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Each image below was blurry, with less color. After loading these pics to this Social Network, the pics are higher quality with the coloring fixed, along with high definition. Same goes with Your images (as long as Your photos are larger than 800 pixels tall).

This is the 1st & only major Social Network where members images, audio files, videos & blogs are Copyright to each Member. As our Friends say "why do some waste time with the mainstream networks?". My answer to You Friends, there will always be many people who fallow, not lead. I (Dustin Casey) welcome You to be the leader that You are.

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The quality is better with every function on itsVanity ... then ALL other Social Networks.
As well as safety, privacy, style & best for eye health ... etc.

When asking students at a Las Vegas high school, students explained how they are embarrassed when telling their friends
they have a facebook, twitter, etc. The same students said they are proud to share their itsVanity site with friends.

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