I Love Emma Engle ... Eternally)

✅ Dustin Casey
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Las Vegas
July 15th 1983
Anything I Put My Mind To!

Something Emma & I are teaching Everyone about Love and relationships ... Time tell all story, desprit is not attractive ...

Most important, if You truly believe in someone, You support everything about them, and the best things in Life are worth waiting for.

and no matter what respect EVERYONE ...

If someone doesn't Love and Respect "anyone else", in the ways that Emma and I Love, Trust & Respect eachOther ...
The meaning for what ever that is called, but it is not Love.

Love is what I have for Emma, and what she has for me.

That goes to respecting eachOther and enjoy every moment with me

Eternal Vanity:
♘♖ ♔♕ ♗ ♘♖

The other side:

Think of this, the say Eternal Vanity, is Saying ... Freemasonry, Accepted Masonry, Shriners, Templar, Jesus Christ, King David, King Solomon, All Countries, the list goes out.

Down to Even Hollywood has EV's back, just like Eternal Vanity has had theirs for year and no matter what ABC thinks, I think of the (2011) I understand as much as I can.

I would have done the same thing, if I thought what You thought I was thinking, just think, about this, I still host ThylaneBlondeau.com because I am proud that I got her on the COVER of Vouge Paris at the age she "was". I'm Good, just like You All at ABC is Good, we try to do our best for people :)

See the Not clear Team, is lead but a pawn)

You will find that if Your not looking for Love/Trust in LOVE. It is Not EASY to have a person in Your Life, that see Your Life as their Life. Trips me out Emma, it used to scare me :)

Not anymore, I now see it, for the True Blessings of GOD, I know that now, long while now)

If Your Caring and thoughtful as we are, her and I just happened to be put on Earth to find eachOther, probly because her and I hold some kinda key ... her and I will call it "Trust" & "Light" ... she just knows the answer for her Heart, I didnt haft to tell her what she has always know ;)
Jesus Christ.

Haters just want what we have Emma, truth.

& I'm gonna do a different photo cut it cause, I like Your newest one better, I like them All, just saying, I want Your website to Reflect You and Your Life.

That's harder then it sounds :)
but, the photo I will have on Your Phone side of EmmaEngle.Life will Reflect who You are.

I'll keep the pic You wanted on Your computer site, but maybe I'll put the pic that's on You phone side know, to YOU computer side, cause, the Lake also Refects who You are too, cause You like the Water :)

(I'll use them all somewhere)

I do know ;) & I'm sticking with Our deal :) I am completely happy to, gives me extra porous in my Life :)
& I have aLot of Good Porous if Our World. Together, with give double to Our Community's ... Plus, ever other Good Person ... the World needs up All.

and the more we get to know eachOther ... the more about You I want to know ...

I've been true to You Emma & You have to me) All thant matters to me.

A year isn't very long ;)

Something confusing, buy, also something that makes my lil Sister & Emma as important as I am ... (if I'm am important? ... lol)
Emma & my Sister are both my Masonic Lady's ... as I am their Mason.

Means, the have as much "ANYTHING" that I do :)

Use Care, when being anything to Those Two)

okay enought is done offliine, to put online ...


This must not have anything to do with anything ...

I just want to say, because the few People I truly Care about should know, and have a right to know.
I'll just say names.
I care Very Much about Freemasonry and Our Roles.
Within those Roles. No Freemason, Accepted Mason \ Free & Accepted Mason is to speak of me and my place in Masonry.

No one is to ask any one I know, like lets say ... my Sister Lana, or Emma about my Anything in Masonry.
Emma & Lana ... if You have Any Questions about me, and my role in Masonry ... ask, me.
As my Real Brothers know ... what they need to know about me.
To my Sister Lana ... You are my Blood Sister, and and part of Shriners, all that needs to be known
For Emma

I an going to make a Eternal Vanity App store, free store, she People can get the Microsoft App easyer.

The Only think yhat I beiave would be wrong ... it to go about my basicially ulonst ahppy Life.

But, mu Only frear, is when GOD commantds me to do somehting ... for someone. ... Make is so I haft ti follow throughm beause that =s what I want to do. Giving me Life meaning ...

All You haft to do Emma Engle ... is delete my Love for You ... on my itsVanuty Profile.
If You dont not delete it.my words abiut You, I am settinh my Keart and Sould to Lovere You for Every,

Only Peronal who can stop that is You Emma, by looginh on to my itsVanity account and deletenting my words abiut You.

Other might want to get used to seeing me as Your Loyal, LifeTime Love :)
Nothing and ot no one, could ever change that ... I fell faii You, in a permenent way.
Am I couldn' nr more Loved then You Love Me.

Anfde lie .. Inkow You don;'u lie my call You girgilrnd, does one, I dont own You ... and a vall ing You my girifried wold be an insuilt, so much more then that.

So, sincne my Heart tell me YoutTrust.

Aftrer to day I going to f\do, wha I tink ou asked me to do a long to ago, I wont call You my property.

But is You leave up, the Love stuuf, I wrote about You Emma, now that You see, who we feel about eachOther is right, moral and Lagal''If You lever uo the stull I write about You onm profile her ... I will make may page shortedm\, leab=ving the nest parts ...
And I am goimng to beging referening to ou as Sweetheart, bad, my Love, smd al the cute nic names that fit You,I;ll stil say Yout name too :)

Also Emma,m we gbgot ouir long and Sisvverminds ...mThat Land thet You were "taken by" ... it ours now for real. Many, land workm any poern has nothing on us,m, ewe rally cant ge stopped, that goes for my oney too, that I will share, only necause it maskes You Free, as I am.

But still focus on Your work, it brings self worth. Even thoough ZYou and I do no t need word to get by.

Together, we havve evverything thing we need, including passion, I'll makeYou frurt too )

I finish more tomorrow, tryied, never makes good art :)
Good, night have a fun safe day tomorrow)

An one of the 9 Goups of homies, hreading this, You who hold the EV Servers ... that You again for not Judgign ...My Sister Lana, Emma, Kristena , Maisie Eternal Vanity.com and itsVanity.com all wesitesites that really would like any help, ... things that are over out heads, like web power and credability :) Reps)
Thank You Emma & Tim)

Computer side & mobile side for ...
☘Maisie-Krassel.com &
Maisie.de-Krassel.com for both.
I'm taking a brake, then ...

Then I will do more on Your site :)

This must not have anything to do with anything ...

I just want to say, because the few People I truly Care about should know, and have a right to know.
I'll just say names.
I care Very Much about Freemasonry and Our Roles.
Within those Roles. No Freemason, Accepted Mason \ Free & Accepted Mason is to speak of me and my place in Masonry.

No one is to ask any one I know, like lets say ... my Sister Lana, or Emma about my Anything in Masonry.
Emma & Lana ... if You have Any Questions about me, and my role in Masonry ... ask, me.
As my Real Brothers know ... what they need to know about me.
To my Sister Lana ... You are my Blood Sister, and and part of Shriners, all that needs to be known
For Emma, Your the closest Person "in my Life" who happens to also be a female, I also do see You as the most Pretty girl I have ever known & will know, everything I said below is true. Down to seeing Christ in You (in You). With everything we have been through together, Wonderful ... well, and more Wonderful.
(I'm not saying anything about my Family with that, I Love my Family too)

How responsable You and I have been together ...

I won't downgrade us by saying ... Your my "girlfriend". Your something much more that that ... to me, but that me.

I would Not share my Life with Anyone els. So That in its self, is All different to me :)

Remebering ... I strong enough being Your friend too.

I think though, You and I are seeing totally eye to ey, end with that ... we cant be wrong ... so ... You and I are right :)

Something right from the Heart of me ... As I work on these websites, I think about many things, one being a newer kinda thing for me.

here I am, putting together support for a group of People.

& Your not Judging me about who, and or why .... You simply supporting what I'm doing, and Thrust my Judgement on who & why.

For real Emma ... that is so cool. Thank You ...
And Skateboarding ... didnt You just have a Cold or something :)
Stay Warm)

K, back to figuring out the https: thing.

I just checked me email webmaster@asMasons.com ... just in case ... and wow, JPMorgan ... what is up ... lol ;)
I'm on it, after I do websites)

At the moment ... I'm trying to figure out ... why is the "https://" giving a warning for ... Maisie-Krassel.com ... I'm sure it right in front of my face. & simple.
Maybe I'll eat :)

& I heard a song a bit ago m (Made me think of You, Emma)... I see what it said like this ... You or I are fools, You and I are some of the few People that really knows what a "Fool" is.

& aw, I guess the song says "a Sucker for You" ... I was thinking "Fool", ever way, People use "fool" incorect all the time :)
This Girl I talk about Emma ... knows ... its in the Holy Bible ... A Fool: Someone how with holds information.

I'm not Fooling You ;)

But, I follow You blind easy ... because ... even if we end up some where You didnt mean to take us ... You are just walking with me. I'm enjoying the time together.

& the trail is over there ;)

Now Im talkin website ... if You disagree with any of Your content I'm about to add tonight to Your Site ... Emma-Engle.site, tell me and I'll change it.

I totally understand You through the way, that You and I have been comunicating ... we both agree with EachOther, and You make me Comfortable ... in the same way, that You have shown to me, thatmake You comfortable too, and more confident, as You do I.

Emma, if You don't have much going on tonight, I am at a spot, with the siwebsites, You can watch them, and You will see upgrades, to Yours and, aLot of EV sites really, I'll post as I go :)

(Girl is ganna make me haft to not age for another 16 years ... lol)

Sorry about me spelling, I really haft to get fixing up websites now :)

I have seen one talk about feel sick, or sickish ... I have heard about another person within the EV Crew (a friend told me about M.K.) ... that she is also alil under the weather.

SPELL CHECKING, then back to work :)

I'll just say names, cause I don't wanna do what the radio l say not to do (98.5) don't be a dry snitch ... lol.. stand up for who we are, right ... just stand for who You are first
(Dry Snitching ...Saying without names:)

Emma & Maisie I hope You two are feeling much better, colds can come back around, don't believe anyone that says, "don't worry, I got the cold from You". We do get the same cold over, it just needs to change shape and or size, just enough to attack a different heathy spot.
Q. What is the difference between a Cold and the Flu bug?
A. Shape & Size.

Water, Soup, Salt, VC, B12, B6 and Jesus Christ.

Be Happy is a large part of it, so, both of You watch Your online You ;) Through out the day (today, well night if Your up)
So People know, Maisie never has joined itsVanity, though You and Your family are welcome to join, would make aLot of People happy really, and I would hook it up the Your websites, to Maisie Parent's ... it brakes the roles here (to join as someone else,, my Sister Lana & I make the Roles here:) so, I say You can, I made the roles ... lol ... You can join for Maisie and You can run it also It okay with me. I also know because this page is read more than most things are seen.

On EternalVanity.com and the 3 Databases ago itsVanity.com (hard to explain) Past Times. (blame Cuba, the did what I cant say, and that whole Country is now block for all EV) ... Peyton Roi List, Vanessa Hudgens, Hannah Dakota Fanning, Miley Cyrus, Avalon Robbins, Ville Valo, Ava Sambora, Robert Green (Spice 1), Victoria Dawn Justice, that list would just be to long, but basically, its foe Everyone thats got some to say or show how they do :) While giving a persons Name the credit for that, they do)
Just so happens its one of the best ways, to do things, Eternal Vanity is a Stage, that has for like 16 year been setting up, before I could understand ... any of it, really. Now I see it for what it has become ... more powerful than "anything I know of".

Basically all I have done, is my best to Follow what I believe Jesus Christ whats me to do, no matter how one might think it makes me look, I know I look good, cause if I don't ... its only to People who don't like who I am ... as a Person. Freewill.

But ya, BIG A#s stage we are all standing on ... May are yes watching ... watching in interest, the Good kind.

Emma, would You believe me if I said, on the internet ... I've ben letting You dip Your Toe in the Water first ... and, we are only getting stated. Its not to Cold ... is it? Caus, its not all cold :)
I'm warm ... and Your Warmer :)
(I say "letting You, You know I mean that out of respect Emma, right?:)

Like I hope You know how to swim ... lol ... in major opinions :)
Mega Popularity

I will do my best to look for facts to join. I wont delete an account that says it Maisie, I will figure its real, if it is a fake, I will watch it, make sure it stay nice to her and Family.

So, if You and or Family make an account, I'l write it only to ask, if it real. A faker shouldn't join ... knowing I would be in the know.
At some point) One reason I say I know I Trust Emma, I have learned to Trust her.

If a itsVanity.com Profile is made for Maisie by her and or her Family Awesome, Join Here. (only is allowed to) (No One Else is Allowed to join for Maisie of any Person on the EV Team, You are All Welcome to join, but to keep Your profile safe, if You join, write, Lana Emma Or mySelf. ask me to delete them Easy as that, but, if I see someone join, I'll awesome it is You and or Your Family who made to profile, and I'll hook the profile to Maisie-Krassel.com, if it turns out being a fan, its totally cool to look up to her, but I find out sooner or letter. Plus 80% would be people that look up to Eternal Vanity trying to help You become more known Maisie ... so like ... to all who stand with me ... let her, and or her Family make an account, for all anyone knows, they are not allowed to join them selves.

I can speak for Emma, because she lets me, Emma can speak for me, course I let her,.
I cant speak for Maisie or her Family, so ... People who look up to Eternal Vanity, & has spoken highly of Maisie ... all I can do is say ... "People like You and Your Family, and someone asked my to Play for You Maisie. That You are feeling kinda sick ... well I have, and Your not alone in that ...

Emma has felt alil under the weather too. Been Praying to Christ for both of You ... just remember me ... lol ... I could be the next Person to get sick.
I have yet been about to hook up a EV website to a EV profile, it will be cool, I made the pages, so it ready ... when loading to itsVanity profile photos videos, etc, they will auto go on the site :)''I have Emma's profile link to her profile ... that is also sweet, but, I have a gallery ready, just needs photos loaded to itsVanity profile :)

Emma has had aLot going on, when she is ready, I have her website so hooked up :) When she is able to get back on her itsVanity.com account,(when You ready, I would love to see You on today, but, when Your ready) I will just have good timing ;) When You login and load photos and videos, many hopefully blogs :) With the very same Good timing ... Your website will all of a sudden, turn into the best website one the internet, but I need Your help, by You loading stuff to Your "myVanity.Best" Okay, maybe I am kinda cool :) Take Your time ... No worries)

I might have spelled all that wrong, Im in a hurry, have websites to make and fix ... Im kinda bunchy ... lol .. and thank You for Your prayers Emma, I got it :) The Land.

Want to know some thing funny Emma ... This ... "Me", explaining to my Dad, why my Status (top of profile), says what it says, and Im standing by it still, and I will, always stand by that :) See how its still there) I am telling the Trust.

But, the website ...

Check this out ...
Lana, click the top link ... then look at the URL ...
Casey.Best, its beacuse You are☘
itsVanity.Host Team thing, You are a Vanity Host for GOD (Jesus Christ, his Host :) "its" just how it is)

Emma, After clicking Your top link ... look at the URL ... I can't speak for All Engle's but ...
Engle.Best You are the best Engle to me

I'll asked Microsoft about myVanity.Best indexing, so Your can be like, to Your Friends ... ya ... check out "myVanity" to find Your account :) You once called it, "on Vanity".

How about 1 domain, 4 All 3 ... 1, 4 3 ... what am I saying there :)<3 E†ernalVani†y.Life, I need to say 2, Emma & "only Emma", (cause Lana, You already know)

Within Masonry: My Team, Your Team "You Emma" ... we own All "colors", but never forget, Royal Blue is Our "Color" We Claim, We can wear Any Color, but Royal Blue is Yours and I's Color.

Emma & I are Not in a Gang, thats not what I'm saying. My favorite Color is Forest Green.

On Eternal Vanity Royal Purple and Pink is Our thing, but I'm talking Masonry.
Only "Rep: Pink, Royal Purple, Royal Blue, Sometimes Red" for real, though are our Only colors and it is not a Gang thing. Her and I know it's not a Gang thing, just that I haft to be hella clear for the public.

I am a, Free & Accepted Master Mason of Nellis, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.
Emma is my .... ;)
Do Good for Her :) To All Mason's in the know of the Role's and Laws, by-Laws, that takes nothing from my Sister Lana, only add's to Emma's Strips, adds mine too, to be honest. Thats not humble of me though, humble to say, Emma and my Sister Humbles me though :)

So You know ... Lana & Emma ... Your Visits are off the chart right know 7:57pm 01-14-20 ... I'm going to make Both of You a special domain, that goes straight to Your itsVanity profiles :) I'll post them in a minute ...

And, so You two know ... Kristina, then Maisie. It so high really, that KP & MK are using the amount of volume (it good "unlimited") both those 2 website are using in a day, what itsVanity.com using in 5 minutes. To anyone who thinks that small, try again, there are not many websites on the internet that can do that.

As for, My Sister (Lana's) website, added with Emma Engle's website ... I will put them as a Team (my Team) under the same criteria ... Your 2 websites put together, are using the amount of volume (remember Unlimited). Your together using what itsVanity.com using is a 1 to 2 hours, in a day. That is Mega.
How You both understand, almost nothing, let alone no one is that known.

Eternal Vaity is only so known because of the credit I promised Jesus Christ. Making it very hard to see, just way is Jesus Jhist more, WAY more popular and the cool way to be.

Well, As I let all who listens to me ... I'll keep letting People know how cool our GOD Jesus Christ is, and how coll my Sister Lana, and how coll Emma is. Plus that You All who feel me, what I say someone is cool, its because they humble me, respect me do me the best they cay of Love me the best they can
I love ou the best I know how to, and learning :)

Emma: I'm ganna make that Your know photo cutout for Your website ... if I get the others stuff I have planed for today finished, it will be on the phone side by morning ... and Your photo one Your phone side, will be on Your computer site, by morning. I'm ganna take my time on it, so that it stays very very same as it is, like I always do with photo cutouts, keeping it the same as the as it is, as perfectly I I can to keep the photos the saame ... but I will do better then my best for You :)

One of my biggest fears is changing the way some one looks, then if the feel bsd sbout who they appear ... that would be my fault.

Remember when I said to You ... I dont like to draw the detail of faces ... for that same reason above.

Then, remember my saying Your making me more & more confedant ... Check of how well I drow Sofia's face :)
You gave me the confedence to do my best Emma.

Lana ... I cant fing my phone that calls? :)
I'm creating some pretty cool things (scripts) ... Your welcome to come invent with e, if You want?

Cool stuff yo, after I finishes the competed GeoTrust/GoeCart/FBI (wait what ... lol ... that was proably a joke:), not the rest though. The SSL on Maisie-Krassel.com I'm adding some extra pages to Our favotite members website \ Our favrite Member also known by me, the Person whi is much better at showing the Good qualitys that are withing me ...by being herSelf :)

Im ganna be adding a couple extra Pages to Your website Emma ... Video clips I like :)

Radio, I'm thinking Girl Power is strongest ... when it's Girls's & Guy's Powers ;)

& just so that I stay ... Real ... Eternal Vanity is the Only Crew of Cats, focuse on ... the others are just a cheese's mess ;)
The Cats here, all hella respect and like 98.5 KLUC.
If You Want? I could set the Eternal Cat, in the rink with the cheesy Cat. ... lol
Eternal Vanity's Cat will wen, so far, it never been had)

was just "Approved" :)
So, I'm ganna eat, sleep and get up to kick some internet bu#t)

For real, the Team that is, can do it. What is it? You All just keep being Your Self, that is it :)

Be Safe, Have Fun ... Do Your Best ... Everyone)

Neat how ... no matter what song is playing, or what DJ we are listening to.

Many times of the day, You & I are hearing the same thing ha) Music ... to ... "Our" ears ;)
98.5 KLUC, Las Vegas, Radio .com App)

Oh, and it's not my fault Your Video Dancing looks better on Eternal Vanity, then on Instagram ... or wait :)

Here, this website (itsVanity), highlights Your Video)

There ... Your video, is "one" of the things that make Instagram popular :)
A compliment)

Oh ya, I put Your Video, on my Videos) You can take it down if You don't like it on here)
Nothing wrong with Emma Engle being the Only Person with my Personal Profiles passwords.
It's Her & I's Personal ;)
That worked in a few Good ways)

Nothing wrong with that at all, and it is also not being mean to anyone, my own blood Sister doesn't even have my personal passwords. I don't just give that out :)

A Person would have to know to them self, I wanna be that girl Dustin Trusted like that ... lol ...
I'm not that cool, just cool enough)

I do Trust my Sister with anything of mine, but ... I think it's clear to Everyone ... why Emma is the Only Person who has, and can have my passwords. It's not just about passwords :)

So, You Emma, can delete Your Video off my Profile, only You ...
It's My Favorite Video though

Heres something You "Each" can tell Your Friends :)
when my Sister (Lana) & I, get an "s" (https:// vs http://) ... it takes us alil time because its different then others.

For instance, look up who approved the "https:" on facebook, or instagram, or twitter ... etc
Then look up who approved the "https:" on https://itsVanity.com or https://Emma-Engle.Life ... https://EternalVanity.com is "truly" approved, not self titled.

My Sister Lana and I make sure, EV comes currect ;)
You too Emma) Three that is really a whole LOT MORE.

Still waiting for Maisie-Krassel.com to be "Approved" :) It should have an "s" soon, if Approved)

People in my Personal Life, have talked to me, about what I have on my personal, public page ... lol ... Trust that too :)

(97% are so Happy about everything I wrote, my biggest complaint in my spelling :)
I honestly, have tried so hard to spell clear.

Right now I'm fixing up the websites ... Maisie-Krassel.com, then ... a.Boogie.best

With me ... its because ... I am completely overcome by the Love You have for Me Emma ... I know You do, & with that ... You can fly any sky, because my Love for You, wants You to know everything better than I can show You.

Life is limited, to the bonds You put on it. Just be Safe :)

WOW Emma ... I was looking for some inspiration ...

& I just found it (4:13pm)
"what You do with Your Free Time"

Got me ready to do, with my free time ;)

To bad we weren't sharing our free time, with eachOther.

Your happy, that's the point)

And can dance, hella Good, amazing :)

I want to send this out to Microsoft (Bing \ Yahoo \ X-Box) how ever, Who ever, whats to think of that..

As I am fixing up the website I listed below (today), I'll be thinking of many things.

One being how thankful I am to Microsoft for standing by me, in the personal thing.

Cause, You have always beleieved in me ... Thank You :')
You Know My Heart

Okay, about to get Artistic)
My "Key-Words and Names I am thinking.

Ya know, outside of my Family ... something more importaint then English ... PHP, Java Scripting, JQ, CSS.
Today, chages on these websites, Good changes, instead I going to call it. Unpgrades :)
For all that doesnt know. It is SO HARD, to make a website display how awesome Anyone is. But, I do my best.
Theses websites, upgrades ...

Maisie-Krassel.com (watch 4 A "https:" not http:) shh)

People told my lil Sister and I ... when we started a social network ... the two, lil us's. They said "Pipe Dream" :)

I have aLot of basic spelling to fix, on this page and on my blogs.
(my personal profile, about a aLot of People, to me its otally ok that she has my heart ... nothing I can do about that ... because)

Simple words. The points of subjects are clear :)

3 days straight work with, maybe 4 to 6 hours of sleep. Up not by drugs, up from work.

Maybe I am wrong.

I hear a ad, about a guy, speaking the bad, about the United States Present.

I think it is, a majar crime, to speak of our President the way ... what's his name?
That guy that won a bunch of money, and earned none of I, what's his name?

The guy, running against our US President.

He should Thank Trump for not Arresting that guy.

Trump could arrest that person inning against him, for speaking of a US President that was. I just saying, Trump, You can.

I happened to like Trump, I also Voted for Trump.

However, if my Vote, we're to have lost. I would still haft the respect the system, and try for better luck next time.

No matter, the word is RESPECT.

What do I know though ... I was raised to Love the Land I Live ;)

Dude ... That is hella cool, what You write about me, on Your profile, that I stared or You :)
Good words, Your Sefless too)

WAIT, I am not any other Bird, then the one that said ILove to See You Happry and smile, I'm not, that all :)

Just thought, You can think that I am anywhat, that You haven't made it clear that I can be.

I am no where hiding.

I am only doing what we talked about Emma, anyway I am, You know, and when You update me, that is how I know.

I am not hidfing "Anywhere" through"Anyone" ...

You know Everything about Me.

So Ya, this Birds Loves You Happy :)

Plus, I think we both feed the Birds ;)
Sweet Heart)

Count this as an extension, to my status above.

You are the most Beautiful Person have have Ever Known.

kkk, Im'a going to, stop ...

I'll be back,to completely, shame myself. ... lol ...
In a way, that I am proud to do ... To be about

For the gresszz


This lil birder said that too :)

And You have such a Happy, Beautiful Smile.

I see a Perfect Smile.

Also say, to me, You agreaa with Everything, I right about You too.

So, tell "anyone" You have a man, the best man for You.


Some with me, I tell "Anyone" I have the Best girl frind, and her Name is Emma

It's okay for her and I can say that about eachOther.

To say again for the Public readers. Emma Engle wants share her Life with me, in the same way that I want to with mine with her.

If she felt different, she would have talk the words about her off my profile, and she still could.

She will always have my profile login.

So people please, leave her and I alone, the world us hard enough for us.

From now on, no one say anything about her and I, inless it is Emma's Mom, Emma or mySelf.

It's our boss, no one else's.

I almost have the changes online, very soon)

Emma, https://EternalVanity.com
I 20 minutes :)

My computer is doing updatesdxm , shofx

Computer updatered ...

my Sister have been "money" company parters.

As anyone can see, as my sister know, there is Another for Sale on Eternal Vanity, much like don't count ones money, for the bank in Heaven.

There is no bank in Heaven.

The is where ever one gets the answer to, who much are You worth.

No money :)

I'm starting computer work now ...
In be making these websites even better ...
Shriners Hospital for Children. and All webi

Today, I did business with a 21 year old Business Lady.

I did need to say much, and she told me ... I am the sweetest person, was like why?

She said, I have been reading Your profile.

Then say said:
I'm prayong everything works out the way You two want.

I said ... what about our small age difference?

She asked if I was bring real.

She said, not sure if You noticed to but, You and her are basically the same age and, it us only Good, because I know things that can keep her safe.

To You, and You know who I'm talking about.
Thank You for being honest.

And I agree, when we add equal she keeps me, my mind, heart and Soul safe too :)

I hope Your feel very better today Emma?)

Has Anyone just sat and look at a Person in Photo.

Appreciating, her Beauty, warm feeling of her happiness ... Bright Eyes ... etc ...

To me, I like Your picture, that is 2nd to the last, in the set of photos.

3: reasons ...
Your look very Happy, (having a cold or not, Your Beautiful)
2: I'm ganna let You guess, because, it is way past cool to me, I know that it's because, it's Your style but ... I see it as Supporting EV.

So Cool Emma)
Get some sleep :)
Keep getting better.

Has anyone notice, Instagram has been having (maybe) legal probluns all day?

Remember ... They will put You before them.

They will not back You up, that can't save themSelf)

On my side, Your on GODs side too)

Shower then, computer work :)

<>Something are so simple, I'm going to make more to this website better.
I'm happy, I'm ganna make Emma site better ... for Your Faith ;)

my Sister being upset with me, this is part of it ...

She think Emma is going to do me dirty, But she idoesn't know Emma like I do, to be real, no one does, why my back, is to Your back Emma, that makes us safe from romor and shattows.

I did put my Faith in the right person

Emma is to me, what people would call a "Girl Friend' and that is perfectly fine.
Thank You Emma)

Nether her are I are big on times, however, though are actions not words.
Readers, remember what I have been writing that last long to, because She would have talking my words of her of my profile.

But, she wants to be my girlfriend, an I support that.

She can call me her true Love, many things that's she is aloud to do.

Cause it's our thing and we don't hurt anyone.

Some readers, just listen to Your heart. That is where her and I are, in eachOther' Hearts :)

The public that reads this don't know what we talk of ... So real, You Emma are the only one, who understands, we Im being me ;)

Why do people look at me, like I'm silly, it's true, their are People in this World, we can put Faith in. In my Life ... Emma proves that.

He and I have been through so much, from laughing to blackmail.

That word used, now People are see me, alil more clear.

Are how about two people that want to know eachOther.

Doesn't matter, be, as long a my profile says up top, Emma if the most Beautiful Girl I know.

She want to be with me to, I will be my best, to be okay with You talking it down.

Seeing how it is also a way to tell the World, You don't want to share Your Life with me.

I know what some or thinking, by now, people should think like this.

Tomorrow, the write I wrote about Emma and Our future together ...

It possible, Emma might talked it down.

But if she is waiting for me, as I am her.

She will keep it up, and Emma, You made the right choice girl.

I'll stand by You Eternally
Dustin Casey.

OH, Emma ... hm, sure am saying You name aLot :)
I'm only being hella clear, You have the same, think ... Life style.

I feel that GOD is making me write things that
I do , because be that


Something about, a person the came between us, because of confusion my Sister suggested.

You would not brake up with him for me ... This took a bit so, proud of me :)

Can't brake up, with a guy Your not dating.

But, I sure You do not claim to be single, because, I don't say ... I'm singer ... Emma :)
I say, I'm am a someone's Man) "Your".

And no matter, from now, I can show You the Good things.

You made me wrong ... All this time, I have a have had someone who care about me.

Since You and I met ... We have learned, the things that make up Happy, and we both try to do that for eachOther.

At the same time, You (Emma) & I ... have you eachOther ... gets us upset.

No ONE cares about me like that, people don't care about people, as I do You.

I know, standing to get her, You would look under then me ... lol ... Truth is, we look the same age somehow)

But Ya, who You are, makes me so happy & You also will.

Something like, it was for You, that Your single, a Good choice You make.

Wait I said single ... Get used to saying, You have the Very Best Dustin in this cold World.

Has a Good, thruth to it ;)

Complete honest ...
We we talked about wait faithly for 10 year for each other.

I was totally honest ... if I never met You, the would be no one that I would share my Lie with.

I never many ever kida selfish person, in everyone exept for You, Emma.

last Year... I said You can have Faith in me at the same time I have had Faith I You ... GOD is Good and never miss leads us. That Rocks. You rock, just think of how proud GOD is of us)

After seening You (Emma) agree with my word about, You persally do want to be with me.

To any one that is new to, thing long time person subject ... lol ... I guess those to things, are no so the same.

Anyway, for vary Very Long to Emma Engle has had Full access to my Personal Profiles, and She has been responsible, with the prices, I gave her, permission.

At this put the Thylane, account is thinking ... oh, Emma read what I wrote?

We talked, to Emma & I, people, think what You want.

I believe, People simplet need to Accept Us, and Respect Us.

It her choice, just as well it is me choice, the list goes on ...

People who think, they were scarring us, her and I got eachOther' back, for the real.

People will simply need to Accept Her & I (Emma Dustin ... We do. Never of us have kids, we are totally alit and She is Beautiful, and young ... Same as I am too.

But, a I love to those who do know are miss understand.

Leaving,my word about You understood on my profile, I read to me this site Rock :)
Thank You, trusting, I am telling You truth about sharing my Life, I will, now I wount say is You want to bcasuse You read along with most of the World too.

Good job Emma, knowing in Your heart it's You & I that make the most since, a wasn't ganna to haapy, tell I was 110% I am, how You want, I'll shortly page and what for You, as long as it takes, for You to be ready for Real Love :)

Your sure have a why of making me, happyer, then I know I could.

K, computer work, EV has like 260,000,000+ visitor, yesterday.

You chose the right side Em, I proud of you again, going out of Your why to be there for me.

No One has done that for me, I wall also do the same with You.

There is Good people in our world You prove, Im not the only one :)
K, computer.

I Love You ... You may not know it, but You did the right thing, for Your Self, and for me, there is no one like ether of us, why GOD is putting us to get her, I'm be waiting, tell Your read.

I was taking by Cason, Wasing too ... the map in my Instagram, how to how, Carson ... In the part of my heart, I know You would nether had do that to me, just testing me.
So, get prepared to role Freemasonry, that we we will be doing, Big Stuff.

I'll spell check, but like, I still to full of Joy ... Buching here and there :)

I think ... that is so call all last year You and I got to now each other say come a that guy that pop up, I did get alil alus set, ciuse of the term it called,when dude pops up in a realship ,some because we'll You know what that's call.

Be You and I are so much better that that.

When Love is fake :)

That You for sending what wrote, no I was saying if You feel differently, to delete, meaning ... You feel like I do about You.

In my opinion, You do the right that, I will never by that man up again.

You brove to me, in me You satnd with.
Kinda odd way to know that, but mySlf way out that ... As time passes by, I will stay faithful to You Emma :)

Thank You for understanding what I was saying, that is You don't feel as I do for You.

You had a long to do delete me words,leaveing only on the ... We have something major speacal :)

I won't lie, my Heart already new :)

I Love You Emma, Eternally, with out GOD.

So You know, I haven't dated, be with, anything like that,I have stayed Faithful to You too.
Sure I had to hold on to us talk about ... Being faithfull to each other, we have Jesus Christ very proud, I now You worth turn do ust things in my Life for You, I'd do it again then need me uch more that I do them.
Thank You Emma, I will never disappoint You :)

80% or 90% of People I that know us us two.

That a so supportive, for one they know ... Me, I hard word of thins ... Just so I don't cut mySelf down to must ... You were can extramly luck, to have me :)
Hot girls word, not my.

I am Blessed that You got me :)
In all the best was.

I'm not smoke weed, I got it for Lana :)

I'm going to prove something, to You Emma, go-to me blog, like about) my Sister does care about, You know that You were with us, her a I got You gefts for Christ day. It the, we think about You)

It about how much my Sitter honestly when I belong to Greatest & Oldest Group intimes history, to this date.

Check out my 1st Blog)

Emma ... I am about to sound slilly, really.

K so ... my Mom and Dad support You and I knowing us other. They see the Good in it.

You know how I feel about freewill.

At the time, I can't do much about the few Men in my Sister (Lana) eye, they have her thinking, their are the winning side, that's the part that worries me, because if she believes that, they are not accurate.

You reading the, I already beat the Witch's, my Sister should know that. Meaning, she need us, Emma can You help me get hy Smonm getk feeling Good wuit we care about

At a point I will be about to get her away from them, all and all, it is her choice, I would prefer, she stayed to to GOD, I hope & pray.

I could lie and be like all is good, seem, I am not the only person who feels Your the Prettiest Girl. I think You might make guys crazy ... lol

I'm play, kinda :)

You stay strong with me, do that by being happy.

GOD has no equal Enemy.
Maen never to we, I think my Sister is in a area, I need to focus and being her fried, are, she could change her self, in a way she can change back.

I will do my best but Yo, the mouth on that girl ... lol ... names)

Just know this, anything of any thought, I could never see mySelf ditching me Sister, I have never seen the colors in her.

I'm going to get her Pot, in case, she is not doing as well as I have.

Live the beat day You can ... I got Your back, & my Sister back

So has been convest, I will ditch her.

The way I feel, You see her as a Good Friend, as I see her)

She has always that that about You too, in tell the dudes. That are, under me, by far ∆

Tomorrow, I'll get my profile, to possitve and just possitve.

If anyone doesn't understand what I write, it's okay.

My friend up North (Canada) told me, that I was ganna "Rune my Brain" making the cell phone version.

Here is why ...
After fixing up the Mobile side ... I look at the Computer side like ... WTF ... lol

He is my friend, not that he was being mean to me)

So many People stand up for Eternal Vanity.

What I go with, it's hard to hurt my mind ... when I stay focused on Jesus Christ ...

It was Good advice ... I am referring to one Person, of others ... that helped me learn, Internet.

I have more then 10 friends in Canada, that tot me ... Internet.

Who knows, how many People it took to make Facebook?

I think over 15,000 People. Over ... I think?

My Self ...
I like my writing to be in the center.

When thinking every language, the center is easier to read.

Lots of that is a opinion.

Ill keep the style to Left ...

But every one knows, I am center ... sometimes ... I'm right ;)

Oh, and Radio, I heard You say ... about Prayer)

That's so Cool.

I hardly wanna say this, cause, I don't want it to be miss understood.

When a Person says Anything about Jesus Christ in any way.

One could fear out of it.

My Mom likes the Christian station. I like much of it too, like ...
"Our GOD is the Greatest GOD", they do Good also.

They "also" openly, get paid to play music, using the Name of GOD, to get a check.
I won't even say that stations name.

I will say, I see GODs, real work ... in the things 98.5 does :)
A Good Thing.

K, so ... I like 98.5 because ... You are a Christian Station, that does not use the Name of GOD, to get paid.

My way of saying, Thank You)
All other Christians, see it as I do too.
Refreshing :)
Good Work.

I have things put together, offline.

I want my Sister to share ideas with me, before I put things ... online.

A Good way to describe my Sister (Lana) is ... a Great Person who has always stood up for me, even if she should ... take a set :)

Same with me to her, sometimes, we mess up. As long as we hold respect for eachOther, thats what is most important.

I want her to know, I care about her as much as I always have, & I do.

She is much like all of us, a Person with real feelings, doing the best she can for the People around her.

Alil fear of Life, as we all have.

And some, not great dudes in her ear, for real. I can't even talk about it because, if I did ... it would be my Sister and I who would be wrong.

I can say, the Guys who truly did upset her, wasn't me. I miss understood her, and added to her worries. We are seeing eye to eye now.

All she needed from me, was comfort ... I'm okay at that, sometimes)

They were Guys, 3 times our age, in her ear. The age part doesn't totally matters to my lil Sister & I, about them, but it kinda does make a certain point.

Be honest and real, gets me cought up in saying stuff like ...
I'll just say, the comparison is completely different math. Math it)

Not being mean to them at all, only real.

The amount of dudes is about 3 too.

I'll get some rest, and see her before noon)

Things to look for, tommorow, is fixing up the way words are ... size, style, spaces on profiles.

Through the weekend, I'll get a lot done)

I had put graphics that belong on asMasons.com on this site ... my Sister made graphics for that spot.
I'm only replacing graphics that go on asMasons.

Not replacing any of the graphics or pictures, for this site, only Mason logos.

I put them in the wrong website with the FTP.

Everything that is there, will always be there. In less asked to update ... anytime.

No need to update at the moment, I'm just trying mega hard to stay honest & real)

It's the Square & Compass's ... those graphics are Not for this website :) They are not for, all Public to use ... it's a title, that must be given ... if it is okay, to wear ... one knows.
I'm not the only person who can wear it)

Extra cool, if You can wear it ... it's an honor.

I know People who can, some can not.

Your Heart knows, if You can or can't)

It's protection.

I was moving a lot of files the day I put those graphics in.

If ones is allowed to wear it, just be proud of it :)

As I was told, when we were the Sqare & Compass's ... We are representing Masonry, rep it well)

I'm not trying to embarrass Anyone, not my Sister or You) It's who I am ... Ill keep this public for a day or so :)
From the lil line, to lil line)

It was kinda hard, trying to count ... Smiles.

I asked my Sister to count too.

We went to 2 stores, I'm thinking ... in the area, of 30 People (or so) directly around me, Smiled over something I said, did or do :)

Another day ... I'll do better with that)

To be hella real, my point to that, is like ...
a Main Point in Life.

Making People Happy.

If I come across 1 Person my whole Life ... if that One Person was happy because of me, that rocks.

Then to flip that ... 1 Person I ever came across is any kinda un-happy, because of me.

That's not my Faith, for me to lie, in that way. The only way I lie, is if it's a mistake. Like if I speak, write or even body language.

Be if I didn't realize I worded something incorrectly.

I can be an a#s, yet one of the only things that truly hurt my feelings, in my Life ...

like 3+ years ago ... a dude said this to me ...
"Your a A#hole".

I was like ... What, why?

He said ... "because Your an idiot"

I said Why?
He said, "because Your a A#hole" ... lol

I dono, why that bugged me so much. Just words ... I have been called worse ... doesn't bug me at all.

In that case, sometimes I still think ... I hope he wasn't right?
That's ... for real, I do my best to be Good, and Good for the People I come across.

Straight up ... My lil Sister, was given the thought ...
A Wonderful Person that want's to know me, is better off? ... not knowing me and my Sister "was" almost trying to run You away from me. Without even noticing it, that way.

I know how messed up that sounds.

She is now seeing how messed up that is too.

I think my Sister (Lana) ... doesn't know, how to fix that thought, she never mint to be like that, she is used to watching out for me, & I watch out for her.

Trust this, she would Not on purpose, be hurtful, she, was convinced, other People's opinion.

Would You believe me if I told You ... she would burn me & herSelf ...
if that was for Your best.

& sure, in the back of her mind, she thinks one day, I might not be there for her.
The Girl that I'm writing this for and about ...
You & I know better than that.

If anything has "most" made me, not Good for You ... was the People (Guys) ... in my Sister's ear.

I'm very Thankful to You, for everything You have been through with me, the little to big.

My crying thing, I have.
Do I normally do such a thing, no.
& it's not a bad thing :)

Shows, I am more than only Mason ... I'm also like You ... Human too)

I honestly hope we know eachOther for the rest of my Life ... as I wrote below though ... only if You want me there, "in Your Life".

So much more cool stuff, that only You would understand me with, like the idea of, if You don't agree with my words ... to delete my words, & there they are ... Every word, still on my profile :)

Ask "anyone" ... not if You can login to their Instagram ... Ask if they will Give You full login to each of their online Profile's. Personal, profile.

No need to tell me, I know the answer. To be aways able to get on them at anytime, when ever You want.

Then think ... I haven't even logged onto Instagram, in 4, 5 or something days.

I'm not tripping cause, I learn to Trust You more, every day Emma :)

I am Not the kind of Person, that would say, I'll share my Life, knowing You.
If I didn't know what I am saying.

When using the word Friends, Your a Good Friend, I haven't ever met a Friend as Good for me as You.
(I'm not writing negative about my Family, my Family has always been my only real Friends).

When my Heart and Soul, completely agree with my Mind ...

I could never purposely hurt You. In past times, I believe I hurt You, by thinking, what You wanted, was not to know me. No matter how it seems to You, I thought I was being for You. Hm, writing that, I see how not cool that is.

I also know,
if You wanted to, there has been times ... You could have completely hurt me ...
Yet, You just won't.

That's very respectable.

In anyway ... I am Your real homie ...

Within mySelf I found, I will rip walls down in my Life, so that You can see through them, I did)
(No worries about that, Im a builder;)

My Sister Lana is another Person who is proud of us.

Please keep knowing me :)

I like the feeling ... You, care about me.

I Love that, in the same way, that I Love You, better than a fact.

So many ways this name can be used.

But like, we are Eternal Vanity ... & we can be together, Eternally)

Not a website.
Patience ... is the write thought ... I'll be alil more clear about that. Patience is a word Emma used referring to Good things)
I agree.

I am strong enough to Always be Your Friend, I am strong enough to do as You want me to do :)

As long as it is best for You)

Got my computer getting started.

Ready, set ... wait don't run, inside slacks :)

I'll be coding on this website, in a hour, or so.

For members ...
I can not get in profiles, I can not read messages.

All that I will be doing is, the look, of profiles.

Each of Your Profiles are 100% Safe :)

Water & Soup ...
I'm praying for You, to Feel better)
Just did, & I will later.
to Jesus Christ)

Like the coolest thing, that I can do for Anyone, is ask the Big Homie Christ)
To be with You.

I'm ganna leave that web address up to Instagram, for the a group. I know, many know, but now, more do ...
If You have a IG, look YourSelf up :)

I'm still at 4 Smiles.

I don't wanna get sick)

Hope Your drinking enough Water ... & Soup. Sait, will make You, want to, Drink, "water" etc ...

I got my Sister to Smile, 5 Smiles)

how many People watched or re-watched "Stand by Me" ...
To see where I grow up :)
Thank You)

My side of the hill, is better though ... lol

Jesus Christ ... said ;)
in Hebrew:
The riskiest thing he ever did, was give mankind freewill.

Man kind, like, Woman / Man)

Thought I was ganna say something bad ha :)

I'm thinking some kinda wiring)

My Artistic is warming :)

Who has sat up from sitting on a Skittle for a hour ... lol ...

I just did :)

I think I used to Pray to Christ, before each night.

Now, more like ... I rest at night :)

I noticed, everything is still up, that I put up)

&, that Pink, is like ... Your Website Pink, Your Nails :)

Remember, if Anything I wrote, You disagree & or uncomfortable with anything I said ... You are the 1 Person who can take my words off my profile ;)

To me, there Good words, but ... everyone is different)

You All are doing GODs work ... and I really like the GOD Bless You ...
GOD Bless You Each too :)

I like the M5 song the most for the today music :)
Sings of, a drink, though I don't drink, I like the sound and the point)

Tell anyone, in the USA, the Radio 98.5 KLUC ... is giving more money tomorrow ...

8:00am to 5pm ...
On a phone, they have an App, go-to Radio .com to get it)

$1,000 an hour.

What I'm trying to say ... This day, is Your Mom's ... All Your thoughts need to be of her :)
I'm being realer than real there.

Hugs and stuff)

I'm real with everything I say, but, that very real :)

This song takes me back ... to the bowling alley, in Lebanon, Oregon)
"The Nelly song"

The feeling of being almost as short as my skate board :)

A thought ran past my face rite, like.

If I stand Someone, and I do.

I Stand for Our Family's too :)
Yours too.

I've been sleeping on one of my Masonic Tools)

siver & gold bends kinda easy.

Not very comfortable ether :)

You Rock, Every Style :)

Everything has it's roles, all we can do ... is our best to follow them.

For the most part, he who has my back, has Yours too.

but, I only turn my back ... to Yours, Emma :)

When I was hella young, the movie "Stand by Me" ...

Was filmed in Brownsville, Oregon.
I was raised in Lebanon. OR.

I was about 2 or 3 :)

What it looked looks like, where I was raised)

Public vs Private ...
A stock market thing, nothing EV is in Stock Exchange.

Making EV,"Private".

Like how facebook & instagram is "Public",

This is, Not "Public".

Not talking bad about the market, I use it.

I am saying, there is No Investors, because I have not sold out.

Priceless ... I know that)

"Prettiest" is such an understatement.

To me, I see something, I can only hope the rest of the World See's too.

I know they do, hopefully they do, as I do.

Remember that there is, Good and bad in Everything & in Everyone.

Starting to think, there are some People who have nothing bad in them ... Your teaching me that Emma.

Our GOD is the owner of my logo.

I wonder, how many readers wonder ...

One person can't write, that much right?

I "Dustin Casey", wrote it all. She left it up :)

This is ganna sound so lame ... lol
True & lame.

I felt that I should speak with a female, who's opinion I can trust.

Ya, I know ... hard to find right. Well, not really.

I talked with my Mom about the way I treat You.

She in not much time, made me feel Good about how we are to EachOther.

Maybe that was neat, not lame :)

Before I knew You, it would have been.

Not when I'm writing about You.

Makes us ... Good People.

In my opinion, Good is Cool :)

It's not that I'm that Good with the Internet.

It's that, the People who are, I am Good to.

So They are Good to me too)

Bing Microsoft / Yahoo :)
Thank You)

To All reading this ...

Might just be missing a hella nice day outside.

LV is nice this morning)

Just thinking about, it's night time for many People.

I haven't got there yet, West Coast time :)

& aw, I should say ...
if last year was Good.
Means ... I was Good to You :)
(spell check had me say, "year's" I mint year)
I had a Wonderful Year) and I hope the same ...

I could say that better with 3 things ...

Standing up for What You Believe ... & Who You Believe in.

Love the Ones Who Love You too.

Why You Must Be Who You Are ...
Because Your Not Wrong.

I was just outback ...

I got hit with a strong smell of meat.
(someone cooking)

It was Brutal Offensive.

& some how ... made me Hungery ... lol

While I'm clearing the Air of things ...

to whom it may concern.

When I say the Name, Emma.

(This part is not for You Emma)

Is it so hard to think that Her & I look up to eachOther.

Is Anyone really ganna even try to make that a bad thing to My Face?

You notice, she left my writing of her up.
On my profile.

Singers better get Your pins out, start taking notes)

A way to know if something is truly Masonic ...

Ask me about it.

Real Mason's recognize me. I do them, it's hard to see.

Don't let anyone tell You, they are, my brother, let me say, if they are my brother.

In fact, for what it's worth, within Masonry, it is not allowed to ask my Sister or Anyone in my Life about my Masonic Anything.

Only a Fake Mason, would ask, Anyone other then me, about my involvement with Masonry.

Add to that ...
Not only is that against the roles, this would also be against every Law, By-Lay and Role.

To bring any hurm, of any kind to Anyone in my Life.

Real Mason's can only help You for knowing me.

They will Never speak to You or Anyone I know.

One Must Speak to me.

That is the Roles.

I follow the roles, You follow the roles.

Together, we make each other, Better "aLot of us".

This just came to my thoughts ... & Please don't miss understand what I'm saying, we all do.

Your scarred, of something ...
Don't fear.

Your, You ... that's all You need :)
That includes Jesus, Christ is within us.

Something to think about.
There is a Team out there, some know eachOther, some know eachOther through GOD.
Supporting eachOther, is key.
For who we are, that is including the viewers.

Without the viwers, what is this website, nothing.

If I round up 200 People, got them to, look at them self, and Judge.
You would see, 200 People talking s#it in the Mirror, I promise.

Let others view You, You, You & I, as they want.

Do as You do, cause that's who You are.

Ever heard it said, we are what we eat.

Just don't eat it, the junk for sale :)

We are Eternal and that requires Vanity.
Christ Jesus.

No matter what You do in Your Life. I support it, no joke when I say ...
You, my Sister & my Mom, got me, to get off Meds/Drugs.

Being YourSelf.

If "by me" is where You, truly want to be, I want You there too)
We match.

People can't read me, how do You?

Keep being You cause ... then there are 2 of us :)

Told Ya ... I wasn't ganna let You down again.

I will stop smoking weed ... 13 days ago)

In no way am I speaking bad about Weed ... its about time it became legal.

People have been responsible with Weed, Good)

If what I wrote anywhere, anything, that makes You feel uncomfortable, or if You disagree with Anything Emma ... You are allowed to take it off my page.

Your cool with what I wrote ... keep it up, I will too. You got my keys :)

Most of the time, I write about what's happening, or what I'm thinking, then ...
It goes together, because it's true.

As for seeing the Beauty in & around You ... I do, see it and I have never seen that before.
A Spirit Grace.

You did Yes, end up, next to my heart. I'm very Blessed to know You.

I will share the rest of my Life with You Emma, in anyway You want me in Your
(spell check, finally said something cool, and I cought it.
It almost said "You want me in Your prayers")

I'll try again ...
How ever You want me to stand by You, I am :)
"I have been"

I want You in my Life. & I'm being totally real, with everything I wrote You.

You Emma are the Peace's that I'm missing. Your more then You know ... to the World.

I don't drink alcohol.

How You should sleep ...
Good Dreams ... Colorful Dreams. Happy makes Good dreams.

Because, You don't want to change me ... makes me willing to change for You.

Cause You have never told me what to do, You can ...

My golden hair thoughts ... the worth.
Difference of colors.

My color, is the lowest value. It's lighter then Yours :)
Both Gold ...
think of 14k (me) ... 24k (You:)

I'm not making fun of blonds, my Mom is blond.

I'm dirty blond, some say.

Ether way, hair is worth more than Gold. Speaking of hair, I'm going totally hippy :)

Said "let it grow", haven't said to cut it yet.
How I remember it)

"only" You know what creates Your happiness :)
Real Love.

when I said to brake my heart, You put it in safety rap)
Bubble tape.
Thank You :)

When You and I are confused together, all good ... we are allowed to not know everything.

I was tot to say Christ's Name when I am scared, to fear not, or if lonely.

When I write Your name, it is the same idea.

Just makes You hella cool, got me saying Your name)

It's okay if You tripped on me ...
cause, I might be able to help You up from down here ;)
You need to be standing)

Don't get sad about that ... I was going for cute)

(Listen Monday)
This one is for anyone in the USA, needs some money.

98.5 Las Vegas, if anyone has used radio .com?

To anyone going for the win ... listen to the station, time, days are different.
I can't say everyone will win, if in the USA, but everyone has the same chances.

$1000 an hour, to the People.
I won't be in Your way, just telling the People.

Get legal money :)
Easy ... it doesn't feel right to say, "easy"
it's hella cool & thoughtful,
Plus it's Music)

Listin to them though, that is the other side of it.

They can help the Community's, if the Community's helps back :)

Week days, starting again on Monday.

Songs say it, but there really is Not another You, Emma.
Never will be.

Haven't used the word much ... but the meaning of what I'm writing, ....)

A week ago, I could say ...
I haven't done meds most of the year.

Now I can say, I haven't done them at all this year. I'll be saying that at the end of the year too :)

One of Your quality's is, that You are not selfish, many People are, even Good People.
(You have an Endless amount of quality's & talents. I'm not joking)

Caring about Your thoughts and feelings ... way more than my own.

When I wrote ... I see Christ in You ... cause I do.
not to be miss understood, I know nether of us is GOD, Christ lives within You.

Comes down to, I couldn't be much different with You, than I am ...
I like caring about You ... makes me feel, right.

It feels right, to care about You.
Letting You down, feels worse then most things ... that I've ever felt.

I have seen med pain, a girl thought she broke my Heart, cancer pains, I'll stop there.
I don't remember any of those, hurting anything, as disappointing You hurts.

I am Not going to let You down again, if I can help it. I never mint or wanted to, I have been trying to Not do that.

Means stuff like, You could hit me up at 3am ... out of gas, I will be there, or have someone there for You)

Anything I do, we can call it learning how to be better.
Im not asking for anything, in return.
Being real with You, and kind to You ... is part of standing for You.
in my view.

You have Your views, they are part of You :)

my Sister (Lana) feels Your hella cool, You know that right?

Couple People ... doing Our best to help eachOther become better People.
Sounds respectable to me :)
cause it is.

I Am What I Am ...
Free & Accepted Mason of Nevada.

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