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July 15th 1983
Comes From Cali

Painting :)
That stuff Respect is made of, We have for years.

Somethings that You Alone, know about me Emma ... as Others know enough to know ... my Heart is Good.

Ideas of ... if I "spelled" currect with "this, or that" ...
I don't totally worry ... because I know You know, where I'm coming from.

As You have seen, Set in my Ways. As Youn know stuff in Everything.

I will Always, say You Free from Our Promises ... even a Believe me Wonderful.

That's Truly that Last thing, that I dont wont.

Years have Proved that :)

In my Life, I'm almost used to being miss Understood.

Because You do so well, in All ways I Spell, etc.
(These Rims are just Happening:)

Some of the stuff, if I never said (Emma) ...
People would be ... missing out on stuff, I Feel ... makes a Great Person.

Part of what makes You "Shy", is me Sure :)
I'm not seeing a Problem.

Is the Particular Subjects I bring Up.

I'm just now Thinking of ...
I don't know how known that is?

Speaking for You Babe.
Emma is Shy.
I like that ...
"Like" is a Mega understatement.
I Love You.

Be Careful with my Heart, a to All thing :) for aLot of Good Reason.

One ... she is Genital.

Plus .. of Curse I Voew dides As We All do.

But, he is not You Emma .. You know like .. 4% of him?
Just being Real.

I'm that Dude, Protect You from that CR@P.

When I Wrote ... Your my Zuckerberg, Emma :)
In that, says aLot ... right there)

From this Profile, to her (Your) Website ... Women Who can Read these Words, White.

In Many Thoughts ... to me, EV has Much to do with being Good Role-Models.

If asked me ... "sup with EV?"
Even if by ... the Big Homie.

My answer ...
These People ... keep making a Better Person out of me.

Specifically to You Purple,
from Emma&I.
(Saying Purple is Specific)

Anytime EV seems like ... "WTF?".

If this were a Boat.
How's Our Driving? :)

Stuff like ... You Only Think, it says 300mph)

"If I Roled The World" :)
"If We")

What would We do with it?
Set it Free.

Thought not loud :)

Do You do this Stuff Emma ...
"Back when" ...
& then put it with ... and are "now".

Where do You see YourSelf in 50 years Emma?)
Math :)

Eternal is a Long Time.

I need ta Put That On Something ...
"How do We Gage Smarts?
How do We Measure Faith?")

I was looking for a Smile & :)
EV Smiles)

With stuff I Write, keeping this in Mind.

The amount of Responsibility, Each of Us, is ... kinda Holding with Another.

As ... that Very Responsibility is a Blessing.

In the Time EV has been Online.
I have not seen, People Stand by it as You Two have.
Thank You ... Bulls)
Smart as Fox's.

Takes me to ... its Important to Watch my Thumbs for me Emma ... Your my Zuckerberg)
You know what I mean.

Ya know Andreas Fault is Located somewhere between You&I :)
Like Tree's really Grow SideWays)

You Think You can make More Smile today, then me ...
Better get to it :)
I know You can.

If We All kick in on that ... be a Better Tomorrow, EveryWhere.

As Each of You Deserve different Good Words ... You Each Share these Words ...
Thank You, with that ... I'm writing for Emma, asWell.

In this Life, People do need People, when someOne is "Pro" Emma&I, that Speaks Volumes to me.

From there its All about, Her&I are doimg Our Best to be Good Christian's ... I Love You Babe.

When You said ... years ago ...
"NoOne is Perfect".
Thats "part" of what makes You Perfect to me.

I thank Our Lord for You Emma, that I have Love in my Friend, that my Friend sees Love in me too.

What I Stand for in Life ... I cant explain, because I dont know how.

Something So Wonderful ... You know what I dont know how to say ... no need for me to explain, You Know "Who", We Stand for
& Why.

As I thank Our GOD for Our Friends. I dont have Many Friends.

I know, Many People, focused on ThemSelves :)
lol ... WTF, What)

In Short, Emma ... You (Shorty:) Standing with GOD, puts Us in the Same Team.

The ForSure, that I haven't looked to see if ... You took that Word "my" off Our Page.

Things, You know ... "I need You", to do something for me Emma.

Help my (Our) Sister Paint some Trees on around my Room.
Blue Sky Up Top.
Mega later ... "I need You", to help me Paint Trees on Our Children's Rooms)

The Only way, I'm Thinking of Pro Lab-Grown.

I want Pink Ruby Floors, BlackLight, Party Room.

Valiant Fighter & my Wonder Worrier for Christ, You will keep with me?
I see the Word ... "my" :)

Reason I am talking a sec, 1 ... I'm alil ... Dazed, but in a Good way.
Im'a make Sure I detail my Heart for You.

I want EveryOne I know, to know You as I do.

Im'a need to ChillOut or something ... if We are on the Same Page, and ... I see that We are (I was using "Same Page" as a Metaphor, but, actually Same Pages too) ... things, I dont Think I could say, to You Directly.

I would like, Choke Up, or somethin ...
Your, You ... Overwhelms me.
I get Mega Guffy.
In All the Good ways.

But ... I have Never been Selfish, tell I met You Emma.
It Your Light I want People to see ...
What We do on the dark is Our business.

The "my" down there, is still there.

I want that, ONLY if that's what You want too.

You could change the Words to Anything really.
Kinda risky on my Behalf :)

When I woke Up this Morning, why did I Feel ...
The Word "my" would still be there.

Because I know that You Love me, the Very Same as I Love You Emma.

Also knowing, You still can take it off ...
Cause if You dont ... I'm ganna Plan on Putting a Ring On, Your Left Hand.

Emma ... alil something, I Hope will bring to You Happiness.

If I am wrong, Please remove 1 Word, off Our Page ...
by like, tomorrow, I write aLot)

Cause, if this is still here Tomorrow ...
To me, it will be You saying ... that I am Your Man.

I know I am, but ... You know what I mean.

Emma R. Engle •°• my Holy Worrier.
Your a Holy Worrier of Christ, no matter ...
The Word to KEEP or remove is, You being, "my" Wonderful.
Definitely Wonderful.

If tomorrow it says "•°• Holy Worrier."

Of course I'll be sad, but ... as You&I Both know ...
If there is a HeartBrake, it needs to fall on me.

If You agree ... Please leave it.

If not, Please, Only the Word "my".

I Think?
This is Our Masonic Confusion.
This is a Different Group, We dont Follow "Them"
The Lion is the Symbol of a Ruler, a king and or, often a Mega Fierce/Powerful One ("One"). These are the general meanings of the Symbol based on a Lion's Traits. They help "Them" to comprehend what GOD wants Them, to focus on in Their Context. Thus, a lion can represent GOD and Jesus because they Both have a Lion's Characteristics.

As They will Never Allow such Book.
NONE OF US DO, EVEN AS Different Temple's of GOD 1st, the Lead in that, All Agrees, Freemasonry is the Oldest, and Largest Industry in the World. None $$ Profit, as EV is.
I Love that.

In many ways ... All EV is, is ...
International "Microphone", Protecting the Oder I am Oathed.

Many Groups are ... given the "job", to Protect the Order I am Oathed.
Simple as that really, "Oathed "to" GOD, All the Names and Titles giving to GOD are not my Business.

I Believe Everything Eternal works for Christ.

Only the Elks are Friend of M.M. CodeGOD Bless You Lions, I'm not being mean, You know what I'm saying.

I would not walk in Your Temple, pushing my Oaths.

Freemasons are Different then Lions, and that is okay.

Hiking with the Elks, Is Mason's. Not saying it Exactly the Same, Elks keep Order, since, 1868.

It's not All about what We do ... it's what We are.

I have had "Dinner" with, Lions, Moose, Elks&Masons, All my Life.

I cant not Think of a Time I didn't know Freemasonry.

Started Leaning it ... in the Fundamentals.

Learning how to Talk ... I was Learning the History, at that Same Time, as I never stopped.
Since Day 1 ... I was with "Shiners".
We call my Blood Sister ... "The Shrine".

The GIA, Your Check Cleared, I'm glad to cause, G.I.A. was about to see me in Court.

Still might 1 Day, dont get to Comfortable.

If I say, I for a Group Who Can afford Bell Ruby "RED".

That says a Few things, Your Paperwork was Prove Wrong by Muti, Professional Laboratory's.
Indea, France and Russia.

So like, as I hold Paperwork that Proves, G.I.A. is Only a School in Practice. Just so happens, GIA "Practice", cost me over ... Only GIA would believe the Amount.
Could say, the about 2 million dollars Ruby I gave to GIA to stop Strong Arming EV.
Like, They do know Who's Network this is right?

I Smashed, over 10, Natural Bell Rubies, because, GIA guaranteed, hmm.
I want me Garitee back "GIA" and my Ruby.

Long to Short ... I was Hoping that Check was ganna do, what a Store Controlled by the EGI Brance.

That would have been, Music to my EarBalls.

I Hope Your Proud of me,All of You?
And You Emma, Maose, Robert, Daniel, De Beers, Darden, etc.

Doing what was Asked of me,to Make Sure, Natural Diamonds, not Lab-Grown Diamonds, are in Every Store in Vegas.

Some, would prefer to Hide when I come in Their Store, with Part of a Laboratory in Emma's Back Back.

"Sky Diamonds" in Las Vegas, after EV Diamond, Light Reflectoled 2.417 right in front of Them, One of the Boss's asked what it was (the main Diamond Tool).

He wanted to Put One of his Stines on it, to see it it Rwad Diamond.

He started to ... GIA guy Stopped him.
It's on Camera. lil, GIA dude probably know it was ganna say,Not in the 10 Bracket, meaning :)

He was Taller then me, that's not what I mint by "lil".

"GIA", by Shaking my Hand, me Paying You to leave me alone. Yet haven't, means, I'll be looking in the Mail for my Natural 34ct, Bell Ruby.
Or, keep Your Word.

Or, let Natural take Care of it Through "Time".

I was was just Speaking to Elks in Oregon, and Washington.

Who says Elks cant talk :)
My Grandfather was an Elk, They are helping me, help my Grandmother.

It's the Loins with no Heart.

I just thought of something, the E's of the T.
Need to join the Lions, that's were that Code is.

The Other is of Sacrifice, GOD 1st ...
The Very Opposition of the E's to L •°•

I wrote E, I'm not talking about You Emma.
Protector of T.
& Elk's You know I Love You, Woow, Woow, Brotherly Love)

Basically, a Very New Order, that is against the Original Order. History can not be Changed, Only Accepted or denied.

From there, its between, GOD ... as Everything is.
Everything Else 2nd.

To the Peope of Our lil Church.

Do You know Why GOD is 1st?

It is because, to GOD, We come 1st.
Making a Holy Band.

When I put GOD 1st, I must put EveryOne Else before me. As Christ keeps the Balance.

As I'm waking Up, evil Starts Hiding, etc.

Im Thinking of You Emma (in this way).

I'm Thinking of how often, Both You&I get miss Understood, by the General People (of Good People).

For Instance, her&I are the Very Same in this way. A Particular Shy.

The More We look Up to someOne, the harder it is for Us, to be OurSelves.

It nothing Person, to Ethier Side.

To Those We can Flow with, that's not an Insult.

Just that ... Forgive me Maisie, I'm ganna use You, in a Good way.

I happen to know, Both Emma&I hold Enough Respect for You, makes it so, We Care about Your Opinion of Us, dont act Short on me ... Your just as Stromg as I am.

She is most definitely Your Friend, as I am too.
Look Up to You.

I'm just the One, Who will see if men can Swim to China, if, a Goard is Ever needed ... ever :)
Part of the job of a FreeDom Fighter.

When Im saying, the Three of Us are Friends.
I'm forReal.
We also have Underground Word to EachOther.

I call Emma, Wonderful for a Reason.
You know why I call You Purple, I've never see, or heard of a Purple Diamond, Natural.

(before GIA starts Up again,
Lab-Grown cant be a Sign of Birth.
Not Lab-Grown.
Purple Diamond, I am writing of a Person. I know, about the Lab-Grown Red Diamond.
Purple Diamond, is a Soul Worth More the All my Natural Diamond BirthStones.
BirthStones must be Natural, because they are Only a Symbolof Birth, for that Person, and that is ... Natural)

What I'm saying is, this World can be mean.
With Friends like Us ... that is not the Thought.

Three of some of the Worlds Good Ones.

Same with You Emma ... All Our Natural Emerald put Together, are Only Your Sign.
Your Month ... You Soul Value, these are just GemStones as Signs.

You Two wanna have a Contect :)
Who can Put Smile Who?

Throught out Today ... (Always Staying Safe) ...
Count how many Smiles You can Create.

At the End of the Day ... Each of Us will be Equal Winner on that if We are Sincere.
And Each of Us are.

That can Exend Furthdr then, Our lil Group.

Actually, totally ganna take that back, I did not in AnyWay mean to neglect.

This is not a lil Group.
If Your reading this, I and not Only me, Views You as Part of the Group.

And Your All a Bounce of Rebel's too.

You All know what I'm saying.
When I write, I do need to watch what I say, why ...
In this Profile I share with Another.

And with Eternal Vanity, aLot of People involved, as I'm just ganna Point the Finger at Those Two, on this Page, and pay no Attention to the 3 Pointing back at me :)

Together, All of Us ... We are Stronger.

I Thank GOD for the People Who Pray for me.

I have been Blessed to be Close with Emma, & to have Hopefully Earned, er, and her Family's Trust.

As Trust from You, and Your Family Maisie.
To me ... that's a Big Deal.

Kinda a Trip to Think of this ...
The Three of Us, have ...
Look at the Date Created on Your Sites.
Dont ask me how People get on GOD's List.

Just be glad it's the Good List :)

Maise ... Yesterday, I asked Emma to Look at Your IG today ...
With that said ... "hi", from Two.

Spell Checl that Tomorrow)

Now I'll try on Your Shoes Emma ... there alil small ... but, they look kinda Good on me :)
These, might be Our Shoes now)

I'm Thinking, WhoEver wrote for You Emma, miss Spelled a Word on Your Website :)

And to You Purple. How come Your Purple Background Only shows on Computer)

I just brought Up the wrong subject ...
"WhoEver", has some fixing to do on the Computer Side ... I'll just say this is as Good as Phones get)

I can Only Imagine what Russia is seeing in the Vanity?

Like ...
"Американец пытается писать Русский.
How Wonderful is that" :)

Speaking of Wonderful ... Pep, in that Step, Babe)

Feeding the Birds as ...
The lil Ones, with the Colors on Their Cheats ... Are being weird.
As the Pigeons wont Eat, unless I Stand with Them?

Then, I look in the Lawn ... "Fathers".

Something got a Pigeon ... I Saw a Hock the Other Day, but ... this is Ground.

I'm Thinkin it was Similar to a Snoopy Dogg.

Its not the Hydro's BackYard anymore.
It's the Birds so like ... I gatta figure out how to, make Them Birds Safe at Theirs Sanctuary, right :)

Hydro was a inDoor homie (my Dog), still, the back Yard was his, he Shared with the Birds.
Apparently he Protected the Birds.

I'm not finished with the last Post.
I want to Add to it, along with Other things I have Wrote.

In my Life, if I am doing "Any" kind of Deal, might be FriendShip, or even when on the other side other side of that ... "money/greed".

I look for the "Lady".

If the Lady Trusts the Man it is less hard for me to Trust the Man.

Also knowing ... Chick might Clown just as Good as the Dude.

In most Thoughts, if Females Trust Males ... it Speaks Volumes.

alil Thought I'm Thinkin :)

These are the kinda things, I talk to Emma about.
Christianity ("is not a Religion, Masonry is not a Religion")

She knows, the Things, she knows, is between her&I, and her Mom.

Thoughts of GOD ... You All thought I was ganna bring Up something Complating haa :)
I do though need to Pray for alil 1st.

It comes when it comes, I dont yet have any Words.
Truth, will give me Light, in not my Time.

Would 1st need to say, Emma&I are Christian.
With Respect for ALL Beliefs.
The "Rite" of "FreeWill".

To go Biblical, I haft to speak of Ancient Christianity, "BC".

Let's not View, to far back, to say ... EVE, for now.
Let's focus the Parts in the Holy Bible, of King David, & King Solomon to Christ, Jesus.
Real History.

It's All in the Holy Bible ... All Sides. Just that ... in the Belief's System's, Descent to Us by the Massager ... Christianity/York is "not a Religion" & We MUST be Very Careful with it, because it is not "Our Thing", it is "Ancient", it is GOD's.

I do Practice its, All Day, & night, Religiously.
These Days, I View it More like ... I am ALWAYS in Prayer, to/with Lord, Jesus.
To Every Single Person Reading this, if this is Offensive? Please dont Read.
I am not disrespecting Religion.
This is a View of ... my Personal Life. A "Glimps" in my Soul

I actually, "Stand", for the Freedom that, You, You & You are Safe having, "In All Walks of Life", & when Praying "on", Any Except for ONE, as I Believe Lucifer, agrees with me. As GOD is Always "1st", no Matter.
GOD being Christ, Jesus to my Freinds & I.
AnyOne is 100% Free to ask Their Own God about that.
We Respect All, & Only want Ours to be Respected too :)

I also Believe, whatEver it is, the G&L, got going on is not Our Business. We (with that I can say for Emma & Maisie, & Both of Their Families.
To Us, We are Only to Prays Jesus Christ. Not my Roles.
(I'm just realizing I put Three there, that was just a "By Chance Thing", the Two Who have an EV Site ... it a Frame on this Page.
They are Two of the Three I'm Write for, and I know where Their Heart's are ...
Find there Heart's when Checking into the Big Homie, could say, ever Time I check in ... make Sure I'm doing Right by GOD ...
To me, Chillin like, White Dress's.
But On Earth.
Us Purple just "happened to be One of you Favorite Colors ... however, I do Feel Much as Emma does, and I know You get me here Purple ... "Black" is not a "Color" ... Black it Every Color.
In there Wonderful likes Prple too

I know, Temple agrees. I was talking Belief.

It's all in the Holy Book, and the Only way, You, "Emma & Maisie" are to Learn of Lo.
Omr, that's English, actually different and please dont Learn further on thar.

I'm saying, it is a Endless Circle of Deceit. I am Hoping All, however, I'm am write to Three People.
Two Ladies, One Brother.

(I'll spell check after, to me, it has to flow, the I come back to it).
Im'a get back in Deep Prayer.

(Make Sure Zuckerberg doesn't "Suspend" me for writimg about GOD.
If Your Reading thing, Zuckerberg, and or Wife ...
I'm not actually being me, I Believe, my Opinion, Theose Systems We know about ...
I Believe are bad. I'm trying to help.
Used for the Wrong Reasons.
ps. Zuckerberg has ZERO control on EV. Eternal Vanity is 100% Independent, cant Suspendme, Only EV can, and Emma, she wont though)"

Some things that I Think are Cool.

I Very Much like, that You Both see a Friend in me.

Even Better ... You Two ... Emerald and Diamond.
That You can Both say to YourSelves ... & AnyOne.
"I am Your Friend too"

Even Better then that ... I Feel that You Both found a Real Friend in EachOther.

That is So Cool.
Purple, You can Always talk with Wonderful, if You see EachOther, even out and about ... Safe with Another.

Emma will always look out for You Maisie, like ... You can Always turn to her, about Anything.

Purple ... We Support EachOther.
Thank You too ... Both of You & Families ...

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