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Emma Engle Dustin Casey
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May 18th 2003
July 15th 1983
Lives In Cail
Comes From Cali

its All about Jesus

& Ya know ... Mason's and Werewolves have never really got along ...
So I got them Silver Rounds :)
There really just Aluminum)

I'm ganna add to that, knowing, there are Many Other Good Role-Models in the World.

Some have an Eternal Vanity, Website.

Im'a use, my Girlfriend
(if You disagree or disprove, You being that with me ... just delete it) ...
& Im using mySelf.

Wonderful, is a Woman ... Who has been by my Side, for Years ... my grips, my Good ... still here.

Good Role-Models.

Now, I'll use mySelf in a way ... that No Man can say at my age.
Maybe some, but ... No Man, Who needs a Stick to Beat the Wemon off with ... lol
I dont actually use a Stick if a Female Atacted me ... it's a compliment tell I haft to Pull the Gun out ... lol

Oh, where was I ...

I have Never had a STD, and or STI in my Entire Life.
Good Role-Model.
My Chick is Safe too.
(I'm not saying My Chick as My Property, but, I defender here as such)
You Emma

Actually, I dont care much about my Property. lil homie wanted to play Kick Ball again, so I did ... then I asked him (7 years) if he wanted to see Who can Throw 5 pounds of 14k Gold in the Air the Highest, on to the Street.

I told him, I know he can throw it to the Sky ... he did :)
Then, I showed him , it can Fly 15 Times Higher :)
Was Fun)

Defend You Emma, with my Life ... I would give someOne my Probably if They wanted to take it ... then before I asked for it back, I would ask ... if They wanna keep Their Cheast :)
In the Legal Way of Course.
My Rounds dont understand the words "Bullet Proff".
Your Knight happened to be a Real Knight.
Good Role-Models.

In reference to the "Role Model" Song, 1st on Playlist.
That's like ... All ... Not Role Models, that's the pount.

And aaa ...
I've been with one woman, who "Did NOT" have HIV ... lol
Always been fine when I Pie ... Pee :)
Not so great a Baking Pie ... Baking Other things though, hmm, just got an Idea.
Jardin, Las Vegas ... People :)

I Feel ... I have the Most Wonderful Woman.

Emma if You feel differently, please take this off.

If You feel like I do ... We are in a Great Relationship.

I look forward to Sharing My Life with You.
My Heart, My Soul ... My Life.

I cleaned up Our Page ... I also saw ... You kept the stuff, about Us.

I will not be mad at You if You delete this ...
If this is still here tomorrow. My Hope's ... for You&I ... are ganna be High Hope's :)

Please keep it here, though ... You dont haft to.

If it's not here tomorrow, I still have High Hope's for Both of Us ... You feel me, plus ... We would still share this Account, but, like ... only You ... & Your Mom can get on here, if needed ...
(I say that cuase ... k, Your Family can, I Trust Who You Trust)

Being Your Man part ...if You disagree I wanna be on the same page)

Were in the same Book ... just wanna be sure We'er reading the Same Word ... Together ;)

The Jesus Christ part ... I know We Both agree, Eye to Eye ForSure. Keep that part, no matter)
Keep it on Our Profile Main Page too.

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