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May 18th 2003
July 15th 1983
Lives In Cail
Comes From Cali

I would suggest a Movie ... but, You already know my Favorites)
"it cant Rain All the Time"
I got that Lion King around here somewhere ... the Movie too :)

Movie I could watch over & over ...
"the Young Messiah"

<>"Crist Jesus Rules ... as We have Freewill.

The Price has a Job to do, just like the rest of Us.

Part of that "Job", is to bake Our Faith's, and Hopre, Dreams ... everything.

Just dont focus on that.

For All We know, the Price is the Kings Punisher.

For All We know ... the Price ... has Hope in Us.

That Our Faith in Christ, can Never Brake.

Every tried to brake Titanium, or Rhodium?

Christ made that stuff. Faith in GOD is ... so much Stronger.

Its Sunday, I can talk like this :)
They are made ... partly ... to Spy on You ... All)

Want me to fix the Words of a Song?)It wont knock on the Song, I'll only fix it.
Also fun to completely Rune a Song, with ... bad Humor ... my Humor.

K, so ... 1st, I'm ganna need to explain "Hope".
Hope is many something GOD (Christ) has is Us.
Faith I'd mostly something We have in Jesus.

That can be taking in other directions, when it comes to Christian's "Only".

Hope, Faith, Love and Charity are All Christian Ideals Only.
Masonic and Christian, to things, that are the Same.
(Holy Bible Tells Us So)

To remove GOD, there is no such thing, as Hope, Faith and Love.

Now, I got a Song to fix ... lol

I gatta say this, cause ... People Who read here ... We are Leareds ... on many Scales, making Us ... Everywhere, Everything.

The Song I'm fixing, They need Leadership ... so ... here I go :)
This isn't so easy, I'm trying to remember the words.

Daa, dadada .. I hope she spreads every Rock to put a Dime on Your hand.
... I'm getting it :)

I Hope One Care Enough to Express the Best way that They can ... do Your thing, the best way that's Ya can.

I hope You having the most Beautiful Dreams, and tell Your Family that I make You Happy.

& one day let's get a Lamb, because Lambs are so Cute ... even Jesus, and David were Both fond of the Lambs, and in a day ... in Biblical Hebrew, Lamp mint Son so really when Ya think of it ... Many had alii Lamb.

I ... hope You got All the You need, and things that You want to ... I want to give them to You, because that's just how I am :)

I'll, seek the World 20 times, just to find You the Most Value in a single Rock, the Barma Rubie ... with Barnes Cut ... makes .999 Gold, something of the Days of Old ... We sure have enough of that.

But You, Emma there is no other You ... We could find some Awsome Emeralds, yet the will only be for You.

I hope what goes ... comes All the Ways around, as We are on Earth now, I'll meet You up in the Heaven, where Our Sweet Leader can be found.

I so could keep going.

Music Artic ... Yout Leaders ... come on homies ... We are All homies, if We are connect through Jesus Christ.

And You Love ... Christ Glued Us ... Jesus is a Cool Dude, and knows best.
I'm thankful.

Some of the Prettiest Birds Sing when its Wet ... and the Sun is yet to Shine.

Many ... friends, Time, things ...
That have Molded & Shaped Who We are ... In many ways, I look back on People Who called themSelves friends ... & Times I called "bad" ... other things, that came with new suprises.

Much like You do ...

This is Same, & True too.
Everything We (& Any Person reading this) ... these are the things, that make Us Who We are today, what We know, & how We know it.

In my Life ... All of it ... has lead me to You.

I couldn't ... definently wouldn't change a thing ... I know You Wonderful, You know me, Our Lives and the Pieces that make, Us ... Us ... brought You&I to knowing Another, with Kindness, & Love.

They make Cartoons about that stuff.

Just that ... Your name is not Bell ... I'm no Beast :)

I might be "part" Beast) Depends what Mode I'm in)

Because of You ... (that's a Title to a Song right there:)
I know what it is ... to have a Person make me Promises, without calling them "Promises" ... and hold them.

You have Shown me Love.

Make me feel important, because, something about me ... seems, to You ... wanted.

When You describe YourSelf ... Your a regular Person.

To me ... I think that is So Cute.

Because ... a regular Person would have sold me out a long time ago.
(No disrespect to Anyone with that ... I know there are aLot of Great People ... Each of Us want to Trust SomeOne)

A Large Piece of You that I Love ... I have put so much Trust in You ... and ... my Trust is Safe.

Much of me feels, Understand Others can only go so far ... understand You Emma ... is about how far You let me.

Compatible, I believe is one of the expressions :)

"Listin to my Heart You'll hear me Sing ... La-laa La, La-la Laa" :)

Wonderful just laid it down :)

In my opinion, the reason that happens (to All of Us).

As much as People are the Same, no One Person is.

But, there are few, that are enough aLike, to Love every second Shared.

While different enough, to be Wonderful Every Day & night.

Time does tell All Stores.

To me ... I am so Fortunate, to be a Person in Your Life ... without any Regrate.

I am thankful for Every Peice of You, that You have let me know.

The compassion You have for Your Family.

The hope You have for Your friends.
(I could not count, how many times, "friends" hurt me the worst)

It was only because, I thought They were friends. I wanted Them to be friends.

You showed me much more then Love ... You should me ... it's not a word.

Plus, Great Friend is withing ... Wonderful Love
Kinda like I said Emma, twice there ... "Wonderful" & "Love" :)

I know a few Cool People ... Who think Your pretty Cool Emma.

Like ... the Whole Store at Jardin ... They are pretty Cool ... They see You as Cool.
(As the HipHop Artists look to Jatdin, for what's Cool)

Plus ... Our Sister, she can be a Munchkin :)
She Loves You, as a Sister.
(& awe, Only You&I can call her Munchkin & maybe Mom ... and Your Mom:)

I'm thinking about how ...
One Person in this World ... Prayed with me Today ... Last Night.

That is not something I do outside of Direct Family, even still not often.

With so many ... it's like ... Praying is just, like ... Fairy Tails right.

Well, being the best Christian I can be, and Praying with my Girlfriend Who We Share True Love.

That's supposed to be a Fair Tail too.

GOD is Real ... I can feel ... You know that too.

I'm not sure if this is True, but, I'm sure its funny.
In some odd way, it's kinda funny :)

I heard, some Where, Middle of the States or something.

A Lady, left her car running.

A Guy stole her car, as she was panicked and calling the PD.

The Guy came back ... bitching her out ... lol

I guess she left her Baby in the car.

So, he was bitching :)

Said to get her Child.
(The car was running when he stole it)

She got her Baby ... then ...

He drove off, stealing her car 2wice.

I dont know if that really happened, but, I heard that it did today, in like Kentucky or something.

I think it's funny, for this reason.

I dont know ... it's funny right :)

2 wrongs didn't make a right, but, the Baby is Safe)

Wonderful how ... You make me Better, and feel Better about mySelf.

As I better mySelf, over the years, You stick with me, as I do, my best to be Good Enough for the Woman that is so Good to me.

To me, part of Bettering mySelf, is to learn how to be Good to You, as more & more Compassion becomes a Lager Piece of Who I Am.

Many times ... my own view ... I can see where, You could have (Thank You for not) left me, for Geeking Out.
I was ganna say Gerk, but, Spell Check is right ... I do that too, sometimes.

As it is All Good ... know as I go to sleep, when I wake up ... You will have been having a Great Day ... Loyal to GOD, YourSelf ... and to me.

Thank You ... for being the Wonderful Person that You are, and have been to me Emma.

As years, We have Shared, and many years We are yet to Share.

I know You be with me, 10 years from know, for 1 ... Two years ago, You told me You were not going no where ... and You were being Real.

In Gemology, that We are ... Gemologists ... We don't need no Papers ... got Degrees in "Stone Masonry")

Our Tools Do have, Certified Paperwork.

You&I can say ... (only Us though, it's a inside thing People, We have Love for You too)
You&I can say ... Your Natural Emerald, Emma.

The Best in the World for this, GOD Made Barnes Ruby.

As We walk Lifes Path Together ... You will see ... I know where the Posion Oak try's to hide.

You know where the SunShine is.

Together, I see Us doing Great things.

Not only Us ... Every Single Person ... behind that Screen of Yours ... Your just wanting to go do something for the Community, & for You Family ... for Your Love ... or, You Love, that is soon to come.

I'm ganna sleep, but ... when I get up ... let's All give Ten People a Smile ... see how They react.
The Mask thing, hmm.
I'm ganna :)

"Our GOD is Greater, Our GOD is Stronger, GOD You are Higher then Any Other".
Our GOD •°• Christ, Jesus.

Some of the Greatest People, are a Piece of Nellis.
As Nellis, adds to the Grace's inSide ... Thank You ...
(From, Emma & Dustin)

Babe, feels like my Neck was bit ;)

Im'a get Sister in on that ...
Lana feels the same ... Nellis Rocks)

Be like, Masonry is like this ...
I dont know ... it's all "Greek" to me :)
"If a Greek can do it, We can do it")

You are the "Brazing Stay" ... Emma, Emerald ... Venus.
Speaks of the Blazing Star in the Hold Bible.
I have wearn a Symbol that "Represents" the "Brazing Stay" ... for a very long time.

Couple years ago ... I realized, the Blazing Star is a Symbol that Represents You.

Brazing Star ...
It means Good things about Christianity.
It's a Christian Star ... Masonic Star.

Probably means, some Mason is to find Another ...
With the Symbols of Us.

I view that deeply. Its Deep :)

Takes me straight to the Song, top of the Playlist.
Deep inSide Our Hearts.

Thank You again Israel.
The Land of Christ.

Is there More?) Not in a greedy way ... got plans for that Color :)

Ever since We have known EachOther ... from Day One ... You have Always naturally made me a better Person, Emma.
Natural American Emerald.

Knowing You ... makes me a better Person.
Knowing me ... I hope does the same)

Only thing We have to be Scared of ... is ... Cuba :)

I'm thinking ... I know the Backstreet Boys are older then I am.
I called them Boys.

They called themSelves Boys)

Lookin down the Backstreets ... I dont see them at all)

Only One Girl can call me Boy ... call me Her Boyfriend.
Emma can ... noOne else, only Her.
(Only Person Who makes me a Boy ... You)

"All of Your Time Spent" ... keeps me ... "Alive" :)
"Ya ...
Everytime I'm down ... You can make it Right".

Prays the Christ ... Keep Your Faith.
Christ/Lord/GOD ... All names for Our Big Homie.
Jesus of Nazareth, in a time when People were Last Named, by the Town They were born.
Israel ... Jesus was/is Jewish.
The One True Living GOD.

I really didn't think Backstreet Boys could do me wrong. It was sposta be a Good Song :)

The Good Parts.

If my Heart aches ... that sposta happen I think.

There just boys, from ... the backstreets ... lol

My Wonderful, is the Most Wonderful Girlfriend for me, this World has.

These is no other United States Emerald that I know of :)

Disney, would Micky Saw me, like ... in Half ...
If I put up ... You Got A Friend In Me.
You do, Emma.

I could see that lil Mouse with a Saw ... he be getting Mini involved :)

Mouse would probably Giggle, as he did it)

AnyBody got aww ... Cat? :)

Emma You have a ... Endless Friend In Me.

Dont worrie ... if I would have wrote that Song ... the Words would have been better.

Inland to the Sea, dont care where We be ... (not Cuba) ... then, You got a Friend in Me ...

We could Climb a Tree, Two Monkeys We would be ... High and or low ... no place We cant go ...
but, Cuba.
You ... Got, a Friend ... In Me :)

Outside of my lil Song ... best We stay on the West Coast :)
As Far from Cuba as We can be.

& ... I need a Beat ... tap, tap ...
You fixed my Eternal Heart Ache ... and I want to thank You.

Why do the radio People have a problem wrighting Songs?

Start from the Heart and let it Flow :)

By that ... I'm not talking about a Broken Heart from a Relationship.

You know what I'm saying Babe.

Tell me how ... Your Mamma did an Amazing Job, raising You ... and, Your Family too.

I never wanna hear You say ... that, Hill is to Far Away.

Tell me how ... did You get to be so Responsible ... tell me how, do You Turn me in to Butter?)

Tell me Why, do You Feel that I'm the One for You?
Wait, dont answer that ... if it's right, it's right.

"All You People, cant You see, cant You see?
How Your Love's Affecting Our Reality."

Everytime I'm down ... She can Pick me Up.
That makes, Her Larger then Life.

I'm still totally looking at Your Heart & Soul :)
Lovin Every Piece.

Real Question ... what comes 1st?
I can see Your Heart in Your actions.

Your Soul ... is Bright.
Hand&Hand they go ... like You&me :)

GOD Bless You Emma Engle ...
& Your Family.

When I think of You Emma ... I think of a Wonderful Person, Great Woman ... with a View on Life, that makes me want to spead every minute with You.

I do want everyOne I know, to know ... I Love this Chick :)

Right now, I hope You hear the Birds, cause ... they are Singing for You.

Everyone I know, already knows ... I'm in Love with You Emma.

I cant say I'm thild about a Tattoo, but, I do support You.

I have 1, Tat, done 3 times ... 1st, 2 times, with Hair Buzzers.

In my opinion, GOD made You my Wonderful ... You make me feel Wonderful.

I'm sorry if I turned Gerk?
I would rather You not get a Tattoo.
Its Your Body though, I dont have much say.

King Kong, ain't got nothing on Us.

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