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May 18th 2003
July 15th 1983
Lives In Cail
Comes From Cali

Two Awesome Role-Models ... Leaders in my Opinion.
Maisie Emma

See like, to All You Readers ...
If You go past this point, and Read me being a Crab, 1, "July" :)

And All You fault ... Emma and I have You a chance to look at Three Real Role-Models up there)

ForReal, I get Craby, but Them Two will, "Bull"dose Anything trying to hurt this lil Crab)

As a Freemason "Half my Life" ...
I'm saying, Those Three ... make me Smarter.

Hopefully, I do the Same? Outside of me being a Crab.

Two Bull's got my Back. People look up to You Both, more then You know, and ...
That also Reflects Your Family's.

We All do this thing Together ... do Our Best :)

Something bout ... You Emma, talkin aBout, You just feel You can Trust me.

Its cuase ... that's what You Heart says.

Me being me, makes that ... I'll say Safe, but One can Never Trust that.

3 years later though ... what Ya think?

2 more Videos to do, then, I'll make Our Blog #1 Rock, and Rock Formation :)

These Two Videos ...
I'm trying to be ... Ironic Imagery. All I need is to find a Amitysist, Round Cut ... it's about the right size. If I can find it ... on the Floor :)

And the other ... I going for ... Russian, Emerald&Barnes-Runy Tears, or Tear.
Each, I'll think of something, but, main thing I'm thingies, is that Blog :)

Eternal Vanity can be So Much Better, just need alil Push)

Oh, I need to be Mega Clear about something.

Emma, You are allowed in Our Profile, just You though, and Family.

You can even put pics of him up, but like ... You get me.
Thought I should say that.

Basically, if I tell mySelf, it You Two I'm talking to ...

Prevents Stage Fright :)

I dont know why ... Neither of You, or Your Family's, Judge me ... is probably why.
I'm mean, Judge me

Family looking out for Family is Totally Different.

to the Paragraph below ...
What I'm trying to say is ... years ago, the Stats, on the Charts .... were Numbers, no offense, it's just ...
I could hardly understand it.

The Large Numbers, for a Long Time.

after I met You Emma, the Words, even though, were different then I'm saying, said to me ... People are actually listening to me.

Things You said.

And as You know, been this Eternal Vanity thing.

As EV has done many things, I am most Proud, that EV is Highlighting You and Maisie.

So many Times, I thought ... Human Kind, enjoyed to Swamp, Swimming in it ... I used to think ...

If only, there were a way, to show Hood People ...
That the "Only" Role-Model are not to Fallow.

As EV pass's, I'm Proud of Every One Who has be on EV.

Not often do People, Choose to be on Covers of one of the Hoghest Fashion, and Moral Leader.

As I do this EV thing, I like dropping You Notes Emma, telling the World We were ganna be Married, They will forget :)

As We stand.

So like ... me writing You, always comes from the Heart.

So like ... me bD talking, I'm not ganna be doing that no more.

What You do with You Personal Time ... Your Business.

I wont do, the, whatever it was.

Simply watch Yout Back.

Exept ... write to You has Always been "Healthy" for me.

So like, Im'a do this thing where.

When People show me Respect, in Their Own Way.

Plus, we're talking a Christian, & Christian's around here the Public talking ...

Im ganna write Both You and Maisie on"Out" Profile, You allowed to add anything, even Your Boyfriend.

I choose not to have Many Friends, getting Burned, got old.

So like ... as far as I'm concerned, You, my Sister and Maisie are my Friends.

The meaning of that Word is different to me, then Most.

Means, 20 Years from now, You will Both Respect me. I Hope.

I wanna say ...
Many times I like to share my thoughts.

And like, when I write Publicly about (You) Emma, I know I could keep it between Us.

One of the 1st rhing I said to You was that Im'a Open Dork.

But, I dont see anything wrong with that)

Not like I told People about that Time, You took that Candy from a Baby, then Laughed at him ... lol

That Never Happened, I was Joking

Spit in the Kids Eye, for Crying about it :)

I hada point I. Pretty sure ... maybe I better think it, and put it up Top of this.

Got about 2 more Videos to do, then, I'll redo the Blog, with Computer vs Phone.

Still my bad, should do some fixing up, on this Site.
itsVanity, powers aLot of other Sites.

As far as the .com ... its ... kinda a Foundation ... something like that.

I make things differently :)
Hard to update really, be thinking ... WTF was I thinking :)

Source looks like 1 Page, but ... Browers have enough Power for more Pages then just 1 at a time. If not Heavy.

I'm not saying how, or how many ... the others would be All over that.
More Graphics, still Faster :)

Actually, it dont matter cuase. I'll only be given HomeGrown a TIP.

The Foundation.

Eternal Vanity is PHP.
Of course mixed with HTML, HTML5 etc.

Buy, let's us Facebook as a example,
(I'm not talking bad about You Zuckerburg, it's the truth when People say he S#cks)
Only question ... off topic :)

Facebook is a ASP, and ASPX, website, like the others.
With a Platform.

Facebook ... etc ... uses .php as an Extension.

PHP can hold any File.

If starting a Website ... Start it knowing ... it will one day be, PHP.

Kinda to late for All the others.

But, theres nothing wrong with ASPX.

Just like ... PHP vs ASPX :)

Or ... Geo vs Ferrari)

How does a Person express to a Family ... how much I appreciate, that ...
You All Care enough about a Person, so much ... I have no doubt in my Mind.

If say Camping and a Bear came around Camp.

I know ForSure ... would be no Bear in between.

Basically, would be the Bear that needed to run.

The Love and Protection that comes with that ... go give her a Hun, right now.
Emma, You too ... go give hear a Bear Hug :)
Or a CareBear Hug)

That Bear ... (an "Actual Bear", not me ...
In the Woods ... lol ... I wrote of down there)

And You & Your Family too Emma.

I cant explain what Trusting me means to me, and I can not say to Trust me.

Every Lier says ... "Trust Me".

All I can do is say ... look at the Past, the Now and years from now.

I'm in the Laboratory, with a couple of Specks on the Lens.
The 1st Blog, is just w
Ruff draft.

I like being able to show the World, Rocks that ...

I'm thinkin ...
Rocks the Kay Jeweler's, or Zales, dont have, because They cant afford Them)

Talking to Ya Both .... Emma & Maisie. For 1, 3 of Is have been recognized by this Cat :)

Im'a about, to make a Rock Video, worth More, the the Francis of Zales, the Jewelry Store.

And like, I still want You to know as Much as I do, about Gemstones, it is a Industry that needs Our Help, and I so wanna help.

I know You do too.
& You Maisie ... I know ... that Exact Copies of Diamonds (Your Birthstone) ... and They are.Real ... Passing Every Testet ...

well, all but 1 (EV Upgraded Light Reflector ... using Other GemstonesL.R's ... Theirs do Not know Any Difference. Iys almost like Jesus, upgraded it) ... that I know

Almost Mum's Day)
I just got her, an Ivry Plant ...
HUG on Reserve.

Got gets Your Mom's something Nice, doesn't haft to be aLot ...
Pick her a Flower)

Woow ... I can look down my Trought with this Scope :)

I'm getting more, and more, lol Spots on the Microscope Lenz ... I'm ganna need to learn how to clean it ...

Or open the New One :)

GIA, You need "HD" ... 1000 times Zoom.

10 times Zoom, at least to me, is about the same as my Normal Eye Sight.

Wanna know what's going on in this Brain :)

I'm like ... "Shes Safe, Their having Fun ... he is Who makes her Happy, and she makes her own choices".

I can not be upSet about that. Its FreeWill.

I Love Emma, & if Your reading this, her Boyfriend ...
Treat her Good, with Respect, and yes ... Hands to YourSelf.

I Searched and Seached for the Brst Lab-Grown, Steroid induced Emerald/Ruby.

There was 1 Emerald, and 1 Ruby, Real.
Grown in a Lab.

Whatever They did.

I have used other Light Vacuums.

Eternal Vanity has, these 2 Real Simulates.

In the past, I hated to pay attention to, the Behavior of the Bend.

A Particular, Steroid induced Emerald&Ruby, took me about an hour Each, to see Lab-Grown or Cave Grown.

Now, the Eternal Vanity Light Reflector.

The Best Lab-Grown can not reach the current speed through the Bend.

Lab-Grown is to Slow.

And before, some with Lab-Grown Diamonds.

In the past, the Exact Cabin Copy.
It doesn't go fast enough.

I think I, We ... Eternal Vanity has the Only Tool, that knows to difference.

They know what I'm doing, and those who fixed it ...

They know ... NoOne has do this before.

For Standing by me ... You Emma, You've been standing by me Close.

To those Her&I look up to ... "Maisie".

Thank You Both ... even my Sister sissy out :)

She be back.

Not normally that a Peron will point at a 100 year old Company, let Them know that They are wrong, offer to help Them, to be laughed at.

But, GIA ... EV gave You a chance.

2 Young Woman and one Dude really ganna Scholl GIA ...
We already did :)

Never will I buy that Company.

Eternal Vanity Gemstones are Trusted and Cave Grown.

Makes since when They know, the World was running out of Diamonds.
2nd Rarest Gemstone in the World.

Is supposed to be on Every Street ... NO, but, they are Real Diamonds.

Goto Morgan Jeweler's for Natural Diamonds.

The Only Place that let will let me Test Their Diamond, and Smithsonian.

Because, They are hiding, nothing from the People.

You All know ... I would not Recommend Morgan Jeweler's, and put Eternal Vanity 's Name on that.

Morgan Jeweler's said to me ... go around Town and tell Everyone ... Morgans says that's a Natural Ruby.

So I did ... made aLot of GIA People upSet.

One GIA guy said, Prove GIA wrong, then I'll listen to You.

So I easily did.

That GIA guy, doesnt work there anymore?

When I'm done with Blog #1, I'll do a few things Webite.

See if I can make 1 Blog Page better then Most Websites?

To me, of course ... thing about this World ... its abot Jesus Christ.

The only way I fit in GODs picture, is ... I Love that Dude.

Not in a Romantic way ...
But, GOD is the Foundation of Romantic Love, in my opinion.

That is part of the Many things with You&I Emma.

I sinned in the since ... I started making Us a Foundatio,foraging Family, True Love.

I miss understood You ... making it so ...
Can You forgive me?

It would ... let Good know, my instances were/are Hood.

That I've Always do the Best I can, to be Good to You and Good for You.

The way I believe, I cant asked that, to GOD.

Any You can.

Only if You Truly Forgive me though?

Different then GOD, GOD has the ability read Our Minds.
I cant :)

Go get some of that Beautiful Day SunShine.

1st Blog ... isn't done :)
I gathered information, checked it by some Books.
Many Gemologists dont understand, Gemstone Books, (Smithsonian are the Only Book I get about GemStones, and They are Very Nice, Knowledgable Gemologists.

Personally, I think They tought it was funny ...
The whole GIA calling Eternal Vanity liers.

When really, it was GIA lieing to EV :)

Us ... the Group Entirely. That's what happens when being okay with being on the EV Team.

Anyone of Us ... mostly the Inner Circle.

For instance ... Eternal Vanity gave Morgan Jeweler's 3 Priceless Rocks ... 1 Ruby ... 1 Pure Sapphire, and 1 Emerald.

With those Rocks is was a Note.
Much like I did, with the Army.

A Note that says ... from Lana, Emma&Dustin.

When I bring the LVPD a 58ct near Flawless Purple Sapphire.

I will Address it from ...
Lana, Maisie, Emma&Dustin.

It's a Good thing to do, help to get more Protection Equipment, They got a Mega Dangerous Job.

As most do it with Pride :)
Good Pride, plus ... They also have a Pride)

I still have the Army Side of Nellis's phone number ...
They said, most likely. .. I can be the Photographer of some Role Models ... that They would pull out the Tanks, Possing with ... Them :)

One if I can Fly a Helicopter)

I was alil Nervous about sending the Light Reflector back to the Lab that made it.

But, they made it So Much Better somehow.

In the past, it know, the difference between Lab-Grown Emerald/Ruby ... Pink and Red, with the Vacuum it the Same..
Their differences are in Condutivity and Value.

But so like ... Lab-Grown Emerald/Ruby ... Sapphire.
It clearly knows know.
I took my One Best I could find, Lab-Grown, I could be wrong, but I think GIA grow it, and that does make Them #1, just ... not in a Good way :)

Im ganna haft to change what I said ... thanks to the Country Who makes the Best Gemstone Tools, the USA thanks You ... I can say that.

Because of them Tools, and the Gemstones about, over 40 Country supplied EV with.

Gave EV to Power, Knowledge and Grace from GOD to prove, There is a Mega, Gemstone, less Value but, I still exposed ... the Gold Industry too.

That You Smithsonian for agreeing with Eternal Vanity, and disagreeing with GIA.

And, thank You Morgan Jeweler's for giving EV the opportunity, to so ... and distribute ...
Natural Cave Grown Gemstones.

As far as I know, Morgan Jeweler's is the Only Safe place.

They are the Only Jewelry Stone, Who didnt mind if I tested Theirs Stones, cause They know.

Morgan Jeweler's Only Sells, Natural Stone.

But the part I know to change ... not a Day, after the Light Vacuum Upgrade, even though is only month old.

5 second's, know it a Diamond is Natural :)

I'm like, messing that Whole game up ... lol

Its important, not only Monet, and that thing called, "The Poverty Line".

I think I found Who put it there :)

Plus, Gemstones are to Represent True Love ... with Real Fake Diamonds.

It is a Big Deal.

I sent my "Certified Light Reflector in, to be recalibrated.

It's my 3rd or 4th favorite Gemstone Tool.

The onle Eternal Vanity has ... that's including Each of Us..
Eternal Vanity's Gemstone Tools are "the most Expensive Gemstone Tools in the World.

In the last month I have used other places Light Reflectors.
Eas, entirely different, Each of them were.
They didnt know how to Properly use it ... I explained it like ... it's not that the Vacuum is counting the Speed of Light, more of ...
The Vacuum is Pulling Light, that it Generates on its own.
Outer Light ... barely makes a different.

Most Light Reflectors that I see, because of the Price of that Tool.
Eternal Vanity 's Light Reflector, is ... about 15 times Smaller. Others I have seen, remind me of ... like ... the Very 1st Laptops..basically, 14 of Certified Eternal Vanity Gemstone Tool, are Eack over $1000, ... 18 Tools all together, but only 12 are Certified...a could, I invented :)

Only Emma knows that invenchion.

In the Gemstone World.

There is Spacific a d Relitive ..when her and I were a Couple, I found, the is a Specific, that was not in invented "yet", I perfected it Emma :)

I was ganna say about EV Light Reflector.
Every Certified EV Gemstone Tool.

That particular Light Vacuum, is by Far the Best in the World, Every so often, I have Gemstones re Calibrate every EV Tool.

Eve's Light Reflector even knows, Lab-Grown and Cave Grown.

Gibr me a day ... All Tools, I can say ... Lab-Grown Diamond, or Natural Diamond.

I'll take a picture of a Uncut White Diamond later.

Looks like, a River Stone.

See how I added ... alil History into, a regular style Post :)

O'Casey is really my Last Name.

You should ask Your Family, where Your Irish comes from ... Gray and Gree Eyes ... Irish, most of the time.

Royal Spanish, Blue Eyes.

Emma ...
"The King" had ... Brown Eyes :)

I'm trying to think ... of a Positive Vibes, to toss over to You ...
I could give alil Advice ... normally People would be like .. think I'm joking.

I'm ganna send this One out to You & Emma.

As We do this Eternal Vanity, thing.

NoOne truly knows what it is, all We really know ... it's the real, to the Simulate Websites.

K, so ... Advice You dont need ... You too ... have Good Families and Who clearly tot Good Morals.

Kkk .. what? :)
As much as I am joking there ... Both of You know I'm joking.

It's the 200,000+ other People Who will read that and be like ...
Isn't he Irish ... lol

Us Irish Americans, and African American ... were the 2.

Irish are called, "Fighting Irish", because We are from 1 of 2 Countries that got treated really bad in the USA.

Irish got it so bad.

My last name says it All.

You All just thought, its Casey :)
Not, You All, but, must.

O'Casey is like ... well in Ireland, Royally.

When my Upline, came to the States, was at a Time when Every Store had a Sign in Their Window.

Said ... "Irish Need Not Apply".

So, the men, had to Fight, like ... Fighting Chickens, or when a Good PittBull is raised to Fight

That's why They say ...
The Fighting Irish.

Prus I'm a M/A, Free & Accepted M Mason ...
So like, the joking of, (huh, check it out).

I'm only being mySelf.

I cant say much about African American History.
I know, MLK Jr. Freemason, same rank as I am ... MLK stood for Masonic Ideals.

Equality, Compassion ... etc.

I too, work with the same Tools.

I do know, much like Irish, those 2 (how do I word that?) Those 2 Groups of Humans, from a different Home Land.

I honestly think, the Irish are the only group of People, Who were not allowed to work.
Time have changed, in a Good way.

Irish do this thing ...
We have got so much s#!t for being Irish.

It's hard to hide it ... very, very fee have Green Eyes.

Everyone, "Jesus Christ" had Brown Eyes..

My Green Eyes makes it hard to be in SunLight.

Very sensitive to Light ... I see Great at night though.

Positive, hmm :)
I'm pretty sure, I got some of that ...
Give me a minute)

I dig up something Positive from within :)

Rock Video #1 is New ... make a few more too.

Your Video is now, Gemstone Video #5.

& Tell him ... "Hands Off.

If he Loves You, he will wait 2 years to get Tested, by the Doctors.

Few things about that ... hes ether ganna read that, already have read that ... and, hes already on to it.
Dont Drink.

Cant forget about Opinion 3 ...
The possibly that You still Lve me?
I'm pretty sure that You do ... cause "Real" Love ... is Endless.

Keep his Hands to himSelf.

I need to say, something ... so that its not miss understood (by You).

I learned to Spell better for You. But, I dont think that's what I was saying :)

Yes, Everyone I know, and probably You too Emma.

All have known that We have been in a Good Relationship for around 3 years. Sure started as Friends, yet, We Both knew ...

We have more in common then "friends".

They say, in a Persons Life ... after a Long, Good Life.
A Person can think Way Back.

If Lucky, can count Real Friends on 1 Hand.

You will be including me, on that Hand.

Not that I'll be the Finger that I want ...
Oh, I dont want to middle one forSure :)

How about this ... ever heard of me on a Date?
Its gatta be the Right Person.

My opinion, People ... do what You do.

I'm one of Thosr, very Easy Parter to have.

Good to UourSelf, be Good to HOD ...
Please be Loyal and Love me.

Just my Personally that makes that simple.

Trying to be okay with Loving a Peron Who Loves someone else.

That's ... not so simple. I Love You and nothing I can do about that.

Already gave You my Best & worst.
Tell him ... Hands Off.

Emma, You&I have probably the most "Public Relationship" I have ever heard of so ... that's a ForSure.

Trust, keeps that Safe.

I've been ... only "Your" Emma. Everyone knows that.
For Years.

You might be thinking, on my side on the Screen ... I'm talking ... take the Most Popular Twitter account, now for get all about the small, as a whole site, the Eternal Vanity.
Everyone has known :)

I got kinda off Track ...
I cant Forgive him, because I know, in my Heart ... he know about Us like the minority of the rest of the World does.

Yet, he made his moves on You Anyway.

Blaa, Blaa ... hes older then You ... he knows better. I know dudes ... stopped You from Marriage with me.

And that I know him as well as ... You do :)
I dont know a Single way he thinks.

If all he did was agree with me, then)
Maybe if he gave Ya cr@p about Driving Safe, cause ... Who knows, maybe for the last 3 years ...
Hes been watching, learning what You like?

Always haft to think of things like that.

Of course thats been Your choice, even still, it's not like I can just ... stop Caring about You.

Somewhere inbetween, Wanting You All to mySelf, as my Wife, even if Through the Eyes of GOD, has nothing to do with Our Stuff.

And, also somehow being okay, with not being Who You want.

Takes me to a thing where, I can leave You, that against my Morals and Beliefs.

And recognizing he is a Person, I should be Nice to, because he makes You Heppy.

Takes it back to, I know he knew.

You&I Emma, We are indecent.

But, if a Person were to real the OutSide of me.
They Knew.

Everyone does. That I know.

So like ... in my Opinion,
He Disrespect Us Both

The Beauty's outSide are saying ...
"Emma, come out and play".

I hear the Birds right now.
They must be Hungry)

Theres this thing ...
Where like Every Chick I ... not Every ...
So many Chicks I know with Tattoos.

Be mean Mugging me ... lol

To Each of You ...
I wasn't talking to You :)

I was talking about ... Love.

Never mint to sound mean, but You All know I'm right about People getting Tattoos.

Reason why I cant Forgive him, and I do Forgive You Emma..

Everything between Us, is Us, doing Our Best.

One (most) would say ... I was So Clear, it should be You, I cant Forgive.

Thing is ... how could I Forgive mySelf, for putting You through everything thing I have.

That was Clearly Boyfriend stuff :)

With him, he doesn't Creep me out, like that Dude with a Sleeve Tat, Hold his are Around Your Neck like You were his Probably.

Even though, in my Mind, We were a Couple, long before he had pop into Our Painting.

I got over it, knowing ... this is Life and NoOne said it would be simple.

This guy ... I dont know him or anything about him.

But, I read what You write. I clearly see ...

You believe he is Good, so Im'a go with Your Instincts.

If he is not ... I really am not going anywhere.

As You know ... I don't like making Promises ...
Out of Our Hands, most things, accidents happen.

I Promise You Emma ... 20 years from now ... I will still ask mySelf, why not Us?

You cant forget ... EV is Bigger then a Relationship.

It's about Jesus, as You know :)

So like, this Group thing, Christ Leads it ...
You are my Frand You have Proved that.

As for You 6ix9ine (Daniel).
It's all about Christ, implie that ...
Like ...
"Hoping that the Lord, take a chance on me".

What it takes, different Groups, on the Same Page of the Holy Bible.

And You man ... You better stay out the Lightning ... lol

Now ... what am I sposta do with These Gemstones ...
Im'a play with Them :)

Also for You to know ... You Deserve the Best Man for You.

I want You, to View YourSelf as I do.

In my Life ... it will wait 40 years ... but, Only if the Chick, wants to be the Best Partner for me.

Like, Embrace, from my Enemy's ... etc.
Hard to swallow liking my Rivals more, but ... all Good.

We could have taking Them down Together. I can still do it though)

Thank You for Trusting me.

That's a Big Deal to me.

One of the 1st things, You learned about me ...
FreeWill, and Your ability to FreeThink and Do.

Your FreeWill, I'm Accepting.

As it is ... a Beautiful Morning.

Sing with Them Birds :)

If the last couple Sentences, below sound bad Emma ...
I'm only trying to Accepted Our miss communications.

I wont leave it there for Long ... if You didnt know how I have felt, how else would You know, my Views, of I never said how I feel about You.

One thing impossible, is for You to not know how I Feel about, All my thoughts, and have done, and the Plans, I had planned.

All things You know ... so like, I'm not the Dude that says ... (as long as it's what You wanna hear) ... that's Most Other dudes ...

I'm that ONE, Who says, I know this isn't what You want to Hear, but ... it's how it is.

How it is, Upur a Wonderful Person, in this World We All are in Together.

And ... it's designed to be confusing.

All We can do is have Faith.

Faith is HUG ... use it for Good ... HUG things happen for Good, for ... GOD.

Out of the Many things I do know about You Emma.

You Heart, is much more Pure, then Our Purest Sapphire.

Your Friendship, is like No Other in my Life. I really have not had a Friend as You are to me.

More then Anything, I know that You are a Good Christian.

That area of thought ... I suppose that is the Only thing, You Man should worrie about ...
If he trys yo teach You, anti-Christ ... I know, that also started with him knowing ... I asked You to Marrie me, before he ... came into the picture.

I dont Forgive him, how could I.
He knew.

You though, that is different, back to Your Pure Heart.

Some dont know right from wrong.

You simply dont know Wrong, but You do know rge difference.

Making You and he much different.

The Christ in You in Strong. Emma, You can help him be a Better Christian.

If he is? I dont know ... but, its possible, he might need ... Leadship in Christianity?

If so, Only listen to YourSelf.
Your Heart ... 2 years from now, and maybe almost ready to have hom STD Tested.

Teach him Christianity, through those 2+ years.

ForReal ... I'm not a Woman, so I have No Room to talk.

But, if a Man doesn't not admit, Jesus is Stronger then They are, and Better in Every way.

That Christ means, Lord/GOD.

And that ... You know how to Teach.

Never Ever let Anyone or Anything, have You to feel differently about Jesus.

NoOne can fill GODs Shoes, on Our Face We would go.
Big Shoes.

I've exepted it more this week, then last week.

I just gatta keep remembering mySelf, You choose Your Choice, he makes You the Happiest.

As I want You Happy.

All and All ... because You are ... that's the Part :)
I'll focus on)
Your a Awesome Person, that better then I fact.

Honestly, I should have got the Clue, the 1st time I asked You to Marrie with a response.

Could look at it this way ... I've Never asked that of Anyone.

It's a Compliment.

And the Last 3 years of Wonderful. ForSure.

About 2 + 2 miss understandings ... 2 dude, 2 Tats :)

All Good because You have Proven that Your my Friend.

"Real" Friends, are more Rare then a Natural Diamond.

Natural Diamonds, almost dont exist.

I think I got them All :)

Ganna be a Beautiful day. Ask him to Drive Safe, better yet ... Drive YourSelf, very Carefully.

Most of the Time, it's the other Driver.

Also, dont be sad, because I'm doing want You want Us to do.

See how many People You can get to Smile today :)

Every Morning I need to Remind mySelf ...
Our last 3 Years Emma, were Wonderful.

I Respect Your choice, still hard for me to Grasp.

Just couse ... the whole Endless thing.

I will eventually be able to see Us as You do.

Just ganna take me some time.

When what I want, is what You want.

Makes it so ... I just need to get past the Heart Brake.

ForReal, he Better be Good for You.

The idea of the Butterflies, I know, You knew, I dont like Tattos.

When I stuck them Butterflies there, was Long before your Tatoos.

Almost feel like I did it.
On accident :)
They look Good, as I said, before You got them ...

Would Never Date a Chick with Tattoos :)
You knew)

You just lucky they Look Good, probably wont need to be redone for like, 10, 15 year.

They do look Good. For Tattoos, I'm trying to be Careful about GODs Rath :)

So like ... they do Look Good.

But, sence We met, I was Very Open about that, I cant change, my Me :)

I Accepted Your Tattos. In my Mind, I had a hard time, mainy that I asked not to, before You did Anyone.

We are all Himan.

It's not Mothers day Yet, I can complain, for alil longer :)

I Only gave You, my Straight up, how I felt, because ... in my Mind it was ... I asked the Future Mother of my Chidren, not to do something for Them, and Me.

If I would have known ... it was to scare me away.

Possible that, me, wanting Our Lives Together, was ... to much.

Friends Eternal.

Thoughts I'm thinking)


That word is like ... One of "The Words".

As We All know ... this World is Full of Negative.

Of Course it very much matters to me ... in my opinion ... for instance, what I had let done to my Arm ... "Clown Tat".

It's my Fault, I've Prayed about it.

Positivity is So Important.
Under Ever Circumstance in Life

... Positively ...
Through Jesus Christ is the Way, that's how I Travel ... it's just .. what I like doing.

As You, & You ... Travel through Lifes Path.

Important to know, Life is not a Hurry, Life never Ends.

I believe, Christ wants Us to have Fun, be Good to Others, Good to OurSelves, for 1 ... All the stuff ...
Using mySelf for this, cause ... just cause ...

The Body, Mind and Spirit of mine ...
Isn't really mine at All.

Could leave that as Simple as, I was Diagnosed "Termanal", in 2004, was given, 6 months (or so), if I Accepted Their Offer of Cancer Treatment.
Plus "They said" ... 2 Months without Cancr treatment (or so).

I gave that Cancer to Jesus Christ and ... then, Their Tests, (Not Treant), had completely Change, Cancer Free and its past 2005 :)

I still have the MRI, CT and CAT and Bonr Sanrs ... Completly Changed and immediately felt Heathy again.
Jesus is Out Friend, Praying to GOD is a Honor, at the Same Time ... You All know ... GOD is Proud that We come to Chtist with ... Prayer.

You Two ... and EveryOne ...
Dont believe Everything You hear, even if a Doctor says it ...
Doctor wanted more the to Cut my Trught.

They did Not get Their way.

GOD did.

Same Goes, Walk with Christ, Everything seems to just ... fit.

Christians ... I can see it.

"GIA' should change Their Name to be more Certified Accurat.

I'm reNaming GIA ...
"WTD" ... "What's the Difference", GIA ... Cave Grown Lab Grown.

A GIA Vender asked me that :)

I'm like ... Millions of Years)if GIA wasn't so mean ... I'd be working with Them, teaching Them.

But, They already know, Everything They want to know..
GIA knows what They are doing the the United States of America.
Oh, They sould take "Our Name" out of Theirs, do Prople know ...
Other Countys also, disagree with GIA, Eternal Vanity isn't the Only.

Other Groups too.

Unless GIA is Bigger then Eternal Vanity online :and They spead at Least a Day on One Rock, with 12 up 18 Certified Gemstone Tool.

They are Not a Gemologist I dont Care what a Name tage that says, GIA on it.

Another way of saying, dont come there.

So often ... I word things, am miss understood.

I joke around aLot.

When I write or speak of Real Stuff, for instance.

Them Two Leaders up there, actually Three Leads ... look Up :)

That I am not joking about.

And You Emma ... We are just lucky I dont see a Cloud in the Sky)
Might be Safe ... not too.

That I am half way joking around, but, I really do feel, this was bigger then Us so ...
Stay out the Lightning Emma :)
Me too.

Wanna know what a Mega bad rolemodel is? In my opinion.

One time, a dude was trying to figure out, what People enjoy the Most.

Happy, sad, mad or mean.

One time a Dude wrote, on one of the Many Facebook Sites, like All of them :)
So like, I said, not Nice Stuff, only to see what was liked the most.

Sadly, the Majority likes ... Super Mean.

To find ... that's not true.

So many a simple not Happy. See Us writing not Happy, makes Them Happy.

As the Three of Us Standing in this Spot Light.

One day ... I'll get my Sister back on here.

I cant put her Site up yet, she has to re fix sometimes on her Site.
Then, I'll but her up there, with You Two ... be Three :)
With Jesus ... above.

I'm talking to Two People, still ... All of You ... let's Lead Best We can ... look around, where's the Leaders.

Freemasonry is a Good thing to Look up to.

GOD controls it.

Tomes I have miss understood Emma, she still forgives me.

With You Maisie (& Your Family).

You have never seen the Colors of mine, that I have showed to Emma.

I'm not the Best Role Model.
Might be One of the Best Male Role Models (One of).

But, You are Both better Leaders then I am.

Why You think Im watching me Words.

Cause so are You, Both.

So like ... Oll be fair ... You Both being YourSelvrs ... is being a Great Leader.

Emma, You&I have been part, things, that forSure says ...
You Care about me ... I Love You Emma.

Still 100% different with EV, EV is something We share. How You use it ... up to You.

I'm Happy that You do, in Your own way.

Me ... talking bout "Leaders".

Should say ... today I saw something where ... in the last 2 days, the Word Positive was Used.

I'm a Middle School Drop Out.

If a Leader would have had me feel, School was Positive.

Who knows, I might have Graduate.

I did though have a different kind of School experience.

My 7th Grade Computer Teach Said (Im'a Bleep, what "mr young' (old LMS) said to me).

He said, "I was going to be a F#€ki%g Failure.".
His words not mine.

That was Only One bad Mega bad Teacher... I had in Oregon, the rest were mainly just Name caller, They didnt know how to Teach, me at least :)

At Lebanon, Oregon "mr. young" ... Oregon.

P.E. Teacher made me uncomfortable too.

Computer Teacher ....
Probably hints to ... Eternal Vanity :)
Hope he sees it)

So like ... I very much appreciate You using the Word Positive to Your Peoples Maisie.

Eternal Vanity is ... different the Everything. Most of this You know, but, I want to say ... Good Job.

Here how I would like You to be the Leader that You are.

Bring You, is a Leader in my Opinion.

Did You know ... probably, 40,000 People, will do better in School because You say You like it.

Keep being YourSelf ... and aww ...
If You and Emma feel, I dont believe Your Good Role-Models.

I really dont believe Ethier of You believe that.
For one ... as long as Eternal Vanity has been a thing, before All exept, mySpace an Facebbok.

Look at You "Both" Date Created ... I renewed as far as the Internet would let me, real internet. Look Your Sires up ...

Typr Your Site here, look at the Dates

I got Both Your Backs.

Honestly could be like School Sucks.

I respect You more, for talking Good about it.

Staying on School in One way or Another, is Good.

Keep up the Good work ... I'm looking to. You to as ... Leaders.
Who are Fallowing Chist.

If I see Voting from Christ

It will make me sad.
Make GOD sad too.

Christ is Your, Your, All of You, and mySelf.
Jesus is Our Brst Friend.

And You Emma ... what one of those Peddles is it? :)
I wrote I would loss my Morbols

Unless that's what You want)

"C.G. & O.G." the Gifts my Mom has for You and for my Bro.

Good to cuase, EV, needs a Real, OG Rite now The Vegas Jewelry Industry, All exept for Smithsonian and Morgan Jeweler.

Has, Mediphoiclly ... beat the Crap out of me.

So like ... wanna go make my Moms Day?
Your ... Sister)
Every You come to see her ...she say to me All Happy, Self Esteem.

She looks up to You, just aaa... didnt hear that from m :)

She has the Gemstone for You, shes there today.

Your Both ganna Fall in Love with Your Birthdays ... one Look at them Natural Gemstones, Boyh of Your Birth Stone..
7 Oval, Natural Red Rubie also ... the others kinda to Bog for Jewelry 1ct.
It's from the Engle and Casey Familys :)

Unless Pure Gold, it is a Mix of Metals.

Personally, best Mix, only Siver and Gold.

Brass if Rose Gold ... depends on Preference.
Emma and adi's Gold is Holy.comes from Israel. And it is a Mix of, Silver, Copper, Brass, Iron, and ... I gatta check the stools real fast ...

I suggest, ask Any Jewelry Store if the a Backed or under "GIA", because of what I have learned, I suggest, asking that question, then walk out if They have "Anything" to do with that Institute.

Unless, $20 & $200,000 doesn't matter ... I'm only talking to the People Who Speand, so much Money for ... something Pretty..

Natural, is not normal, in the Gemstone World..
Ever heard, All Emeralds & Rubies are Coloer Treated?

I did want to study, the Best Lab-Grown, Gemstones, so I know the difference, and there is a difference. Takes me about an Hour, 2 maybe with about 13 to 18 Certified Gemstone Tools.

GOD Bless You Morgan Jeweler's, for understanding that ...
Those are GODs Gemstones.

Not Man made.if Lab-Grown was by Law, to Laser in it, Lab-Grown, GIA might know the difference.

What I know most about the Spectrometer.
All three said something Different.

Asked the last Person, as he was Looking at his Spectrometer.

What does he think it is? Knowing I already know.

He said, You can leave it with me if You want and I toss the many Pounds of a Gold mix ... forReal, he actually said that, my Mom was like ... this guy ... lol

He said "to be honest, I have no idea what it is, all he knew, was that is was All 1 Substance.

I walked out knowing, its 5 Matters + Gold.
Amazing right :)

On my way out, he said ... he could send it to a Refinery.
The Store was called a Gold Refinery.

I'm willing to donate, 3 Pricless Gemstones to the City of Vegas.

For Any Reason You see Fit, Sister Mayor.

We could, get the PD More Safty Equipment, etc.

EveryOne ... Show some Love to Morgan Jeweler's.

The Only Jewlerys Store Eternal Vanity Supports, and Visa Vera.
They were the Only Store that gave EV a chance.

All others Ethier said ... that's out of Their Price Range,
And that's totally Cool ...
But, when They start insulting Vegas People, taking advantage of ... well, I saw a Ad, of one of the Flamigo Stores, asking Elderly to come sell Them Their stuff.
My Opinion, when a hurting Company, targets a Group that needs help (in a Financial, hard Time for All), then gives Sweet Elderdly, 10% of what They should have got ...

Thats my Opinion, Emma and I share this Profile ... so, it Our Opinion.

What I didnt see, is Flamigo talking about How I was treated at Both of those Store and the Many People I sent in there, treated just like I was.

I have More, then All those little Stores put Together.

They are not at the Top. I met a Diamond dude ... he was at the Top ... near at least.
Told me something like ... Nice, like, he was Proud of lil me, Standing up to GIA.

Plus, I can prove Today and Anyday of the Week.

The thing, Gold People put Gold in, cant read Gold, I ran into 3 of them, All 3, did not know, All three said, well the dudes said for it ... All 3, Same Gold ... Each said it was something different for a Fact :)

It's got a lid, and its sposta read inside ... doesnt work and I do not know, Who ever said it does.

Fact is, They need a different Job.

(Thank You All, Natural Diamonds, Natural Ruby and Sapphire at Morgans, that NoOne Else sells ... Soon, EV, will be, Exclusively Morgan Jeweler's)

Eternal Vanity Gemstones, I just need to get a few Licences, couple months from now, Morgans will have the Lagest, most Valuable Gemstones in the USA.

At this time, They are still the Best.

As long as You understand, I've been putting my Own Credibility, to Back up the Vegas Community.

And because GIA is the Center of Them ...
It's like Vegas, helping the Entire Country.

Sister Mayor ...
I gave my Mom a Gift for You and Bro, Your Man :)
His B-Day Stone and Your B-Stone.
Cave Grown)

Eternal Vanity is Partnering with Morgan Jeweler's.

All the Jewlery and Gold Stores, outside of Morgaon, have treated me with Mega disrespect.

Like the 2 Stores on Famingo.

Ripped me Off Hard Care with Diamonds. It was testing That Store and, that Store was dis honest, with Flying Colors.

7+ Grams of Natural Diamonds.

Letting him know, that was not Nice ... imagine if I was there a a Real Customer.

I was looking for Honest Jewelry Stores.
Come to find, out of Every Jewlery Store on Vegas, the Henderson is Morgan Jeweler's, os the Only Stores in this Vallie.

Zales didnt wanna see what Natural Diamonds look like :)

They are Great People.
They, treated me as Human.

They Respect Freemasonry.

Man from the Home Office came to see me, at the Henderson Store ... he is "Price Hall".

As the Ring of Jewlery Stores, I already tested, Their Honesty.

Most of Them, had No Idea and Gemstones, even though ... that's Their Job.

Flamingo, Who uses Your Credibility to be Trusted, because You and O.G. have a Great Name around here, and They know that..
I got extra upSet at Flamigo ... I saw it as ...
Flamingo is Using my Sister.

We can have fun, pop in, with all my Tools, You, O.G. and I ...
Pop Fly Visits ... I'll show You ... they no nothing about the Job they are in.

If You see my Mom ... it's from her, Lana, Emma and mySelf.
Im'a Include Maisie in that.

It's from Each of Us :)

Hope Your have a Great Morning Lady Mayor Goodman.

Mostly, I dont like what They are doing to Good Vegas People.

If We can do Anything to help Morgan Jeweler's ... They deserve it ... They are the Only Jewlerys Store I have found ...
That knows ... Diamonds are in Rock Formations.

GemStone not a Rock.

Everyone except Morgan Jeweler's, thinks ... Diamonds are Rocks.

I say to You, because, in my Opinion ... I found Corruption in Our City.

Morgan Jeweler's could use Our Help.

They are One of the Few, Who said No, to GIA.

Morgan Jeweler's has Mega Respect for Smithsonian, like I do.

I could prove, Jewlery Store are selling Lab-Grown as Cave and Ground Grown.

Diamonds are the 2nd Rarest Gemstones in the World.

Be impossible for One Diamond to be in every other house, or 1 per Street, there simply is not that many, so ...
Lab-Grown is the Majorty of Real Diamonds.

It's a Love Probably, in my Eyes, a Stone got to Represent True Love ... is not a True Stone.

To help the Public, the like 200,000+ People that come to this Profile Ever Day.

Look at Your Hand, Your Symbol of Eternal Love.
Was it gotten before 2000?
If so has it Ever been sent in to be Worked on?

Carbine Copies, Exactly the Same.

A Polmer guy stands out to me, by Paridice. & the Strip.

He said, watch, I just got the Highest Technology of GIA's.
He said, it Talks, watch ot will say Mosinite. Then he said, try to cheat me, watch ...
He Put GIA's Best Tool to 4 Grams of Colorless Natural Diamonds.
GIA Tool did speak out load.
Kept saying, 'Diamond, Diamond, Diamond.

After like 10 times or so he said ... my Tool must be on the Frits, because its wrong.

I said, no, it agrees with my Better Many Tools, All the Tools.

Was proud of my Sister (Lana).
She told Polmer ... she has a problem, with a Gemologist that doesn't Trust his Tools.

He said he wasnt a Gemologist, so I asked, for what reason does he Deal with main Gemstones?
He had no answer.

The place that Admitted, They dont know Lab-Grown from Natural.

And that They font know basically, Blasic (a mix of things really).

Basically, Plasic & Ruby ... GIA doesn't know. I have Proof.

I also have Proof, Gemologist Institute of America (GIA) cant read a Micrometer, that dont know how fo use a Scale, to know carat could.

Plus, the Scatch GIA put on One of the Pricless Rubies, was not Mohs' Hardness, Mohs' Hardness is Not Enteded to Harm the Gemstones.

This was many a Tool GIA made up ... or, Theu and Clumsy with a Priceless Idea. I dont wanna think GIA did it on Porpoise.
The one Rock, worth more the GIA as a Entire Company, then would still be in Debt.

So like ... if Ya want ... today, or another Day?
She say hi to my Momma :)

She has something Pretty for Ya.

He said, it

49.65ct ... Un-Heated, Un-Treated Cave Grown Sri Lanka Red Ruby.

Don't Look at me ... that Ruby is Emma's.
We Prayed for these Rocks Wonderful ... I know that as well as You do.
Prayer to Jesus Christ holds ... So Much.

Much like my Heart Holds for You.

When We Prayed about these ... was with Jesus.

Those are Not Your Tools though.

Your Masonic Tools, are still in Your Bag :)

You Two Up there ...
You Both Rock.

You Emma ... I never mean to put You through so much. Made me Smarter, so ... Im'a do the same for You.

Tips, advice like ... Stay Out of the Lighting ... lol ... I know I'm ganna :)

I Hope Everyone is having a Great Day. Nice out there.

What I wrote, is the Real ... Two Leaders.

I've got like, Each Peddle, Noted in my Mind.

Cause like ... if they Both dissapeared, I probably loss my Morbles :)

Good idea I hard though haa)
(Your the only Person Who get, me there Emma, Else wise looks like WTF:)

"Sing me a Dream, un-Touched by Shadow's")
"Wise like Solomon"

Its them 3 "R's" ...
Reading, Writing and Arithmetic.

Gets me everyTime.

Looks like ... 1 R to me)

Also thinking ... call it what Ya want Emma ... You have Always watched my Back, to this Day.

Thank You ...
Let's keep Our Eye on Our Step too.

Make Sure ... it's Full of Pep.

I got this Scope ... I'm trying to look down the Road with You.

Is that ... a BEAR :)

Thinking about my Spelling.

Neice if Your reading this ... my Spelling, the Bow Hunter got Startled.

Not started.

I miss sell So Much with You also, Emma ...

Even still ...
Does a Baer S#!t in the Woods, shh, it's a Bear :)
And I'm not the Best speller.

Seems Oregon came down play ...

I rarely have heard of Two People in One Profile.
Trust ... is what it is :)

Question is ... is it possible, that We in the Now ... can Prove Jesus Christ, through Our Actions.
Not really a question :)

No Person can met the Mark of Christ ... I'm thinking, Jesus is thinking, We are All Cute for trying though.

I believe We already do. As much as I believe a SuperCharger just drove by ... whistling ... A Who knows Car.

When Its about Jesus, We All Relate.

From Emma&Dustin ...
Happy Birthday Maisie.
Video #5 ... Dedicated to You.
Diamond :)
My Sister says ... Happy Birthday)

Some kinda Awesome Weather Outside ...
Should get some of it ...

I'm ganna ... Feed the Birds)

Probably the Greatest Complament I have Ever got ...
This Mega Cool Chick ... said ... I was a Good Guy ...
And, that She could Feel, She could Trust me.

See, You called me a Name too Emma :)

"Good Guy".
Thank You.

I'm glad "Good" was the 1st Word.
Good Girl.

The Best Complement I can give You Emma ...
"Good Christian".

"Ironic Imagry, Iconic Ritual .
Ancient Masonic".

It's like ... ironic Wording)
Feels like Everlast is talking bout me.
Fluff my Fethers)

"These Irish Eyes Are Smile"
"Ya see I'm Irish, but I'm not a Leprechaun".

My Gold comes from Israel.

What is it We do ...
Help EachOther become Better People.

Cant find my Birth Certificate.

I'm pretty sure, I was Born in the Morning, in the States :)

S#!t ... I'm right by the Border ... lol

Ever Wonder what Time You were Born?
I was like ... 5:30 Something in the Morning.

Go ask Your Mom ... she'll know :)

She probably Remembers what Time, but ... Birth Certificate would say ...

Now Im'a haft to find mine ... I know it was Morning for me.

And that I'm the Best thing to Come Out of California :)

Least, that's what my Birth Certificate Insinuates ... lol

Im joking, Onr of the Best to come out of Cali)

Best thing to come out of Sacramento, how bout that :)

I gotta get my Complaining out before Tomorrow.

Being the 30th soon, makes it a Birthday.
Of a Person, better Role-Model then You and I put Together.

Still a Team :)
Cat Pack.

Don said ... "You have Nothing to worry about"
Said ...
"No why?"

Then he said ...
"Because Your my Friend".

He flow for Nellis in W.W.2. ... after 15 years I'm still Proud to say ...
Don Heinz called me his Friend.

Call him the Founder of Nellis 46.

GOD Bless him ... RIP.

I knew a Man, ("Don Heinze"), and he Danced for me ... Drums
Tot me the ... 3rd Degree ...
With Jim Greely, and Micheal Clark ...
(Goodness greef, I spelled Your Name, alil wrong:)

You do Your Thing ... I'll Hightlight that)
What I enjoy doing, thats why Your Sites up there.

GOD says do, I do.

I think I found One.
1 Minute, 50 Seconds into the 1st Rock Video.

Long Neck, Dinosaurs :)

I'm not sure why People call ThemSelves "RockStars" ... I suppose They haven't Seen my Rock Videos ... lol

If it wasnt an Early Birthday CutOut ... I would have been like ... "That's Good Enough", Hours ago)
Im jocking ... I did that drawing in 2 Minutes :)
7 hours)

But like ... I wanted to ... You Represent an Eternal Vanity Good Role-Model, Perfectly.
(All that is, is, being a Reflection of Jesus Christ, nothing hard, We cant Fill GODs Shoes, We can Walk with Christ though)

Probably a Better Christian then I am Maisie ...
Keep that Up, it gets Harder ... but, no matter ...

Some say ... Life is a Curse.

Some say ... Life is a Gift.

The rest do Their Own thing.

Life is a Gift, Given by Jesus Christ •°• No Matter what Anyone says or Does.

Me being Diagnosed "Terminal" Cancer in 2004 ... then giving it to Christ, asking ... Praying ... that it was more then I could handle ...
whats the year? :)
Cause ... I refused Treatment, No Treatment.
2021 100% Cancer Free.

Jesus ... Alway with Us, like it or not :)

Hold that ... to Your Own Faith.

My Mom comes out and says ...
"Romeo ohh Romeo, where outh my Romeo"

I said ... lol

"Romeo's Dead" :)

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