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To be as real I can think ... at this Time ... I don't like saying this for many reasons. One, No person like it, because like You I have known people die from cancer treatment too, my Grandmother, on my Dad's side ... died from skin cancer treatment.

Long to short at least for know, because, like I said ... I don't like to talk about it, I only must because its real, and for that Jesus Christ must want people to know Jesus is GOD the Creator.

I gave my Cancer to GOD, Christ Took it from me, be cause I was to weak, it was killing me, no matter how tuff I thought I was. Zero Doctor Treatment, ONLY GOD, Jesus Christ is who I am calling GOD. (I was given 2 to 6 moths by the doctors, first this I told them, when they said I was be taken, from cancer said "F#c# You Guys (to the doctors, they asked if they could feel me well they do come from a Tree) ... I'm ganna go smoke a joint". Before it was legal, and I sat, right in front of the doctors office getting high ... lol ... I was hella young at that point.

I'll get back on here with something Good to say, after I fix up the sites I write about on my profile ...®/Dustin♪Casey♫
Remember, this is the contact if You need to contact the Eternal Vanity Team, only 3 of us®/Lana♪Casey♫®/Emma♪Engle♫

GOD Bless You All :)

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