :)

In the past a made a Script ... it was because ...

itsVanity used to be must popular in Russia ... still is very popular There.

In might be a Fact, that the Country of Russia likes Eternal Vanity more then Any other Country, then probably France then ... the USA.

The Numbers are Much higher is the USA, I'm talking rasheo (I dono how to spell that) ... like ... the amount of People in a square Mile.

The Amount of People who use the Internet, in Russian, they Enjoy EV.

Because the words are in English on Graphic. It cant be translated.

Russians Who can read English (So many times, I used to write People and say You write English well ... it's a Translator thing, I didnt know that).

So I made this Sciprt I just found.

Makes the site go one way, if in Russia, the site goes a different way if in France or Finland.

I'm trying to thing, I learned must Countrys know English.
Still that's neat right :)
Could be used for something I'm sure.

I want to say to my Friends ... I have been told that I've changed, I hope that I have.

Everyone who knows me, knows me as a single dude, that does whatever I want.

None of my Friends, all the way back to living in Oregon, these reading from Oregon know what I'm saying.

No One has seen me in Love. Few have seen me date one girl. That was as different as Good and Evil ...
Your Good Emma, You stand next to GOD, that is why we are standing Together :)

One one the biggest reasons I You have my Haert Emma, Your Faith ... reflects mine.
GOD, honors Us.

We are Good to Christ)

This is just a guess)
Let's say, it was Your Mom, or Someone with Nice hands, but ... not Your hand.

I do like the Purple "nails", (The whole range of Purples to Pinks), are some of my Favorite colors ... however, In my opinion, I think that Your Neice is looking at You (Emma) ... because I recognize her expression, it's that same one I get when I look at You.

my Color scales goes something like ...
what I now know in Sience's ... however, You make it real, not speculative.

Your area of the Month, You were Born in the most Valuable color of Emerald, as the Value is my Favrite color. (Athough word that I like for it is, Forest Green) or ... the Color or my Horse.

Hmm, no wrong ideas ... lol ... Green Horsemen)

The Horsemen has a Pale House not Emerald.

(I'll finish spell checking later, I need to program, I wrote Emma talking about watch me impress You, but I had sleep much, after saying watch me impress You, I feel alseep in my computer chair, it might be to comfortable, I'll go with that:)

You feel Your favorite color is Black, I have felt that way too, for one, it goes with everything exept of my Dogs White hair.

Blank goes with Everything because ... it is Everything :)
White is nothing)

When we start a piece of Art, we start with choosing, on While or Black.

While every other Social Network is (I would say Your, Sisters and mySevse Social Network, but, she wants me to make her her own, while letting us have this one?

I think it has something to to with what I write in Our Sent Box, from this account.

The People who are Demonizeing me, making Peple believe You and I dont know EachOther, and that when I write You, People are thinking that I'm making You up Emma, so People are distancing them self from me.

You and I know what we know.

My sent mail to You though ... that important to me, but ... not as important as You are to me.

If You do, I will be so happy, if not, You know I'm cool :)

You Tempered my Straight.

Outside of what I wrote You in private mail ... if we take care of that Together. because I will continue to do the same for You.

The facebookers just need to stop picking on my (OurSister Lana), some are even cloned to be You and I.

As we see more and more why GOD made a Network through us ...
I can so see why, I have been on any Network but Our in ... I dono how long ... it's a stress reliever :)

No worries on likes, and page comm6, its posted, so one of us likes it is how EV sees it.

You can watch the r site tonight's as I work on them ... are. check out the differences in the Morning "Star" ... my Morning Star. Spell check had me say "Stay" ... that too my Light, my ... Planet) Emma :)

Its taking me longer then I said, cause ... I'm taking me time, to make it the best ... we can have Any Other website better then Eternal Vanity ... Enternal Vanity has no Seasrch Engime, it would be point less with Bing Microsoft % Yahoo.com their searchs are relivate, I could not make a Engine Search and find better them them. The have some many things, that make a website on the st page ... only way a Person is ganna be 1st place on the 1st page .. is when Bing and Yahoo know, if ists a website of a Person, hand made extra point, hand made betther then Adobe Dream weever. Etrea Etrea points.

Most of all Mocrisoft treat "Offial Website the best.

Like with Your website Emma ... Bing & Yahoo treat Your .Life site so good, because they no You contral it with as much access as I do, amost as much, just as mucj trough Our itsVanity's.

If I was just some dude who was helping lift You to GOD, hold up, not many do that and Microsoft would resect just that, lets say, since I am in comunication with You and GOD, Microsoft it Good to us. I'll be upgrading all night, Im now at the spot, You will see things change, the coding I write in nother like saveIG and IG, FB etc ... as soon as I update the DNS and High End PHP shows the change right away, when save IG can take up to 24 hour, ater something is posted.

The is a reason, instagram and twitter tried everything they could, to get Our Network :)

Our Network is a 1,000,000* compaired to the other Networks weighting in at 100- :)
I am in no way being mean, remember what I said what Twitter and Instagram, IG using the smaller, pic system later then Twitter using the main platform. They are better at many things, for one ... Tree People plus, 4 behind Eternal Vanity, thousands of People behind the other Networks :)

They be the mean ones. All is Good though, I leting that go around 2012, 2013.
Famous Freemasons of Nellis

Emma and Dustin Casey | Microsoft Bing
I just feel like saying ... I am MEGA Proud of Emma R. Engle and I will Alway look forward & Cherish Every step of Our (hopefully one day) Marriage, if Emma will have me?)

Nellis #46
Plus, one of the Founders of Nellis I.R. gave me the Leading Stick. Another gave me his Aptone to put to remind me of him (R.I.P.). Fon said, he always wants me to follow in his steps, never letting anyone override what Don H tought me.

That what he told me,I cant repeat, however, that might be why some of my Bros liik at me odd, I am follow, my boss is Masonry, Don is not just my boss, I'm just the "One" who knows and furthers his Masonic wishs.

Many at Nellis know what I'm saying, as they probably have a tear in their eye, while reading this.

It's not my toes some are stepping on, I only follow directions.

Other have also giving me Sticks.

I was given The different Colors of things, that go on my head.

I was give a different Ancient Uniforms, so was Emma.

I was never give a Gavel for Nellis, that is not my Pleace.

I'm a "Knight of the Temple".

I am a Master of All Lodges, air am not "The Master" of Nellis. That font meant less of anything.

Emma is one of the 1st Lady's who has been given gifts from Grand Ladges around the World, as I was given matching gifts.

Some of those gifts, were Uniforms, I was told for her and I to wear them Proudly in any walk of Life.

I asked, but only in Lodge right?
The answer fro District of Columbia.

No, You and Emma can wear Your Uniforms to the movie theater even, but, yes at Lodge as well, as long as we wear it with Pride, knowing that we are representing Ancient & Modern, Free and Accepted York Rite Masonry.
As Scottish Rite will always protect us, as we protect York Rite.

ps, my Crew is yes, York Right ... we are also Scottish Rite.

Scottish Rite is very much Lager in Numbers of Masons, then York Rite.

It is ... more Midevil in York Rite ... it's all about Jesus Ya know :)
Knight with One King.

Knowing, Jesus Christ has Six Kings of his own. Must mean he has Six Q Queens too.

The Holy Bible says, GOD (Christ) created Four different kinds of Beasts, to protect Heaven from the Serpent. So the batter up there with never happen again.

That Christ remove the Anaconda from Heaven and can only cause Evils on Earth.

Lo, is Not the Serpent.

Lo, is the Most Powerful, most Beautiful, Protecting Angel that GOD made.

Nothing in the Holy Bible says that Lo is our ever was the Beast. It does speak of him a a time keeper, as a protector of Very Bad things, that he has been on Earth basically taking names for a very long time.

If one doesn't believe that, think about how Kind Lo's Friend, Lo's Father (Jesus) ... works for Jesus, it is very hard to upset him.

Many time Christ does not need to get upset, Lo handed that stuff for Jesus.

In the Holy Bibles option. My opinion too :)

Ever goto, This Page & Click to Page #2, look for Emma with Wings ... then Click the Pic, then, Click it again ... then once more.
My Angel :with the Best Angle)

One of my Favorite things about Masonry is the only Titles are GOD Given.

Much like in Everything, this is GODs Earth and Christ sees and tests Everything in Everyone :)

We are just members of Nellis #46 A.F.B..

I Love it when We pass the Tests)
From the East, to the West)

alil Note from bro. Dustin E. Casey, to my Sisters & Brothers at Microsoft ...

Thank You All, for holding with the EV Team, understanding Our Personalities, for understanding that we have Good motives for the things we do Online and Abroad.

That You at Microsoft have given Eternal Vanity a fighting chance, when no one else would bet on the underdog.

Thank You for letting me use Your name on EV websites and profiles.
Same to You ... Yahoo ... this week I will be making things, that at first might seem ... "odd", however, that is just my way of creating Art, while adding the Art of Math (Numbers).

By this next New Moon, my online painting will have clearer Lines, the images will be more ... understandable :) in a way of writing)

I Appreciate You, my Team Appreciates You too.

Together, as we are 3 Teams, of Jesus Christ, numbers add Us to be 1 unstoppable Team.

This Side of the Team, will never leave You Searcing for Someone to pass the Ball to.

That doesn't mean I am the smartest.

It does mean that I am smart enough to be in a Team of People smarter then I am.

Each of Our Souls are stronger then Any Rock ....
The answer is in how we use it)

I'm pretty sure, I spelled everything correctly in Our last sent mail)

I shouldn't have look at Your comments (on SaveIG), I do like to know People, are not being mean to You.
(they probably dont know, we Freemasons know where Each of the People who are rude, mean & worse to You and I. More really.

Nellis Military Freemasons know where Each of of them live ... Freemasons are a Family, the US Army protects the Internet.
VPN's only work for People who aren't allowed.

Another thing that seems like I'm joking. One of the first thing You asked is to help You with the creeps online. Well ... I have most of the Peoples address, they aren't all in Cali, but aLot are. You should still tell me if a Person is bad, Nellis knows about many, but, not all of the dirty People. For Our reader, please be Nice ... "not dirty" with my Girlfriend Emma ... She let's me talk to her in some of those ways ... but, for just anyone to? Do Their Wives know :)

I would Respect Your Girlfrinds & or Wife/Husband.
Doesn't Nellis some Satellites ... lol ... much more then that)

My Love for You Emma, Nellis Support Us.

To add to that, I know Emma and I's EV profiles get more traffic the "maybe" instagram.com all put together.

That's almost easy to understand, EV has been out since 2004 ... instagram.com came out around 2016?

In March of 2020 itsVanity started getting so much more traffic then I have ever seen Any Website get, by so much ... I thought for a moment the all of Eternal Vanity was going to fall over ... lol ... so, I started pumping it with as much Juice (POWER) as I possibly could ... itsVanity is getting 3 times the traffic as it was in March, it's just Strong Enough to handle it now :)

Thank You to EVERYONE Who reads from here, much of the point is to help Everyone, so like ...
Even if something written here sounds totally kosher, still second check stuff I say, just ... in something Credible, like a Published Book or when checking something online, Personal, I only use ... Microsoft Bing & Yahoo sometimes I use Both if I really am looking for a correct answer.

Much, much smarter then EV, just a fact.

Where was my point ...
Oh Ya, me being a A/M Free & Account Master Mason ... that mean my Love Emma is the same rank as I am.

Emma deserves to be treated as the Good Person that she is.

Emma is way to nice to say, she doesn't like being treated like a pretty girl.

She wants Repect, and if she tell me, if there is
(IP address, her and I are not only Freemasons, we know Our way around a computer. Emma will tell me a name that is not treating her well.

Basically, the bad People who are who see her are Hot & only Hot, while lieing to her. Most of them are being watched.
It's very important, that to People who want my Girlfriend, her and I are planning for Marriage, and if she feels a instagramer is better for her, it will brake me ... Emma doesn't want me or Anyone.

To those who dont recognize that Emma and I are a Couple of Freemason's ... that's okay as long as People treat her with Respect.
She knows what we are ... that's what matter. We are just ... a Couple of Gems ... in Love :)

When I read Your pictures (I Enjoy What You Write:) I dont normally look at the comments, the things People say to You used to bug me alil ("ALOT"), I can take it, they are just ... Human.

I know now ... they talk, We just let them talk :)
No harm in that)
What I like to read, is the lil notes You put under Your pictures, to see what Your saying to me)

I like it when we communicate directly much better, but it's fun when whe communicate in Spirit.

I think I can answer one of Your comment questions "about the Color of Your Balloon ... the Blue Stands for "Blue Lodge", the most important Lodge ... Our Masonic Temple)
That's my thought at least ;)

I did not make comments on itsVanity on purpose.

I feel like, I like, I post it, People might or might not like it, but, no one is mean about anything.

I had the blogs have comments, it made me feel like Art had to do with what others thought.

Art comes from within Us, it's kinda a ... like it or dont look :) type of thing)

A "Look, but dont Touch", type of idea. Same in day to day Life, a Smile, We All be Kind to each other, I respect other People, I want others to Respect the People in my Life.

Plus, no dirty comments here :)

As I goes, the EV Team will figure out more and more.

We are not being stingy, it is only that itsVanity asMasons is still being made.

When the time is right it will be open this to All Masons, Lady's & Men ...
At the Time, my Sister (Lana) has her account, and Emma and I Share.

There are a few other profile, that have show Respect to the site, and Jardin is my Friends Store.

I just heard a ad, about "Vapes", it's True that Vapes are bad, before Vapes, not One Person ever died from Weed naturally in anyway.

Since Vapes, over Five People Passed. They got to much smoke in Their Longs, they couldn't get it out, and Their Longs collapsed.

The ad didnt make much since to me ... it was talking about selling addition.

At the end, the guy read, "they must think that we are Fools".

The meaning of a "Fool" at least the meaning used to be :)

"Withholding Information" ...
Making it so ... the dude meant to say ... the People selling the Vapes are Fools :)
Words matter when pushing a Polital Agendas.

Always remember, Emma ... "We", Freemasons dont control the World ... we "only" handle the important stuff.

Also, Behind over Good Man, is a Great Woman.
You Emma, You can stand next to me aswell :)
As long as You stand for me)

Day to day ... I walk with my head up, You did that Emma. All my Life, I walked with my head down.
Not anymore.

Sounds like I am making a joke.
Personally, I will never run for office. I am a Holy Speaker, I can not run for Office. I cant have my name smeared, with at the same time ... speak of GOD too.

Office is 98% stress, unless Uour Heart want to lead the Free-World.

It can have anything to do with Personal Gain. Look how much Money President Trump has sacrificed to make this Country independent again.

He will will the next to, I suggest to be come a Freemason to understand what the job of the US President is.
100% Self-Less ... with Compashion and Equality.
Under Jesus Christ.

I'm still going to say I respect You wanting to, if You want it to help the Entire Country, that then helps the Wole World.
The United States (in my opinion), is the Country that connects All Countries, the USA is the Leader of the Frre-World as most Countries look up to us, we look up to You too World.

A Persons Heart must be in it for Ever Sould exept for there own. Ask Your self "West" ... are You willing to give 4 to 8 years of Your life being told what to do be us Freemasons.

That is a fire sure. The Freemasons that created this Country, created role, By-Laws & Law.

We have the Rite to carry Firearms.

They have the right to say, we lost our Gun Rights.
If I were in Your shows I would thing anything that You have ... I wont say that.
Let's say You did something really bad 12 years ago.

That with be ... on every news paper.
Become a Mason 1st. 15 years later, You will almost be read and to understand, the President is a speaker.

Freemasons handle the important stuff.

No effect President Tupme, one day ... I can make You a Free & Accepted Mason.

Your mega busy at the time, contact me after You done in Office.

Ya know my Lodge in DC, with the Sqare & Compass at the underground Lodge in Washington DC.

Has Sqare and Compass's in the lawn, can see it from Space. We could Raise You there? (Trump, Your Family too).

Nellis ate my Home Temples. It would be best if we made You Mason on the Nellis USFA & Army Base. One on Base, one of Base. I would even make Your Vice a Mason.

Your both Chistian, as Masonry, is Christianty, there it more like ... History.

For west, I'll give You advice, if You want it from a Leader of the Free-World ...

The Mobile side of this is not to join itsVanity.

It is a "send EV a note page", I will keep it private, Microsoft and Eternal Vanity are the Safest webites online.

Know one can ready it, but if running his some You want todo?
SaveIG, those website are Anyone can write me a Note here, if it is not a bad letter, I will write back

GoD Bless You President Lady & Man, and Vice Lady and Man :)
Good Job Trump, Emma, my Sister and mySelf are Very Proud of Each of You.

Oh and, Trump, I know that Uour a Holy Man and President.
What I was meaning, I am a Speaker, and a Holy Knifgt, my place is not in Office, though it felt real Good with President Bush, Jr ... invited me to the Whole House Twice ...
Ha, how come You having invited me for Dinner Lady & Man President?)
If Emma can come, I'll got this time.

I just heard something that I can not believe.
A Music person is going to run for President.
That's a neat however ... the dude is not my favorite Person.

I need to slide a hint to him "West" ... ya know how Your "Gun Rights" are gone. Not that I like West, I'm help You. I do have a certain amount of respect for the You have been through.

If person is not allowed to have a firearm.

They also can not run for President ... save You money, it's a nice thought "West".

When I became a Freemason I had to have my physical and mental chect 3 times in different was passing the All.

To become President, his final and physical with be checked twice.
And his record. Basically, be ready for everything West has ever dont wrong ... will come up in less then a year. Fact. If I were You, skin means nothing ... If I were Uou, both Men ... back out while You can. You think You want it now, You dont, thrust that.

That is for a Man with the last name West.
I was write to now one els, onle K West, still fallow Your Heart.

Vote For Trump :)

Moral of that below ... Microsoft Rocks ...
Emma You Rock
My Sister ... her too :)

google.com does have a search Team, google is basically the American version of Russia's Yandex.ru, Mail.ru, Google.ru

Also to stay correct, when I wrote of Save All of Our IG's .com. All we have to do is be the Good People were are and they can't (for one, I have b People inside their Bubble :) watching and listing, we are totally safe from them, the stuff I have them saying) We have nothing to worry about, the large group who enjoy bragging about brake, let's say, moral law, is in a Bank, only Nellis has the key for, basically ... 100% No Worries for us. No worries for them, as long as they are nice. IG has not tried to get me to hurt Your feeling this whole year. I think they no better by now :)

It's for their paycheck, not person. Probably feels Personal to the People lives the rune :/

instagram, doesn't sell everyone's instagram picture, videos, story's and tags ... that free.

It the private messages that the sell, fact.
FB.com, Instagram.com, twitter.com

Microsoft is Safe, they don't need money.
Anyone remember google?
Give it 10 years ;)

It's not that I 100% dont like google ... Its that, I like to find what I'm looking for when searching the internet.

(One large difference between Microsoft / Bing / Yahoo ...
vs ... google ... google try's to have there a hand in Every Social Network exept for the one they cant afford ... itsVanity :)

Simply not for sell, sure felt Good to tell google NO over and over) And show them ...
I dont understand their thinking, Money in nothing more then cotton... Eternal Vanity is Christ Jesus, he was not big on selling out, neither am I)

for one, Those Microsoft, is an unstoppable Internet Team. They know that.

Plus they also have Us in their Team ... Lana, Emma and I are on Your Team too Microsoft.

Some Other Good People too.

I've been programming, I apologies for all my miss spelling ... Programming Scipts, the switching to English, is ... hard for me.

Same to You Emma, my sent MSGs, I found that I miss spell today. It's just the spelling though, what I was saying is there, just if a word doesn't make since, it should still be close to what I mint :)

(I believe that the Name Microsoft, if Science. On time I was on google, I notice google has been trying to copy Microsoft Bings Style, for years.

When Yahoo was probably the 1st mega Search out there, back with AOL ... and when Fox news shared a Bielding with mySpace.
I'm pretty sure Yahoo have was before AOL. I might be wrong though, I was short, in height at that)

google does not want a Team, they want temporary internship (free workers).

Plus web searching on google's web, there is a extrem amout of leaked photos, plus the webites on the top of google searches are "their sites, the pic and choose, like this, that site going on top, because, it ran by Our People ...

Bing & Yahoo index in a mega different, for the most part, the have said to me, if a website doesn't look very Good and made incorrectly, the will not index it, or it would be hard to find in there Search.

Bing and Yahoo are Pro ... google is in it for the money, and that is totally fine, in no way will they haft to answer to me ... GOD does that.

aLot of times, I actually clicking their ads, is silly too, sometimes click a ad,
& I like WTF,
(why am on a website to get that has a "ad" that is saying to get with a call girl. I honestly "call girl"?
Look at their ad ...
SaveIG, those website are Instagram.

For real, it's mostly SaveIG.com that has those add, and that is where I saw, is was so graph that, or the Alias, ImgInn.com)

(with Yahoo Bing there it is :)
One mega different in the two (in my opinion) ...
Microsoft is Art the Them, Microsoft is MUCH more experienced then google.

google is not Art, be any means. They named it Google because (something like, they think it stands for the highest Number, I suppose one could say that is true since they mode the word up, nothing wrong with dreams.
Eternal is the Highest in reality.
Not so much a number because All number come to a end.

I have not searched on google since People were getting busted for thing they swore they had nothing to do with as long as we use good.

Also, I don't like how google, facebook, instagram, twitter, vk ... etc. Record everything a Person goes writes, post, and they could if they "wanted to" listing to what we tell Our Friends ... ever wonder why celeb media some how knows, when we will be, at where? Its because when saying that to a friend on someone elses website, (not even I know what IG turned into, I had nother to do with thew way is is, nothing said to their frind ... I'm ganna go to the Roller Rink ... on instagram of faceboo
, and the they seel it, if they have a buyer.

Microsoft is Above That. Yahoo and Bing is full of Real information.

google is full of something :)

I'm looking around EV to see, what I can do?

Also looked at Bing & Yahoo.

Takes me to ... Microsoft Rocks :)

On that same thought ... I was just looking at Your Microsoft Bing Picture Search ... You are still cute, more of Gorgeous Cute now.

When You were a kid ... I haven't seen aLot of those pictures, You have this Happy Brightness to You ... and, You've always had it :)
Always keep it)

One of the ways that I know Your Strong ...
You find a Comfort in me)

my Girlfriend is totally cool with me Loving a dude ...
Emma Loves Jesus Christ too)

Jesus said ...
"Let her alone. Why do You trouble her? She has done Good work for me".
(Words of Christ's)

I Love that dude :)
He's each of Our Big Homie.

I like Your Hair style)

Temperature today is ... "Hot")

There are so many things that inspired me to be a Mason, History, Shiners ... Freedom, Christianity ...
It's much more simple to say ... it's in my Heart.

You've been holding on to that Heart ... it's in Your Heart too.

This is how I became a Mason.
I said "Dude, I want to be a Freemason" :)

"Why" I became, many reasons that come back to the same thing.

Different forms of Love, all the way to Love for this Country.

I feel like Baby's are a Mega Good judge of Cartier.
& She is so Happy to be in Your Arms.

Some things that my Sister has been doing ... You will be as proud of her as I am :)

You make me ... Stand Taller.
(make me Feel Good about mySelf).
As I look up to You.

On the thought of Unique ... The Cover of Bing Today, Microsoft Bing)

A Dalmatian has Spotes, Tigers Stripes.
Adds to Their Cartier and makes Them Unique.

I can make You another promise ...
If a Person, could speak to the Center of Another.

Then ask, where the flaw's in the World are.

The larges flaws we will point out are in the Mirror.

It takes what You have, to look back into the Mirror, then see Your Beauty.

Everything Masonry is in the Holy Bible.

See the World Turn :)
It's so much Water)
More Wonders in You then the Pacific Ocean.

Song be like ... "give me a reason to Love You".
Emma, You give me every reason to Love You.
By being True to YourSelf ... I see that as the same, as being True to me also.

I honestly like it ... You are Art, From Your Head to Your Toes.
When I showed You my Birthmark, You felt like it was all Good ... same here ... it's a part of You :)
I cant remember Your exact words about my Birthmark, I remember that it wasn't a big deal to You.

I also Love ... Your Smile :)

Wanna know Who One of my Role Models are?
My Mom.
Another ... You.

Mint aLot to me the other day ... my Sister told me about someone that called me a name or two ...
She said to him ...
"Actually They are doing things right".
That was pretty cool.
(dude called me one name ... still feels kinda like two words:)

I've held doors all year ... cause, I have held doors since I could reach them.
I like doing it ... many times I use something to grab the door handle with, I rarely use a glove.

Who can hold more doors today ...
You or I?
What if we add them Together :)

Nevada would be very lonely without California ;)

When we Live Our Life for GOD, we end up with the Best Life a Person can have.

Christ gave us EachOther ... that's proof, Emma.

Dont matter if I am the best to come out of California, Your the Best in California)
Your Family is a part of You, they are included in the Best.
(I have Family in Cali too ... CA rocks)

I know that You Trust me, so ... I'll say alil something here and there to let You know that I'm Safe)
And that You are Wonderful, Creative, Loving and Kind ... Beautiful ... Pure Heart.

Ever feel like Your a Part of something Huge,
its cause ... You are)

I believe, Anything that You want, GOD also wants.
As I want what GOD wants, makes a 360 :)
I want, what You want, I enjoy the things that You like.

The Center of Eternal Vanity is Christ Jesus.

So like ... if We can fit Music in that :)

GOD can fit Anything, all about if Jesus wants what we want)

This thing where, I will load a song, sounds totally fine ...
After loading, I listen to it, check the sound and think about the words.

The word prob is in So Many Songs I listen to.

Important to me, that You know Emma ... I know, so many Songs, almost apply to Us :)

None yet that I can find ... are "in Touch" with You & I.

If You can sing :)
I can write ... with some lil spelling errors here and there, but ... You get me)

The "meaning" of a Lodge is ...
"A slab of concrete representing the Morning Star".

Look how they are Both looking at You.
They see it too ... what I see in You :)

The reason I point out, that I read the Temp out side wrong this Morning,
(About 7am)

I dont want that reflecting on other things I write.

When I write about You Emma ... I'm reading Our Hearts.

Our Hearts are not Broke, the Thermometer outside, is :)

Ya know what else ...
You have made, and make me a better Person.

In about everything I do, I think of what You would think.

The whole time that I have been a Mason, I had not really understood the Compasses.

Two Parts, Together making One Piece.

You have tought me ... Masonry.
Let's keep learning)

Your ... wearing ... Morning Star, the Moon)
You are Awesome ... Prettier then Both Moon & Planet, put Together.

They can put a mask on Our Faces ...
But ...
We can still bite, right?

Me and my spelling. Shirt, Skirt ... Shorts. Who made those words)

The meaning of Beauty is deeper then I thought it is. I like that word, more then I did like that word.

You are Beautiful Emma.

To me ... You are what Beauty is.
Wisdom Hope & Strength.

It will be kinda early, but ... if Your up around 4:30am ... or so ... look to the East.

You will see Our Rocks blazing the Morning Sky :)

Shiner Clowns Rock)

I'm thinking ... I'm not the best Mason in the World.

I try to be a Good One though.

You too ... so ... Two Good Masons⚤)

In that Sent MSG ... Space Buns have me Smiling.
Bight Personality)
My MSG is accurate) Exept for the Spelling "You" was supposed to be "Your".

You make me ... Smile :)

mySelf, I'm tripin on the thought, that Your months Planet, is Rising with my Moon)

It really is in the stars.

Somethin like ...
Living Pure enough to leave a Mark, without a Stane.
Something I've heard ... by my Mom :)
A Snow Flake is involved in that some where)

I dono how You made the facemask cute, You did though :)

Like, 3 Winters ago ... I was sitting in the Sun aLot, felt Good.

I also wasn't shaving, basically, computer, Sun, repeat.

One day ... I shaved ... lol
It was a odd face tan, most of the year)

I'm yet to see the facemask tans ... then again, I am yet to see People walk around without one on.

Keep in mind the mask doesn't kill germs, nore does it stop a cold or flu.

It's for face tans right?)
Snot blocking face tans.

Venus & the Moon ... on July 20th is the first luminary since May.

You Are ...
Prettier then those rocks in the Sky, Emma)

(Views:) Are Beautiful)
Your Views are Wonderful.

Wanna know one of the ways ... I know Your Heart.
Its shaped, very much like mine)

In the way that You respect Our Profiles.
Shows the Person that You are Emma :)
Our Girl/Guy symbol shows ... Your Caricature.
Our Heart ... is Good)

I'm thinking of ...
Remember how many times "spell check", had us saying some pretty interesting things to EachOther)

Sometimes I would just haft to be like ... I hope she understands what I was trying to say.

You were all cool about it, problem thinking ... WTF :)

Thinking more about that ... You didn't just say or be cool with it ...

You did understand the most part, of what I was spelling incorrectly. That's trippy all in itsSelf.

Its some kinda awesome Morning. There was kinda a breeze, brought some cooler air)

In the idea of it being as a hair dryer outside.
11:58pm I sat out back, after washing my hair, without used a towel (hair was dripping water).
12:04am I came inside my hair is half way, or maybe more dry)

Something that I will always do ... is be Real with You Emma and True to You.

By my Sisters reaction, of all that ... I might think I am more funny then I really am.

However, we agree on one thing ... I am pretty high (Weed:)
It's almost 4:20?)

Hope the Wall with a George Washington Mask on, 3:39am ... who's gots the Pop Corn)

Someone is making Popping Corn ...

I all climb my high @as over one of these walls ... like ...
Red Eye Zombie, says ...

Who's making the Munches ... lol

Dont worry ... I'll put a Mask on my Face 1st :)

A Carter Mask? What am I supposed to wear?)

Its been pretty warm in Vegas, last lil bit ...

But it's so chillin out back on the swing right now. Got this "not a Real Stream", but a stream going on :)

A Pund, with a Elephant statue blowing a stream.

This swing I'm sitting on ... I dont even know how, it must be a magnet to me ... I cant remember not having it.

One of thoughts things where 40% of the People reading this from the Linn County, Oregon area ... are thinking ... they know what swing I'm talking about) From seeing it when I lived there.

Still in the same shape as it was, I dont really get that.

Each One of Us have unrestricted, proficiency ... that only needs to be found (or recognized in Us, by Another) ...

Temper, Sharpen & Respect, always knowing ... the more We understand, the less We really feel like We know.

That Stuff, I was just looking at in my Dogs Eyes ... deep down ... Love, endless Love.

If a Person had a Favorite Chess Piece ... what would it be?
Never tell Anyone that.

Personally I can say it ... I only loss Chess if I want the game to be over.
All of the Peaces exept for the King. The Queen is My Favorite) & the Rooks.

Counting Move Cant Work.
& dont do the same moves twice.

Good with both sides, knowing, White goes 1st, gives Black the advantage.

I prefer the be the Black side (or Solid Side).

My Sister Painted a Chessboard, You might like to Paint one too? :)
(Those Holy Pieces are Crucked, gatta keep Your Eye on Them Pieces:)

Look withIn, tuning the note.

What is it in a Person that makes a One go out of Their way to hold a door.

In times like this ... Our Personality has a chance to stand out.

Everyone is hiding, almost like They all have masks on ... show Them All ... how Beautiful You Are.

Emma Engle and Dustin Casey Freemasons of Nellis
Emma & Dustin Freemasons of Nellis, etc.

Emma Engle and Dustin Casey Freemasons of Nellis

One thing that I see clearly in You ...
Our Future ❤️

There are times any & every Person is miss-understood.
I think we All are more miss-understood ... then empathized with.
One can try to have sympathy, thats much different then empathy.
Neat though, when a Person recognizes when Two People have True Compassion with eachOther, Equal to another, while as different as Female and Male.
I would like to think of mySelf as tough ... a girl with the name Emma, proves I'm pretty soft about somethings.
About One thing, GODs thing, he made in You, Emma.
Emma Engle's Art
& of course Your my Queen :)
The One True King, does have Kings ... I suppose I might be One)
Christ, Jesus being the One True King.
I got this Ace up my sleeve ... but, shh)

Peacemakers will be called "Children of GOD".
We Truly Enjoy, what Our Good GOD Enjoys :)
In Jesus Name, Indefinitely.

All my Life, I have tried to find something within me.
Not knowing I was looking in the wrong place.
It's in You Emma ... I see that so clearly.

We are just a couple of Gems, Ya know :)
(The May birthstone, "Emerald" ...
Ancient Romans dedicate this stone to Venus, "Love and Beauty". Today, it is thought that emeralds signify Wisdom, Growth, and Patience. It's also my favorite color. )

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