Where do You See YourSelf, In 50 years

Dustin Casey
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From a Place that
Represents Holy Saints
Who Turns the Lights,
off & On In Your house?

©/Maisie.Krassel | ©/Emma.Engle 

Something I Always Know ... In 2018, I Credit Emma a Large Part for Literally Saving my Life ... details In that she Knows.

She Never Actually Ditched me ... I just B!t#h aLot.

You Both are Awesome In my View.

So ... where do You See YourSelf In 50 years ... a Question for the "Self".

You are Two People I Truly Care about and You Both Need to Know Your Personal Values, are Seen by me.

Worth saying that You or You have Never called me a Single Name.

Not Even Emma has call me a Name, to me at least ... I've P!ss#d her off Once or Twice.

It's Still November?

I Am Thankful that Two Beautiful Souls Care about mine.

"That which Gives a Person Knowledge of ThemSelves, can be Inspired Only by the, Self GOD".

I'm ganna be like Glue & Stick You Two Together.

How Ya like that?

Maisie ... Emma has a Boyfriend, this We Know.

You&I are Single Together, We Know that too.

Emma is Cool though.

Let's Try to Keep her Thinker On Straight.


Certified North American Nature Emerald ... Muti Colored,  

A way to View the Spirit ... & Our Bodies ... the Flesh of Jesus, the Soul of Christ.

We are Born with ... as We Grow, the Mind does More and More to Make the Soul Uncomfortable In the Flush.

What Wins, the Mind or the Soul?

What is the Drive for Our Passions ... is it about Us, or for GOD?

Things We All haft to Ask OurSelves.

Life withOut GOD is like Living In a Room with no Door, no Windows.

GOD Takes the Walls down.


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