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This Profile is for Non Profit Advertising.
This is Dustin C, if You want to Advertise Anything Legal on Your EV Profile, ether for profit or, not for profit ...
Go head, it os okay.

I (DC) legally haft to put that, there.
Jardín Dispensary. Voted #1 in Las Vegas, Nevada Twice, soon to be a 3rd time, right.

2900 E Desert Inn Rd Suite #102
Las Vegas, NV 89121
Hours: Sun-Th 8a-12a; Fri-Sat 8a-2a

(702) 331-6511

Nothing For Sale On EV. Store is easy to get to, Friendly, Smart as They really do, look out for You.

Adam Cohen is the ONLY Owner of Jardín. Never let anyone tell You differently.
Of course it is a Team Event, from Every Worker to Every Customer.
There are more then 100 Good reasons to say who owns Jardín, for one, I mySelf have heard someone say that they were one of the "owners", the guy was not a owner & didn't need to say he was.

Mondays: are CBD deal days.
Tuesday: are Edibles.
Wednesday: is Flowers deal day.
Thursday: Concentrates day.

Everyone in Vegas knows, Jardín has the Best Weed.

On this Account All Weed Photos & the Store were taken by Lana & Dustin Casey. Not the Video ...
& All Pictures of People with the Jardín Logo above them, where Not taking by the Casey's. Nether was the picture of my Friend Adam, that is above, on this page.
As this is DC, putting this profile together for Jardín.
Not that Jardín cant, just figure ... I am one of 3 owners of "" ... I am okay at putting together a profile.

So that it is very clear, Adam Cohen is the Only Owner of Jardín.

If You want or need to contact Jardín, feel free to give them a call, everyone is very nice: 1(702)331-6511

9 out of 10, Free & Accepted Masons, recommind Jardín at least once a week.

Feels Good to Live in a Free Land, Enjoy Life, with alil Weed.

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