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May 18th
July 15th

my Life started ... On the Right Path when We Met. When We started Praying Together.

The World Needs "Trade".

Your a Blessing after Another, Emma.

I Love You More, & More.

"Cricket, Cricket ... Lord can I kick it?" :)

"Only Jesus Knows"

Freemasonry & Russia Beat Nazism Together in W.W.2.

Working Together. 

Be Cool if the Industry could Afford Natural AAA Certified Painite.

Not Sure They Deserve It. All Realness, Sky Diamonds, can keep E&I's Diamond, They need it More then We do.

Can't Speak for Readers here ... I don't Feel it was Moral, but, Readers can let it go too. Diamonds are 1 of the Cheapest GemStones. See Who Action has Money ... Unless a Person can pay, 50, to 60 thoughs dollars for Natural Certified Painite (AAA), smallest, 14ct ... lol ... can't Think of a Single Person.

Prove me Rong ... lol


The #1 Most Rare GemStone in the Would, by FAR. Certified Natural.

(Painite's "extreme rarity" is due to it containing the chemical elements zirconium and boron, which do not normally associate with each other in nature and don't occur together in any other mineral. Ironically, some painite crystals are partly altered to a crust of small Pink Prystals of the More common Ruby.

Pain who misidentified it as Ruby, until it was discovered as a new gemstone in the 1950s. When it was confirmed as a new mineral species, the mineral was named after him. Due to its rarity, painite can cost in the range of between US$50,000 to $60,000 per carat. Mohs scale hardness: 8 Crystal system: Hexagonal

Comes from Only Maryam)

Good Luck Finging Natural AAA, I Think Emma&I have must of it ... almost 300ct'

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