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In Cali
July 15th 1983
May 18th 2003
Comes From Cali

Its not that "Red" Ruby doesn't Exist.

Actually there are many kinds of Ruby. Some as Weak as 3 in Hardness (2, & 1/2 really, up to 5),
could call it "Mudd Ruby", not Valuable.

It's that, Bright Red, is the Most "Rare GemStone & Most Valuable in the World". It cant be "Faked in a Real way".

Its price, cant be sold ... "Priceless after so many Carats", Same with Emerald, Priceless after so many Carats, and ... cant be Sold)

Lab Emerald Sure, that in most Stores, its affordable and can be sold as Real Emerald, (even though Lab-Grown Emerald, its not from a Cave though (from what I have seen), there are not like EV's GemStones, that are from a Cave:) ... Emerald&Ruby to Rare, to Priceless.

Much like how, Lab-Grown Diamond is More recognized then Natural Diamond, in the States. In my Sweet Land, I never get a Diamond from my Country, just how it is.

The Tools are made for Consistent Exacts ... Natural is never that way. As Close as Natural's are ...
Labs interjected Moissanite Diamonds.
I'll cap that with ... People can Clone Sheep right (see Blogs #1, #2 & #17/#18).

Not Red Ruby though, GOD did something there.

Not All Red Rubies are the Same, as, Red Ruby is the Mega, to Pink Ruby.

It's been a Thing ... Eternal Vanity says, Red Ruby Very Much Exists, Red, just cant be Lab-Grown.

The "Lab", GIA says, Red Ruby doesn't exist.

So ...
Off to see the Wizard, as long as Wonderful's, by my Side :)

Throughout History, We are ?
Speculative :)

To Build the Blocks withIn, is to Understand Tools, and Who designed them :)
Capital G)

The 80z ...
Florescent Leotards and bad HairDoes)
I was Short, dont look at me.

"Spandex", Florescent Strip Down The Sides)
(probably will never see a Picture of lil me wearing those)

In areas of ...
In Common.
As We All probably wanna be different, and are ...

Could Relate, in a lower Level (To probably EveryOne), to say ...
Warming Up Some Costco Pizza.

In a Deeper way ...
Not Often Heard Of.

Thats what Emma does to me ... Wonderful ... Only You know how.
Time is part of the Answer)

On ThanksGiving ... I forgot to say Thanks about something ...
For being Who You Are, with me Emma.
For being, myFriend, myLove.

I dont mean to Bash on Labs, I do realize how Important it is, to Distinguish a Lab Stone, and GODs Stones.

Part of me, wants to Certify Stones, with Eternal Vanity.

But ... Labs have made Qite a Problem.
Look at what happened to Diamond.

In no way did I mean that about the BirthStone.
Those are Always Natural.

Labs can make Perfect Diamonds.

They can not Make BirthStones, of Any Month.

GOD Made even Twins Different, Naturally.

as People ... We All (are Supposed to) Feel ...
Kinda "bad".

Even when Innocent ... for 1, look what Human Nature did to Jesus.

As We All, go from Day, to Day ...
There is Good & bad in EveryOne, and Everything.

Leaves Us with Many Choices.

With All of You ... like ... I'm talk All 13 of You :)

What was I sayin ...
To Loading, Loading ... trying to Comput over here)
"Its What Out Weights the Other, the Choices Made, and ... What "We"? All "choose to Focus on"

I Love Focusing on Emma, that's my Joy (She is myLove) ...
EveryOne has SomeOne (doesn't even haft to be as Emma&I's Love is), look around, People do Care.

For me, to Focus on her, is a Person Who Cares about, me, and the things I Care about.

Theres the Romance We have, that is ...
To me, Un-Heard of ... Story Books, actually don't have nothing, on Her&I's, GOD Given Love.
This is how, We Do ...
Jesus Christ, is the Foundation of Our Love.

Plus, Your So HOT Babe.

I heard a Rumor :)
Mason's don't Exist anyMore ...
I'm Thinking, as Emma makes me a Better Man EveryDay)

I Think a Good way to say, is ...
Moissanite Chemical Compond, Froze overnight, Then Torched (Hot Fuel) ...
Does not Pop into Diamond Dust as a Diamond Does Do.
More like ... Crumbles might be a Good way to say.

The Light Reflector doesn't Hurt a Diamond :)

Q. What Does A "Cold World" need?
A. Warm Hearts :)

And when People Stand Up, for the People in the World, needs that too.
F&AM M.M of NV.
Nellis #26/46

It Almost Diamond Season ...
I mean ... Gift Season :)

Jewelry should Hurry and Check there Stones. Before Selling them, if GIA Certified, have it Double Chack by a Professional Lab, GIA is a "School".
Not Pro's.

They might now know...
Might :)

Good Lab-Grown Diamond is ...
Specific with Lab-Grown Diamond.
Not with Natural Diamond though.

Could be 100 Colorless Diamonds, that will All day, 2.410 through 2.420.
Lab ... I Found if Perfect in Conductivity, All Tools.

But, the Lab must have had one of the low Grade Light Vacuums.
Like, EV's says, 2.416.
Most say ...

I found a Lab Diamond.

Thos low Grade Light Reflector, it would Pass as Diamond, and Perfect in Conductivity.
That like, a Red Flag.

Even "Twins" are not Exactly aLike.
That's Natural.

Would Not be Natural is ... the Twins were, Exactly aLike, in Entergy.

So like Lab cam Close, with the Real Stoff, but, it's not ..
I forgot ...
I have them in the Frezzer, in Rubbing Alcohol.
To take Straight out, and See they Pop to Dust, as a Diamond does.

After Emma&I lnow, You will All too.
Ill put it here.

EV has some Sapphire, that, the Condition Tools, really dont Understand.

Says the 22ct Natural Blue Rock, is a Diamond, with Dinosaurs ... "Conductivity", it's one of the Good Conductivity Tools too.
Most say Diamond.
These something not Normal about it.
A and C Mate know, Better.

It High in Conductivity, came from Nigeria, but the Tool was Wrong ... lots Sapphire.

Then Think, USA Gemologists, use Conductivity as the May way, for Real.

Mean, They are Only as Smart as There Cheep Tools.

In No Way, is Emma&I wanting to Take the Jewelry Industry down.

Sounds Funny?

Jewelry is Becoming Less, and Less Trusted, Why?

Eternal Vanity has Large Visits involved. As I reported Ever bad Store here.

All Emma&I, are doing is ...
Going from Place to Place (in Our Own Way), "As Media", any Store Who wont Buy a Natural Diamond.

Ethier Cant Afford it, doesn't Understand Their Job Title is not "$$".

Low Batteries, Clean Tip, there is a Special Cleaned, by BlueLab. For Conductivity Tip Cleaning.

Basically, if a Diamond Store, doesn't want Natural Diamonds, theres something Wrong with that.

As EV will continue, to Point of the Liers.

I really dont wanna go around Town with the Mayor, Proving ...
Most Stones will not Pass EV Lab.

Some will, most wont. Actually, it sould be so Fun.
Sister ... let's do that?

I enjoy playing as if I'm not a Gemologist, and Watch the Not Real Gemologists, use Low Grade Tool, EV has,also has.

Always Pass's when Tought how to Use the Tools. EV Stones do Pass, I cant speak the Others.
Actually, I can speak for GIA, Sky Diamonds, and MJ Christian, and the Flamingo Fakes.

On the Hand, Morgan
Jewelers, Tower of Jews, and Kay Jewelers, You Rock, Natural GemStones.

I had a Jewelers tell me, Carbon is Black :)

Black Diamond has Brownish Carbon Inclusions.

My Rifle if made a Carbonite. Its Silver/Gray, under the Blueing.

VVS1, has less Inclusions then say ... VVS2.
Simply really.

If using Conductivity as the way, Try a Natural Black Diamond, see what it says :)

Or ... OH NO, a Air Breeze just Changed what is the Stone now ... lol
I've been there.

The Next Time Any Person, comes to a Jewelry Store, keep in Mind, it might be a Media Stop.
Get All, Dirty Dinning on them :)
I got this ABC, no worries. I'll ask for Your help if it gets above my Head. Only if, it's not so Far.

Jewelers remember, if You can afford a Real Light Reflector, a Good Vacuum. You Diamond Problems are Over.

L.R. is Best at Diamond.

Remember Those, Flamingo dudes?
Me Ethier.

My Educated Opinion.
DO NOT PAY G.I.A. for LabWork.
That is The Only Lab, that told me Red Ruby doesn't Exist.
Red Ruby/ Regular Sapphire are not Index, in LR. or in Conductivity.

Only Diamond Sapphire and Pink Ruby (Blood Ruby).
The Ruby that is ...
Subect to Lab Grown.
Not Red though, or Purple Sapphire, because of, Time.
Red, Purple is Elder.

You keep me out of Trouble.
myLove, my BestFriend.
That's a Mega Understatement.

My Sister (Our Sister), is like, my Best Friend.
You "Emma" ... to me, You are with-In my Core.
More GemStome Study tomorrow :)

If Every Jeweler had, and knew how to use a Light Vacuum.
Diamond would be Easy to know.

Diamond, Light Reflector.

I must be 2.410 through 2.420 if Cut right, or, its not a Diamond. Conductivity is "Relevant".

Honestly, I would ask my Girlfriend to check Our Stones, before Any Lab, She knows.

Emerald/Ruby, I Think, Smithsonian and Microscope is the Best. They still must hit Particular Brackets, as All Flat GemStone must, "if Indexed")
Not like Diamond, Diamond has no Room, 10 out of 2000.

Mohs' Hardness is Very Important too.

Mohs' Doesn't have 10, so, its Best to do a Relevant, 9 and a Half ... with a Microscope, I've Scatched, many Stones, when Learning Mohs'. Like, Half the Calendar :)

AnyMore, L.R. and Microscope.

With Ruby if really wanted to, and lacked the Knowledge, I'd be like ... "That Ruby is a Relevant 8 & 1/2"

My point with that is ... it's a Costly mistake when not checking Hardness Correctly ... with All GemStones.

If say Emerald has to lose alil Weight.
Thats aLot.
When Natural.

Not Lab-Grown, No Lab Stone holds Value. It's Good for Us All to know, because so many do get Lab and ... We got Labbed ... All of Us.

Just what did happen, in my Life Time, that Red Ruby, turned to Pink Ruby?

To me, I started Learning about Pigeon Ruby, while Learning GemStonery.

The "Wizard of OZ" ... and the Wicket ... Chasing her for her ...
"Red Ruby Clippers". These Days, "G.I.A." said that "Red Ruby" doesn't "exist".

Mohs' is "Specific" but ...
Like with Emerald ...
If One doesn't know with a Microscope, dont use Mohs'.

Beryl ... I would be like ...
"That's a Relevant 7"
(What if it, 7.5 and not 8.0 ... Scratch)

I did hear, that, Lab Diamonds were becoming Expensive.
They are Diamond.
For 1, Lab is "Normally the very same in Conductivity.

Jewelers cant get a Real Light Refactor, in my Opinion.

A Good One knows, Lab or Natural.

Thought out Load, to All Gemologists.
"Why is Only, Diamond Sapphire, and Pink Ruby" Indexed in L.R. and Conductivity.

Nothing for Regular Sapphire, and Red Ruby.
A Good Question right?)

Your So Good to me Emma, and Good for me ...
Hit me Up, AnyTime ... Day and or night :)

Couple of Rock Stars.
I mean, GemStoners.
Well ... Your the Gem, Emma ... I'm the Stoner)

Together, We are getting pretty High :)

I can Replace the Ring, even put a Different Natural Ruby in it ...
As ...
Who I put them Together for ...
Has No Substation.
I Love You Emma.

Its that GOD Gave You Power ... We haft to Learn ... just Feels like Anxiety ...
GOD Gave You me ... and the Vica :)

Yesterday a dude road by on a SkateBoard, my Dad was like ...
"Think it would be Possible for Two People to Ride a SkateBoard?"

I Smiled ... Thought about You Emma.
Invent the EC :)

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