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May 18th 2003
July 15th 1983
Lives In Cail
Comes From Cali

Emma Renee Engle is my Fiancée
& it's TRUE, We aren't from this Planet, but, We are here)

Forgive me "Emma", for saying that about Microsoft, and ... I know I was the One Who said not to worry about it ... and that Bing will fix it.

I was wrong. Still dont stress it, I still haven't seen a difference in Your Views.

Being #1 on "Their" Search Engines, is only Good for them, plus it shows Us Respect ... when Your Personal website is number 1 for Your search (On Bing, Yahoo & Google), that makes "Their" Search Relevant.

But, I'm not on Their Team, it's clear by how They treat Us.

I could have sold out, and All EV site would probably be #1.
That's just not me.

I know You asked me to protect You online Emma, and I do my best :)

We only own one area of the internet, but, with it ... I do what You want)
(You ready to let the World know, Who it belongs to ... I am sitting at my computer, about to do just that. Keep in Mind Emma, I can Only do that with You & Jesus Christ (Our Sister will get back on her Horse:) ... by mySelf, I can not show the World that Freemasonry Runes the Free-World. Together "it is going to be Easy, Together:)

One of two things ... after Your Personal Website was reported enough times ... Microsoft choose to believe People, Who probably have no idea Who We are.

Or, it's the opposite, and a Group hoped that would brake us up ... I wasn't meaning to put a question mark there.
The question is ... I don't understand why Anyone would be mean towards You and I. To me, People should be Happy for Us.
The small amount, talks real load, to seem like more.

Our Families are Happy for Us. Others should too. Most are.

Just focus on me Wonderful, I'll do the same)

Just my opinion.
That You for standing up to bullys with me.

No Eye contact with Bullys, they need that.

Im back on the computer)

As my Partner in Life Emma, it makes it so You should know stuff like this.

In the past, over and over again and again.

I'm not talking about You Wonderful, You were already there :)

Eternal Vanity, part of it is making GODs Children Highlighted.

Leaders, that reach to Their certain Crews. Influencing "Everyone".

With that said ... Eternal Vanity, never Ends. Part of why You are on my Team Emma. It's never ending, and You and I have No End.

So here is part of a GOD given, job Titles ... We are to, Be Happy all around, spread Joy ... let others know, GOD is Good, and that Christ is the Holy Father. That Jesus is ... "GOD".

My thing, and with You being a Large peace in Me.

I hope that You dont get upset with me, about my history with Instagram & Twitter ... etc.

Many times I'm ganna let alil steam off about them, but, after making this Network, being more of what I was going for.

I dont totally mind anymore.
Part of way I stay focused, on just just Our Network.

For 1, it's very hard for someone to tell You I did something, unless it was from here, this I think is cute too.

For the last long time ... I have got on (not Our) ... but, the Instagram that, only You & I plus Instagram have access too.

2 things ... if anyone has wrote that, hater or friend ... it would have been You that resounded ... lol ... I said she can.

As much as I Love that ... I know You well ... so well, even though You know You can I said You can ... if I ever do log onto that other Team ... (to must it's just a website) ...
I know that if there is Good mail or bad mail, You wont read them :) For real, You can

Honestly dont want to make another Search Engine ... but, You All know my Personality.

I feel the People should not be dictated but Social Networks, and Search Engines ... EV will start a Engine ... take about a year.

People need real choice, not what "they" choose for You.

I was down, to the bone for Microsoft, then ... they MEGA disrespected my Ladys personal website, removed my partnership with Microsoft.

Now, they created compaction. Trust me Microsoft ... I'm no Google, but I am giggling at Microsoft.

At one point Eternal Vanity was on Microsofts side. I am Not asking the EV team, including the Views, to stop using "Their" spy sites.

I am only giving the heads up, get prepared the be, the #2, #3 & #4 Search Engines, because in 5 years, EV with be the #1 Search Engine with the #1 Social Network Teamed.

Screen shot that ... and in 5 years, let's make it 7 year ...
In 7 years (GODs #) ...

Eternal Vanity will be non profit as always, it will still be privately owned, be Lana, Emma & Dustin Casey.
With Freemasonry behind Us. :)
I look at my Profile pic and ... oh ya ... Freemasonry is visable behind me there ... as I sit and write this with Them ;)
Nellis holds my "Date Created Proof about ... 2 of the Networks)

I was listening to Two dudes, what they were talking about is, What Girls want in Their Man.

The 1st thing that One of them said was, of cause a Degree a Harvard is most important" ... lol ...
Then They said "$$".

Poor dudes, not in the Cents of Money ... Wealth is Within ... The rest are just ... Masonic Notes, or Masonic currently ... Fact.

3 Degree in Freemasonry is Good, much better then Harvard ... wait, did Masonry create Harvard.

Anyway ...the answer they were searching for.

There is no difference what Girl and Guys want.

Comes down to the Two Peoples Personality, thing in Common, Both Female & Male want to be Loved, Each wants Compassion.

Right Babe :)

It's not "only" about want We want ... its want Jesus Christ wants too, as much as We do.

Honestly, Freemasonry teaches Wemon & Men how to be better ... Lady and Mason.

That can be explained through Emma and I. Two Masons ... under GOD, following the Holy Bible.

Female and Male arnt that different. On the outside, We look alil different.

On the inside we are All Different.

Thing to look for is ... We Your Love, reminds You, of YourSelf, every day.

We are All, Beautifully Different, yet so much alike

Emma is ... so much like me, I believe that is part of what she like.

Those two should know, to Christian's ... ether Female or Male ... its must important to Share the Same Faith in Christ.

That a Big part of Relationships.

Anyone ...
Your Totally Welcome to attempt to stand in GOD's way :)
Just remember, Holy Armor is was Created by Christian Masons.

Wearing Our Armor, doesn't work on Us. There is no Armor to block Jesus :)

We are Children of GOD, just like most of You)

Fear of GOD, that is for Microsoft and Google .... Watch ... GOD sees what they did to Your Website that promotes Jesus Christ.

John called it ... the Rath of GOD.

That's what's up, Jesus is a Good friend of Our.

You & I Emma, 100% no reason to fear GOD. Microsoft, blacklisting Your Christian website ... GOD saw that.

I have been giving many Titles ... "The Good Titles", I get to share with my Bride to be, my ... Lady Mason)
It's okay for me to refer to her in such a way ... I'm her Man & Mason.
(Eant that right, Our Sister & Brother;)

1st You help save me from medication, bring me back to Health and in Our Own Way, We have agreed to get Married.

That is the most Wonderfilled Emotion I have ever felt.

It's a Good thing my Birthstone stong is King, cause ... that is what You deserve Emma, and Our Stones ... only Represents Your King ... We still answer to "The King" ... Christ needs Kings :)

Jesus definitely made a Great Queen, when he Created You.

All this time ... GOD did make my Match ... still trying to figure out how You keep K.Oing me.

I know way ... cause We do it to EachOther ... doing again ;)

I Love You Emma, I have since I have known You ... You Rock.

I'm so into You Emma ... when I realized, I dont know all the roles of Weddings and Marriage, after asking You, if You would be my Wife ... I realized We dont yet have Rings made, honestly, take You time, Drawing Our Wedding Rings, with Our Rocks)

I want them to be designed by You, mine too, exept with Your Birthstone (Emerald, Emma:) for mine.

Our Necklace We spoke of ... I want You to design those to ... One Each ... with the Red Kings)
(things are more like a Heart Plate in a B Vest)

I feel, You really liked, that I understand, it will be Our Wedding (when ready:) & that is Your Day.

And that ... the Marriage roles ... I like that Your cool with me not knowing the Roles
(just thinking, why do few, seem like there is a "black & white", as if there ever was a book called like, this is Love and how it should be)

My thought on Love ... Our Love, I enjoy writing Good about You to All Readers here (Emma is a Cool Chick, shes not AnyOnes poperty, exept foe, She does belong to Jesus Christ Emma is not my property ether ... I am Proud to say,I am hers & She is ... mine, in a since ... Your Free, as I am ;)

It's the Real Stuff ... like when a Lab tests a Ruby and says it's made of this much more then normal Ruby ... Real Love, between a Young Lady & Young Man ... We arnt Sapphiresanymore Babe ... Our Love is ahead Beautiful Ruby.
Red is the Color of Romance)
Only when the Emerald of the 18th and Ruby of 15th ... Colors, Combined Together, like ... the GreenCar and Red wheels.

Beautiful when Combined :)

and that You, and You are cool with doing that Our way.
Emma, You make me so Happy.

All the Birds, in Harmony ... Sounds like They are Singing Us a Loving Song Emma.

Weather is Nice ... to You & All Others ... Season is Changing ... maybe another Week of Get Out Side Weather. If You All take Your Masks off ... People might want to Play?

Doesn't work well for me ... I put my Trump Face-Mask on ... People get all Boss's ... Trumps the Boss :)

And I'm sure, he looks up to Us Freemasons ... We look up to Them too.

Go have some Fun USA, etc ...

Ya know what I want ta Build?
Anything Together)

Your New Years Hope's "Love" ... was more of, a Perdition.
2020 :)
I was hoping the same)

I heard something on the Radio, I liked ...
Dude said ... Its not so much that We need to be Philosophically Strong, nore Mentally Strong.

What We need to do, is admit Our weaknesses to the Father, Jesus Christ.

One Nation Underneath GOD

How Cool will this be Emma ... I asked, and this is what I was told ...

I have a Phone #, when You, my (Our) Sister Lana and mySelf is ready ... to call that number.

A very, very Good chance, (99.9) ... Nellis, (the on Base), would let me Photograph the US Army Greenbrier (in Full Uniform "only They can be in Their Uniform, You could wear whatever You want, as long as its American Babe), and get the Tanks & Helicopters All Together, with You & Lana posing with the Crew of Greenbrier's :)

Sound like fun?

Many have asked "What is the Point, of Eternal Vanity?"

I cant answer that ... it's a Mirror ... what do You see?

People talk about "The Ending Time" ...
If its Volcanic, that not great for me, West Coast.

But really, as long as We All dont do something ... to make GOD mad enough ...
To throw a Stone big enough, to affect the Moon or Earth.
Should be fine.
("Jesus Christ said "in Hebrew", to the Gentiles ... be more concerned about what comes out of Your mouth, then what You put in to Your mouth.")

Years ago ... (I dont know the correct spelling for this) ... the "Earth Access" moved like a Foot.

That has aLot to do, with why its warmer, then it should be in some places, and cooler in others.

1 Foot, inside the Earth. Affects Everything.

If the Symbol for Greed ... it a Closed Hand ... squeezing Money.

What would be the Symbol for Our Greed Emma.
Greedy for EachOther. Be like A Hand ... squeezing ... Another Hand
With the added ... Stay Away From My Masonic Lady)

Brings me to another Symbol, I am for Sure, 100% of People Who read here ... have seen Emma & I's Logo in Every Town, City and Country ... Free Country.
Square & Compass's (Freemasonry).

I hope Your having a Wonderful Day.

I made some Posters Yesterday.

It's cool Paper, like industrukable Poster.

4 of them, are very Good Lookers ... 8 in one Poster, Each have such Beautiful Cuts ... can tell They are Strong, but, smooth ... Hard, but Delicate.

Each the same color ... from the same area of the World. I'm telling Ya ... they are some Hot Looking JemStones :)
I made 2 of You aswell ;) I put Two sticks of Butterflies on Your Poster ... hay ... that might be a new for You?

Your a Poster Model too, I'm looking at it right now) On the Wall.

Stand By Me ;)

("I stack Chips, You barley got a half eaten Cheeto ... ("BAM") ... "M, is that You?" ... "NOo?" ... lol ... "Every bit of me, is the apitamy "of me" ... split when I'm in the Vacenaty, better duck ... be dead the moment that Ya run in to me ... 100% of me, is like 5th% of You. I'm Blowing-Up like I'm Inflatable, You wanna battle? .... I'm Available ... I'm un-Avoidable, I'm un-Debatable ...
I'm on the Toilet-Bow, got a Trailer full of Money, I get paid to ... & not afraid to pull the Trigger" ... "Man Stop")

("Its A Song")

Wanna know why 70% of People Protect Me?
Jesus Christ
I'm GOD's Child •°• just like You All are too.

In my Life ... I really like sharing Time with Others.

I feel it's the Greatest thing We can share is Our Time.

Others feel that too ... when Each of You go alil out of Your way to share Your Time with Them.
Means aLot.

I get lonely aLot, many probably do too.

Not that I dont like Everyone, but, I relate very well with One, & I think that is ... so Cool.

& any of the times, You speat Yours, with me ... the Greatest thing. Most important thing to me ... in Our Relationship ... conversation :)
I know, most dudes are not ganna say ... Your Words are Their necessity)

I hope Your having a Wonderful Day.

Thinking what a Trip ... is it normal ... that I my Body, my Heart has stopped Twice ... flatline ...

Diagnosed Terminal with 2 to 6 months (in 2004) ... and even got off a amount of Drug/Med the biggest Drug Lord I know, came over not to give me Drugs, he gave me Words.

About People he had known ... he was in his 70z ... he is a "Panther" ... said, he has seen People die, doing not even half what I "used to do".

Said "he wasn't sure if he was speaking with a Dead man, or Living, but, if I enjoy Earth ... I better kick it" ... I did.

Ohh, that is Not why I am under weight ... Drug Free, as I will stay ... but, ask me to stop smoking Weed, then Your name would haft to be ... Emma ;)

Im surprised Instagram and Twitter didn't delete me for say the Word "Fuck" ...

Ohh ya ... "ONLY", GOD is my Boss :) Hes my Manager too.
1 Boss, One GOD ... One Eternal Life, through Jesus.

Christ isn't ganna delete me, Soul is Safe.

& I'm sure not ganna delete mySelf. Who is Instagram again?)
Does Anyone know?
Well, EVERYONE sure puts Their Lives (Your Everything), in the hands of a Person really knows.


I was conversant with 9 Metro Police Sheriff's, yesterday ... very Cool Robots They are, tried to figure out how those Robots have Large Hearts?

After talking with Them ... I'm sorry S.K. ... I brought up Your Name up. In a Good, way ... said that Your my Brother.

Their Eyes, got so Happy. So I further and said "You All know him?"

They shock Their Heads, "YES".

I said ... "ohh, my bad ... hes Your Boss ha?",
One said ...
"A Goood Leader".

That's way They have Hearts, They were just like me, Human.

I gave Three of the Peace Officers Holy Templar Coins ... They All Deserved One, but ... The others left.
One Gold, Two Silver. Be a way You know who They are.

Dont blame Daniel, calling him names ... I am the one to blame ... but, I not 6ix ... just the one who got him out of Prison, from ... 55 Yours, to less ... to a year.

Blame me, I was who said ... he doesn't belong there, and instructed Daniel how to get out.

Along with ... well, ever seen me standing next to my car with the Lic Plate says "US Government" ... 6ix, Your mucus is doing Great. If Your reading this ... well, You said You do :) So ... Good Job, co-Mason.

"Dont Try & Tell Me How Some Power Can Corrupt A Person, You Haven't Had Enough To Know What Its Like"
(incase any wonder there, You have the Same as I do Emma ... alil disclaimer on that:)
Nellis, Accepted You, Yesterday. The Grand Master of the Southern Region of Nevada. Says, "He looks forward to seeing You at EDC, do You really what that stands for when We get Married, unless We go with EDE ... also cool ... ERE & DEC
Family is welcome at EDC too, nest May.

I Am a "Free & Accepted White Knight".

That makes You a Holy Knight aswell Emma.

That basically means, Everything in Life is going to be Harder then it would if We didn't Accepted Living to Valiantly Fight for the Coase of Jesus Christ.

I am Oathed, to & on the Holy Bible (while I was Anointed) to put down my Life for Jesus's Name.

I am Chargered in Order that I will be punished if I drop my gourd to a anti-Christ or any Other Enemy.

My Enemy's are the Enemy's of Freemasonry and Accepted Masonry & Lord Christ •°• (other words for "US Government" :)

They must be Subdued and removed from Power, Wealth and Health ... (Under GOD & US Government), before I can sheath my Sword (XM-15) ... it is not against You Emma. You have a Firearm too, that's Good.

I have a Holy Saints John Sword for You too, Holy Bible and a Full Set of Masonic Tool.
Silent Knight, Holy Knights.
All is Bight.

I just heard a Song ... it was talking about Vegas.

Maybe he forgot what happened when "President Obama", spoke bad of Vegas and the recitation 5 minutes later.
(my bro. Goodman did that:)

Well, this song made me think of that.

Everyone do know right ... Las Vegas provides what a Person wants.

Basically, speak of Stip Clubs, well, We All know what they are into.

It's the People (just like with Guns), it's not Vegas, this is a Good Community.

It's the People coming from, Everywhere.

This City, is what We make it ... much like Life.

What does it say ... when typing ... AS ONE ... or FREEMASONS ... or ... EMMA'S TRUE LOVE ... Fiancé ... or ... MODEL ...
itsVanity Search, know many questions :)

I asked GIA International if I could make them a itsVanity Profile ... Ya know what Them said ... that would "appreciate that"

Hmm, I'm thinking ... why not be, GIA?

Long Time Ago.

Do tell them to Bury me a G ... tell them to Bury my With •°• G ;)
Dont keep me in Geology ... lol
With GOD Please)

My "Ways" are different then 99.9% of People's.
Yet they make more Since, to 0.01% of People ... then any Other People's ways.
Same with Me.

As long as I double read what I write)

"No I wont, be Afraid ... no I wont, shed a Tear ... just as long, as You Stand ... Stand by Me"

(How many Prerolls am I holding up ... lol ... this thing about Metal, its Denser that the Humam Scall:)

I dont know how to explain Maintain Goats ... or ... Any Goats at them? Taken such blows to to head? Fun fun even ... like WTF?)

(: thriartS gnitirW m'I steaL tA
Must not have been to hard of a hit ... lol

As soon as I get off this Ice, hmm, maybe I did take a Blow harder then I thought (long story).

I'm ganna make Eternal Vanity promote Googe for Free.

Not Microsoft, for how they are treated Us.

And You know, I dont like Google, but, for some reason, they are the only ones that seem to be on Our Team?

We will see how it goes ... I need another Hour on the Ice, back on my Head ... and No Tylenol.

I have ran Ever Kind of Test on Your
Look at Google.com,

On Microsoft, that I think ...
It comes down to as simple as, they are just better that me, a d that's that? Something, but, it's not my doing, unless it comes back?

Just so You know, now me ... and for everyone else ... its only me, no one els to point the finger at.
3 more Pointing back at Each of You.

I still cant explain Googe siding with Us? Never has that happened.

One way or another ... I'll get my Sister to look at me ... lol ... at least maybe say something to me.
Hopefully something, Respectfully :)

It wouldn't be fair if I didnt say why ... because she has had here opinion, but, I to have mine, happens that at least a thousand others do to ... none of that matters to me about that ... "what everyone's opinion is about".
I only care about One, Emma's opinion.

People can think of me, like, what ever You want? That's in Your Mind, not mine ... Jesus knows that.

So basically, thinknwhat You want ... I ONLY Go by what Emma Engle writes, and or Tells me.

No one else's has the right to say Anything ... well, her Mother does, but out side of her ... No One Elses but GOD.

I was looking at the Moon with this Canon Camera I got, yesterday ... WTF has Canon done)

Using a Tripod, I got pics of the Moon last night ... not only did I get pictures of some of the smallest, Crater Impacts.

There is 180% NO Flag On The Moon.
No Foot Prints ever, I took pics.

A friend says ... it cause ... the Wind on the Moon covered the flag with Moon Dust.

He's cut off, no more Weed for him ... lol

There is No Wind In Space. Nore is there a Flag, or Foot Prints (in Space). I have proof in picture.

One of Peoples favorite things about me .... no one has to try "hard", to let me know ... that I am Loved by Them.

Just shown, in Their Own way ... in a way, that I know too.

I like expressing Joy. True Love makes everything else ... time, not well speant.

I'm big on, using Every Minute GOD tried do hard, to allow One to know.

I used to say, being bored is a sin ... lol

Go have fun People ... after this, hanna get cold out there. Get outside ...

And do what my Brother tot me ... "make sure ... the Ones You Love ... that they know ... You Love them too. Cause, how else would they now ... go grap one of the, head to the River :)

I thinking ... White Gold?)
For Real Emma, if You leave Our Girl⚤Guy Symbol in Our status, & right here on this part of Our Profile.

I will not delete this part, as I write other things too, around it ... as You are also welcome to write Anything on Our Profile. &Our other EV Profile.

I'll keep this Paragraph at the Top of Our Profile, as I will, and You can ... write below this paragraph.

100% Your Choice Babe)

This part, is for the Two of Us, if I get weak and or if You get weak. Read this and know ... We are getting Married one Day.

We will know that because, You and I can take it down. If I decided I dont want to Marrie You.

If You decide that You do not want to Marrie me ...
It's in this Top Part, that way, We Both know, without guessing Anything)

I'm never taking it down.

If You Do Not want to Marry Me ... You can remove this and I will do my best to understand.

But keeping it here ... that is You saying to me a promise.

That You will FulFill my Life with Unlimited Happiness.
By being my Wife, on Earth, and in Groly with Jesus Christ Endlessly.

Please keep it up :)
I will too)

This is kinda a trip, & its directly connected to Our Marriage.

I cleaned the Highest Quality Lab-Made Emerald, that I have ever seen, cleaned it really Good.
(Lab-Made Emerald and Ruby is still, an Emerald and a Ruby, just Lab-Made vs Natural. A Fake Diamond is a "Fake Diamonds", I dont know why its different like that?)

Its actually so high quality, it passes the Density tests and Tester, passes the Conductivity Tester, and the bare Eye test.

Until the Magnifier Scope, and or Magnifying Glass. Then it becomes clear that its Lab-Made
(Only this One Emerald ... it's in no way, contact to Our Wedding Rocks, those are 100% Natural)

I showed You, the Lab-Made Emerald I'm writing of Emma.
Not at all, am I writing of the unheated Nature, and I could be wrong? I think they are called, an Emerald Cut aswell? If the is a Emerald Cut? I have never seen a cute like them, I'll send a pic to You of the, right now :)

After cleaning this really Good, and knowing the things I have learned about Stones.

I picked this Lab-Made Stone up without looking at it, at know right away ... its Lap-Made.

All Our National Rock's are in the Bank, but ... I could probably pick of them up, and know right away, just by touch ...
Natural :)

I think that's neat)

I will Always Be Your ☂ in the ☈ Your ... ☘
Do You were members what I tot You what Our secondary Names are ☡ Nether of Us no what I'm talking about with that ;)
Or ... We just ... shh, and know ... why)
Haters do happen, readers here, thay got Our Back)
And We Thank Each of You for that ... GOD Bless You All.

"Feelings" ...
("The Greatests of Humes Sences) ...
Certain Ones that I dont have a Clue, how describe ... but, I'm ganna try :)

I'll Title This ...
"MY Holy Safe Place"

The Security that I placed my Heart into last year. Without even thinking Once about it ... I placed it in the "One" Vault, Safe for me ... in All the Sky's.

Much like in Your Masonic Holy Bible Emma, that Matches my Holy Bibly almost Perfectly, I place Art work in Both, on the Same Pages inside them, alil differentially, still, same Art Symbols.

I dont know how to say, I want to say ...
Do You know how Good it makes me feel, knowing ... I never haft to worry in Anyway that a girl will brake the Heart I gave to You, my literal Heart :)

Something that Feels Even Better then that ...
We Both know, that no man will ever brake You Pure, Sweet Heart, that You gave to me.

I got it in ... Bubble Tape)
I Protect it with my Life.

Your Heart, Mind, Body and Soul is Secure with Me Emma.

Many things in Life, I dont know, & or not sure of ... Your Safty in Me, I know ... same as I know Jesus Christ.

My Fiancée's Website ...
(I like those words:)

I walk inside ... right away, I smelled, Cucumber ... come around the corner ... Our Sis, is Smiling with a Mouthful of it and a Mega Cucumber she picked from out back)

So like ... if it's okay with You Emma?
I am going to kick Instagram's Butt, on Your Microsoft Bing, and Yahoo Search. For some how, bugging Your Personal Website. I still dont know how that got hit so hard.

And ... if it's okay with You ... Bing and Yahoo.
Is it cool if I show Instagram Who has been out longer :)

So like ... can We make this a plan?

In a way that Your Family can see me ask :)
If Emma were my Sister or Family ... I would be reading my stuff too)

I've known that thought, honestly, I glad that she has Family that Cares about her enough to look out for her
(I do to ... in both of those ways, I look out for Emma & my Family looks out for me ... We All know that though:)

... when looking a just how many People view this page ... can freak me out ... I would rather not know. Once it becomes a thing, where like ... a minute after I push save ... the amount that it is seen, is silly.

So aww ... to Your Mom ... would it be okay if I brought Your Daughter to (many) the BiggestParty in the Worldfor her Birthday next year?

You could come. We would have proper protection, and in many ways, be running it.

It's kinda like my initials ... D.E.C. ... Just, flipped around alil.

& it's in Emma's Birthday :)

Can I have the opportunity to through Emma, the BiggestB-Day Party in the World?

With You, and You Family ... and Nellis :)

I have never went, every year ... I'm suppose to go help ... but, helping, "They" say is Fun?

I have never liked the thought of Large Crowds ... when Vegas Summer starts to get warm.

It was ... decided ... that it should be moved from, June to May, few years ago.

It might end up starting like, the 14th, or the 21st.

Now that I'm thinking about it ... that's better then if it was on the 18th ... makes it so You can have, You Family B-Day, and EDC wont get in the way)

And still ... Family can come, like ... Your Brother, and Brother in-law, Your Mom & Sisters ... (If You have an Ant or someOne You Trust to take Care of You Niece, Niece's Mom could come) that is ... if they don't mind puttin in alil work :)

Over 21, Family, need to get Your TAM Card)

Then ... haft ta, be able to do what lil Sister says :)
You, being lil Sister Emma)
We Freemasons ... We kinda run things ... shh ... it's no secret :)

I dont Drink ... but Your Family can there ... I Personally don't like feeling drunk, so like ... We are cool there ... and I wont ask You to get People drunk ... I wont get People drunk either ... We'll just like ... Dance or something ... run up on stage a snatch one of Their Keyboards or something :)

Umm ... but, You'll need to teach me how to dance ... or ... that could be embarrassing) Me, doing the Humpty at Electic Daisy ... lol

(Its on one of Nellis's properties, We would have a Booth, and plenty of reasons to be Safe ... my bro, Scott will be there)

While I'm talking about Tokyo ... Can I get alil help over here?

I can not read my Green Cars Writing.
It All in Japanese)
It's an Import •°• Horse is an Alien.

Right about ... now ... Tokyo, is saying to them Selves ... I know Dustin E Casey is in Love with Emma R Engle ... he wrote it from the World to see.
As Ireland agrees)

Up to Canada down to my Town of Vegas.

I always will Love You Wonderful.

If You don't Marry Me, hopefully the guy Who does ... will let's You wear the Rock I got for Your Left Hand)

We don't haft to tell him ... it's my Birthstone.

Our Red Stone ... To Big, Uncomfortable, my Young Love Stone, just Big Enough ... Aged Love ... maybe on a Necklace, but ... a Person might wonder what You like Rubies so much for?

Have not got the Emeralds yet ... I will, & I'm wearing them regardless. They represent my Love.

You opened up a Dream of mine, from long ago ... and I've been Praying to Christ about Our Dreams for almost 2 years ... is it suprising that I look for the the number to go from "6" to "7" in Our messages, probably every hour of every day?
It's not to me.

All my Life ... I never understood Crystal Drink Glass's.
The below must be the answer to what makes Crystal Glass's Good :)

In Conductivity, Glass is a Not Conductive. Reads ... Zero.

Things can be added with Glass, could say ... "Infused Glass".
It will pick up in Conductivity. A One, in most pieces.

Like with "Lab-Made", Stimulants ... Most Rocks read ... A One. By most, I'm talking ... "Most".
I think probably even River Rocks?
(now ... Im ganna haft to take a trip to Oregon, to find a River ... lol ... not right now, in the future)

As Im noticing the Temperature is ... comfortable. I'm thinking about Drink Containers & the Conductivity of them.

Few days ago, I realized caring Gold & Silver plated Squares and Compass's with me Everywhere I go, is kinda Dangerous.

Not Odd, Risky ... be Odd if I didn't carry a Plum and Level on a Silver Cord with them.

Well ... I learned ... Gold is the Best conductor there is, with Silver just under that.
(its possible, something in this World is more conducive, I just don't know what it would be?)

Makes it so ... is there a Cloud in the Sky? ... lol

For real though, it has me thinking that, there are times, We shouldn't wear or hold, Gold and or Silver.
like ... in a Lightning Storm.

Dimensions are also very Conducive, not as Conducive as Silver though.

The Pair ... I don't ever know where to start with that piece of Spit :)
Claim Spit)

I am thinking, Conductivity is the Answer to keeping a Drink Container of Any Kind ... Cool.

Yesterday's Weather was nice ... sure, it's not Noon yet ... but, it is SO NICE outSide Today ... People ... get them Masks of Your Faces ... and show the World the Real You :)

I was called something, I still have a hard time processing.

One, I'm not Good at taking compliments ... I should have said, "thank You" or something?

Instead, I laughed at mySelf.

The Girl has a Boyfriend, it's not like that at all.

To me ... I have a Girlfriend, that's like ... my opinion :)

Girl said ... ""Dustin", I don't care what anyone says, Your the most interesting man in the world".

That was pretty cool, even if she was lieing :)

I was driving ... thinking)
I was thinking of my Opinion of ... "Meant To Be" ...
I feel, when Something or Two People are Meant to Be ... other Words for that can be ... "What GOD Intended" ... GOD also give Us Choice, through ... Freewill, given by Christ.

After GOD has made something Christ meant to be, GOD ... leave the rest up to Us ...

Using Our Freewill of Choice.

There are many things GOD "meant to be" ... many things in History, People choose, it's not within Their Freewill.

Love never changes ... there is the Fictional saying ... if You Love someone ... let them go ... I might understand.

When GOD made something meant to be ... and I fell in Love as Christ wanted ... with a Person Who deserves my Love.

At the same time, doesn't want my Love ... it's okay Emma.

Your Living a Wonderful Life ... I am too.

Meant to be doesn't have to do with Us ... that's GODs thing.

After GOD, all that is left, is that We make sure that Each of Us, agrees with GODs Plan.

Peoples opinion about GOD, is also different from one Person to the Other.

Everyday, that You Grace Our Would with You Presences.

You can be confident, this World ... gave You me.

Makes it a Good World, even if You don't know my name ... I will never forgot Yours, and the Love I felt that You showed me.

Thank You for helping me off meds, even if You didn't know it :)

Every day, I will still hope ... You do come back to me.

I Love You Babe and I Always Will.

Some where out there, there is a better Person than me.

You "Not being Present, on Our Website is for-sure noticed".

I'm ganna get ... Some Pot :)
Go hang out with that Donkey Clinton ... lol ... see if he will inhale with my Weed :)

If You read this ... You will always know ... there was a dude, that gave You Real Love ... for the Right Reasons.

To feel very Good about YourSelf, and I never asked, for much ... Friendship and Love is all I ever wanted.

Best advice I can give Anyone ... "Make Sure The Ones Who Love You, Know That You Love Them Too"
I Love You Emma.

I'm my opinion, writing You here, is the same as talking with You anywhere.

(Online places of cause is different, People behind Our conversations)

This is Our Online Home. Everything else online ... is someone's Homes ... not Ours)

Kinda cool to me, this online Castle.

My Love for You, is the most valuable thing I have.
I'm proud of You, and the Love that is in You.

I am even proud of my Love (in me), that is Yours.

There are two different sciences of the Stars ... I use the one they found Jesus with ... Astronomy :)

Jesus Christ and bro Solomon used ... Astronomy.
The Star Study that had Your Planet and my Moon, rise Together May and in July.

That top Sent ... "Girlfriend Note" :)
They are All Girlfriend Notes ... just got the thinking about that)
The one about ... me not smoking Weed)

Another Promise that I am making You :)

I got Very UpSet when they called my Love, a "Agenda".

When saying "my Love" ... I talking about You "Emma R Engle".

People that know me, seem to know, when speaking of You, I need to hear ... Respect for You ... In Tune, through Words.

Agenda is a bad word. I went straight to Your Defense.

The only "Agenda" that I have with You, is to make You Happy, keep You Happy & Safe ... and Yes, I do want to put a Ring on Your Left Hand.

I'm not just saying that ... I got very Nice Rocks for the reason :)
When I got those Rocks ... I tried harder to find the Best Rocks I could, to Best fit Our Love.

I also know, that is completely up to You. I'm not trying to force that ... I am ... offering mySelf to You.

In alil reading ... I agree with most of the Purple Pic ... when it says ... I am attracting Everything I need ... if I am attracting You Emma ... it's mostly correct :)

I do need You.

Why I say "mostly correct", about the Purple Pic ...
One of the things ... I like, Purple and those Purples)

Anyone, and Anything that I have ever Cared and Care about ... I try pretty hard, go express my Feelings.

Many times in my Life,
(I'm not talking about Girlfriends Emma, ANYONE will say to You the same as this, You are the only Person that I am in Love with, and ever have been in Love with ... of course Family Loves me, & I Love them ... that's, different:)

I very much Feel, that it is important to make Sure, the People Who Loves Us ... that They know, that We Love Them too.

That is why I say I Love You Emma, because I do, and You need to know that. In my opinion.

One day ... When ever We want to, We can have a blast of fun at "Easter Star".

When I wrote in Our Sent box ... a while ago ... every year, here, probably everywhere.

We do this thing ... a Irish / Scottish Party ... River Dancing ... big dude throwing big logs.

You would enjoy the Child ID Program.

Making the Youth lil ID Cards, that has emergency information on it.

It's fun, all the dudes have Red, Green & Black Kilts)

My Sister has made cool Graphics that ...

Lana could really make a ...

If she would ...

back into her Computer :)

Emma and Dustin Casey | Microsoft Bing
I just feel like saying ... I am MEGA Proud of Emma R. Engle and I will Alway look forward & Cherish Every step of Our (hopefully one day) Marriage, if Emma will have me?)

Ever goto, This Page & Click to Page #2, look for Emma with Wings ... then Click the Pic, then, Click it again ... then once more.
My Angel: with the Best Angle)

I'm pretty sure, I spelled everything correctly in Our last sent mail)

One of the ways that I know Your Strong ...
You find a Comfort in me)

my Girlfriend is totally cool with me Loving a dude ...
Emma Loves Jesus Christ too)

Jesus said ...
"Let her alone. Why do You trouble her? She has done Good work for me".
(Words of Christ's)

I Love that dude :)
He's each of Our Big Homie.

I like Your Hair style)

Temperature today is ... "Hot")

There are so many things that inspired me to be a Mason, History, Shiners ... Freedom, Christianity ...
It's much more simple to say ... it's in my Heart.

You've been holding on to that Heart ... it's in Your Heart too.

This is how I became a Mason.
I said "Dude, I want to be a Freemason" :)

"Why" I became, many reasons that come back to the same thing.

Different forms of Love, all the way to Love for this Country.

I feel like Baby's are a Mega Good judge of Cartier.
& She is so Happy to be in Your Arms.

Some things that my Sister has been doing ... You will be as proud of her as I am :)

You make me ... Stand Taller.
(make me Feel Good about mySelf).
As I look up to You.

On the thought of Unique ... The Cover of Bing Today, Microsoft Bing)

A Dalmatian has Spotes, Tigers Stripes.
Adds to Their Cartier and makes Them Unique.

I can make You another promise ...
If a Person, could speak to the Center of Another.

Then ask, where the flaw's in the World are.

The larges flaws we will point out are in the Mirror.

It takes what You have, to look back into the Mirror, then see Your Beauty.

Everything Masonry is in the Holy Bible.

See the World Turn :)
It's so much Water)
More Wonders in You then the Pacific Ocean.

Song be like ... "give me a reason to Love You".
Emma, You give me every reason to Love You.
By being True to YourSelf ... I see that as the same, as being True to me also.

I honestly like it ... You are Art, From Your Head to Your Toes.
When I showed You my Birthmark, You felt like it was all Good ... same here ... it's a part of You :)
I cant remember Your exact words about my Birthmark, I remember that it wasn't a big deal to You.

I also Love ... Your Smile :)

Wanna know Who One of my Role Models are?
My Mom.
Another ... You.

Mint aLot to me the other day ... my Sister told me about someone that called me a name or two ...
She said to him ...
"Actually They are doing things right".
That was pretty cool.
(dude called me one name ... still feels kinda like two words:)

I've held doors all year ... cause, I have held doors since I could reach them.
I like doing it ... many times I use something to grab the door handle with, I rarely use a glove.

Who can hold more doors today ...
You or I?
What if we add them Together :)

Nevada would be very lonely without California ;)

When we Live Our Life for GOD, we end up with the Best Life a Person can have.

Christ gave us EachOther ... that's proof, Emma.

Dont matter if I am the best to come out of California, Your the Best in California)
Your Family is a part of You, they are included in the Best.
(I have Family in Cali too ... CA rocks)

I know that You Trust me, so ... I'll say alil something here and there to let You know that I'm Safe)
And that You are Wonderful, Creative, Loving and Kind ... Beautiful ... Pure Heart.

Ever feel like Your a Part of something Huge,
its cause ... You are)

I believe, Anything that You want, GOD also wants.
As I want what GOD wants, makes a 360 :)
I want, what You want, I enjoy the things that You like.

The Center of Eternal Vanity is Christ Jesus.

So like ... if We can fit Music in that :)

GOD can fit Anything, all about if Jesus wants what we want)

This thing where, I will load a song, sounds totally fine ...
After loading, I listen to it, check the sound and think about the words.

The word prob is in So Many Songs I listen to.

Important to me, that You know Emma ... I know, so many Songs, almost apply to Us :)

None yet that I can find ... are "in Touch" with You & I.

If You can sing :)
I can write ... with some lil spelling errors here and there, but ... You get me)

Look how they are Both looking at You.
They see it too ... what I see in You :)

The reason I point out, that I read the Temp out side wrong this Morning,
(About 7am)

I dont want that reflecting on other things I write.

When I write about You Emma ... I'm reading Our Hearts.

Our Hearts are not Broke, the Thermometer outside, is :)

Ya know what else ...
You have made, and make me a better Person.

In about everything I do, I think of what You would think.

The whole time that I have been a Mason, I had not really understood the Compasses.

Two Parts, Together making One Piece.

You have tought me ... Masonry.
Let's keep learning)

Your ... wearing ... Morning Star, the Moon)
You are Awesome ... Prettier then Both Moon & Planet, put Together.

They can put a mask on Our Faces ...
But ...
We can still bite, right?

Me and my spelling. Shirt, Skirt ... Shorts. Who made those words)

The meaning of Beauty is deeper then I thought it is. I like that word, more then I did like that word.

You are Beautiful Emma.

To me ... You are what Beauty is.
Wisdom Hope & Strength.

It will be kinda early, but ... if Your up around 4:30am ... or so ... look to the East.

You will see Our Rocks blazing the Morning Sky :)

Shiner Clowns Rock)

I'm thinking ... I'm not the best Mason in the World.

I try to be a Good One though.

You too ... so ... Two Good Masons⚤)

In that Sent MSG ... Space Buns have me Smiling.
Bight Personality)
My MSG is accurate) Exept for the Spelling "You" was supposed to be "Your".

You make me ... Smile :)

mySelf, I'm tripin on the thought, that Your months Planet, is Rising with my Moon)

It really is in the stars.

Somethin like ...
Living Pure enough to leave a Mark, without a Stane.
Something I've heard ... by my Mom :)
A Snow Flake is involved in that some where)

I dono how You made the facemask cute, You did though :)

Like, 3 Winters ago ... I was sitting in the Sun aLot, felt Good.

I also wasn't shaving, basically, computer, Sun, repeat.

One day ... I shaved ... lol
It was a odd face tan, most of the year)

I'm yet to see the facemask tans ... then again, I am yet to see People walk around without one on.

Keep in mind the mask doesn't kill germs, nore does it stop a cold or flu.

It's for face tans right?)
Snot blocking face tans.

Venus & the Moon ... on July 20th is the first luminary since May.

You Are ...
Prettier then those rocks in the Sky, Emma)

(Views:) Are Beautiful)
Your Views are Wonderful.

Wanna know one of the ways ... I know Your Heart.
Its shaped, very much like mine)

In the way that You respect Our Profiles.
Shows the Person that You are Emma :)
Our Girl/Guy symbol shows ... Your Caricature.
Our Heart ... is Good)

I'm thinking of ...
Remember how many times "spell check", had us saying some pretty interesting things to EachOther)

Sometimes I would just haft to be like ... I hope she understands what I was trying to say.

You were all cool about it, problem thinking ... WTF :)

Thinking more about that ... You didn't just say or be cool with it ...

You did understand the most part, of what I was spelling incorrectly. That's trippy all in itsSelf.

Its some kinda awesome Morning. There was kinda a breeze, brought some cooler air)

In the idea of it being as a hair dryer outside.
11:58pm I sat out back, after washing my hair, without used a towel (hair was dripping water).
12:04am I came inside my hair is half way, or maybe more dry)

Something that I will always do ... is be Real with You Emma and True to You.

By my Sisters reaction, of all that ... I might think I am more funny then I really am.

However, we agree on one thing ... I am pretty high (Weed:)
It's almost 4:20?)

Hope the Wall with a George Washington Mask on, 3:39am ... who's gots the Pop Corn)

Someone is making Popping Corn ...

I all climb my high @as over one of these walls ... like ...
Red Eye Zombie, says ...

Who's making the Munches ... lol

Dont worry ... I'll put a Mask on my Face 1st :)

A Carter Mask? What am I supposed to wear?)

Its been pretty warm in Vegas, last lil bit ...

But it's so chillin out back on the swing right now. Got this "not a Real Stream", but a stream going on :)

A Pund, with a Elephant statue blowing a stream.

This swing I'm sitting on ... I dont even know how, it must be a magnet to me ... I cant remember not having it.

One of thoughts things where 40% of the People reading this from the Linn County, Oregon area ... are thinking ... they know what swing I'm talking about) From seeing it when I lived there.

Still in the same shape as it was, I dont really get that.

Each One of Us have unrestricted, proficiency ... that only needs to be found (or recognized in Us, by Another) ...

Temper, Sharpen & Respect, always knowing ... the more We understand, the less We really feel like We know.

That Stuff, I was just looking at in my Dogs Eyes ... deep down ... Love, endless Love.

If a Person had a Favorite Chess Piece ... what would it be?
Never tell Anyone that.

Personally I can say it ... I only loss Chess if I want the game to be over.
All of the Peaces exept for the King. The Queen is My Favorite) & the Rooks.

Counting Move Cant Work.
& dont do the same moves twice.

Good with both sides, knowing, White goes 1st, gives Black the advantage.

I prefer the be the Black side (or Solid Side).

My Sister Painted a Chessboard, You might like to Paint one too? :)
(Those Holy Pieces are Crucked, gatta keep Your Eye on Them Pieces:)

Look withIn, tuning the note.

What is it in a Person that makes a One go out of Their way to hold a door.

In times like this ... Our Personality has a chance to stand out.

Everyone is hiding, almost like They all have masks on ... show Them All ... how Beautiful You Are.

Emma Engle and Dustin Casey Freemasons of Nellis
Emma & Dustin Freemasons of Nellis, etc.

Emma Engle and Dustin Casey Freemasons of Nellis

One thing that I see clearly in You ...
Our Future ❣

There are times any & every Person is miss-understood.
I think we All are more miss-understood ... then empathized with.
One can try to have sympathy, thats much different then empathy.
Neat though, when a Person recognizes when Two People have True Compassion with eachOther, Equal to another, while as different as Female and Male.
I would like to think of mySelf as tough ... a girl with the name Emma, proves I'm pretty soft about somethings.
About One thing, GODs thing, he made in You, Emma.
Emma Engle's Art
& of course Your my Queen :)
The One True King, does have Kings ... I suppose I might be One)
Christ, Jesus being the One True King.
I got this Ace up my sleeve ... but, shh)

Peacemakers will be called "Children of GOD".
We Truly Enjoy, what Our Good GOD Enjoys :)
In Jesus Name, Indefinitely.

All my Life, I have tried to find something within me.
Not knowing I was looking in the wrong place.
It's in You Emma ... I see that so clearly.

We are just a couple of Gems, Ya know :)
(The May birthstone, "Emerald" ...
Ancient Romans dedicate this stone to Venus, "Love and Beauty". Today, it is thought that emeralds signify Wisdom, Growth, and Patience. It's also my favorite color. )

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