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Lebanon, Oregon.
July 15th 1983
Most Things I Put My Mind To.

My Dad, taught my Sister & I how to play Chess, was many years, my Dad would not let me beat him.

Even if he had to go have lunch and think about the Move. Then I realized, I too had time too think of the move he was going to make, and Body Language.

I was kinda a ... particular character, my Parents would ground me and I would be like ... "Thanks, my Friends were getting on my Nerves", and truly be happy about hafting to stay Home and sneak getting high, (Weed).

They would be like WTF? :)

In the areas of Feels, through my Life ... I have been let down, in one way & Another.

Something that I will always do ... is be Real with You Emma and True to You.

I'll get the login probably fixed when I wake up ... it must have been because Everything was Mega Upgraded.

After You login, Your logged in) Back up button or something works.

I will send more pictures of me as a kid when I get up too.

& like, my Dad was the best Person I had ever played in Chess ... he tot us to be better then him, as my Sister and I teach each Other, how ... to be Better)

We All Teach each Other, how to be Better, in Life ... better ... People.

I dont paint, I can draw ...

If I made a Picture of a Chess Game, it would have the real Pieces, doing real moves, like a Black or White House, jumping over the Bishop, as the Bishop was collecting Money, not looking at the Knight.

Moving in the Orders of the Pieces.

I would be tempered to make them Red Coats VS Blue Coats, or Templar VS Pagans ...

But, I think they are supposed to be White and Dark Knights of such. From Perisha or something.

Would probably make them York Rite VS Scottish Rite Peaces, that would be Sweet.

Have Solomon as the King of Scottish Rite and Jesus Christ as the King of York Rite.

Hmm, I might haft to mold and paint this, I can to that, its Painting like You and my Sister does ... I cant really do that very well.

One of the most important part in the game of Chess ... I might say, my favorite Pieces are the Rooks.

& really, my favorite might be the Knights.

The real question is, the Goal of the Game, am I trying to kinda win, trying not to win everytime ...

& is my favorite 2 Knights ... or Four?

2 Castles, or 4?

Basically, I take the other Players Pieces.

However, just like in Real Life ... I only want One Wife/Queen ;)

Will even let You beat me in Chess ... or might be able to figure me out, I'm thinking it would be aLot like playing my Sister ...

I haft to let her win like, ever other time ... to hard to win more than that with her :)

For real, my Sister is the best Chess player I have ever played.

We haven't yet played, so ... I cant say)

Its said that Jesus of Nazareth was Master at 4 Years. I'm just saying. Numbers.

I haven't seen my "Actual Badge" in a while. I would haft to look at it for dates, but ... the dates would make it even more, trippy, cuase ... I was raised about May 22nd, 2007. In Masonry.

To the now day ...
It took You, to have me to understand Acceptance, and the notion of real Freedom, Land & the whole United Way.

I dont completely understand it mySelf.

However, 2019, 2020 ... has been all about You, for me Emma)

I cant figure this out, in the same way, that I cant qite figure out ...

In my 1st Degree of Free & Accepted Masonry.
I was supposed to die, from cancer "in 2004", and didn't, without treatment, cancer Free.

2nd Degree, I learned what Music is.

My 3rd Degree, I can't figure out, if I was inspired to become a Master Mason, doe to a Tea Party TV Ad, with a girl in it who grow so Beautiful, Smart ... let's me call her my Girlfriend :)

Your Ad really might have had a part to do with it ... the Patriot part of it.

Then without knowing it ...
One of the Two People in that Ad, that helped persuade me in to Master Free & Accepted Mason.

You ... are such a Masonic Lady Emma ... much like mySelf, in Masonry before knowing what it is)

By my Sisters reaction, of all that ... I might think I am more funny then I really am.

However, we agree on one thing ... I am pretty high (Weed:)
It's almost 4:20?)

Hope the Wall with a George Washington Mask on, 3:39am ... who's gots the Pop Corn)

Someone is making Popping Corn ...

I all climb my high @as over one of these walls ... like ...
Red Eye Zombie, says ...

Who's making the Munches ... lol

Dont worry ... I'll put a Mask on my Face 1st :)

A Carter Mask? What am I supposed to wear?)

Its been pretty warm in Vegas, last lil bit ...

But it's so chillin out back on the swing right now. Got this "not a Real Stream", but a stream going on :)

A Pund, with a Elephant statue blowing a stream.

This swing I'm sitting on ... I dont even know how, it must be a magnet to me ... I cant remember not having it.

One of thoughts things where 40% of the People reading this from the Linn County, Oregon area ... are thinking ... they know what swing I'm talking about) From seeing it when I lived there.

Still in the same shape as it was, I dont really get that.

I just saw a TV Ad ... I think Trump has made it to "One of" my favorite Presidents.

When President Bush Jr, Dodged that Shoe ... that was Awesome.

That add I just saw was also, very Smart.

One of my favorite TV Ads, it starts with showing a lil girl.

The voice talking in the background, as the camera is zooming out, further in the air ...

Says, "To Get To You"
Its starts showing more, and More of Our Navy ...
& says ... "They will haft to get through Us" :)
(I think I can quote that?:)

In 100% honesty ... I had seen the Tea Party TV Ad ... that is also one of my favorite Ads.

Took me a while to realize ... You ... Emma, Your the girl in the Tea Party Ad ... that Rocks)
(Feel like saying, I dont care about left or right ... I like the Center, politically and most things ... I dont mega like extremes, like ... the Vegas Heat, yet here I am burn my Feet:)

I cant leave Your TV Ad out Emma, it really was Good.

I need to find one of my Talents ... I logged in & it took me to asMasons.com, just had to come back after login. I'll find it. asMasons & Eternal Vanity are the same thing.

Each One of Us have unrestricted, proficiency ... that only needs to be found (or recognized in Us, by Another) ...

Temper, Sharpen & Respect, always knowing ... the more We understand, the less We really feel like We know.

That Stuff, I was just looking at in my Dogs Eyes ... deep down ... Love, endless Love.

If a Person had a Favorite Chess Piece ... what would it be?
Never tell Anyone that.

Personally I can say it ... I only loss Chess if I want the game to be over.
All of the Peaces exept for the King. The Queen is My Favorite) & the Rooks.

Counting Move Cant Work.
& dont do the same moves twice.

Good with both sides, knowing, White goes 1st, gives Black the advantage.

I prefer the be the Black side (or Solid Side).

My Sister Painted a Chessboard, You might like to Paint one too? :)
(Those Holy Pieces are Crucked, gatta keep Your Eye on Them Pieces:)

& like ... I hope everyone in the USA remembers my Birthday.

So far, through me a pretty Good pre Party, on the 4th :)

If the USA forgets this year, my Masonic Brother "Sam", is coming for You ... lol
July 15th ...

Look withIn, tuning the note.

What is it in a Person that makes a One go out of Their way to hold a door.

In times like this ... Our Personality has a chance to stand out.

Everyone is hiding, almost like They all have masks on ... show Them All ... how Beautiful You Are.

Theres a commercial where it shows an Egg, & says ... this is Your Brain ...
then they crack the Egg on a frying Pan & say ... this is You Blain on Drugs.

Wouldn't it be easier to video tape a Person standing on the Street of Vegas, at the moment.

Last Video starts out with my load ... "lol" ... my bad, I'm using BlueTooth to send the videos from my phone (slow), with coding ... I having been aLot of writing English lately ... or any spoken language really ... Code.
(the videos are to long for the phone, on this site "about 45 seconds, phone. 5 to 10 minutes on computer)

I'll follow You Emma)
I can see that You try, to help me feel secure in Our Relationship, thank You.

To me that's a Good thing ... I also try to never do Anything that might upset You.
I notice that You do the same :)

Feel Free To Ask or Write Anything ...

Emma Engle and Dustin Casey Freemasons of Nellis
Emma & Dustin are many things, a large question is, in Freemasonry, what are we?

In Simple, Our main Lodge is Nellis 46/26 on and off the Nellis Military Base. We are M/A Free & Accepter Master's of Masonry. We are Military Freemasons, Defenders of Freedom, in Honor to GOD and Country.

Our Lodge in Nellis, is Scottish Right. Strictly speaking "York Rite is found in Masonry "Not Often", York Rite is still the Foundation of Freemasonry as Emma and other Royal Masons, stand with York, and for York ... We are the Christian Knighthood one the the Oath of Every Scottish Rite Mason Mason, is to Support, Protect and allow us Arks to re-build York Rite, so we no longer need to sub the word York Mason, with Royal Mason.

Colarado Grand Lodge, Washington DC Grand Lodge and Nellis is All Behind Emma and I bringing Christian Masonry Back.

Emma Engle and Dustin Casey Freemasons of Nellis
Nellis Host
A/M Master Free % Accepted Royal Masons, Masters of Scottish Rite Too. Emma and Dustin are York Rite, for the most part.
Emma and Dustin Casey the Masonic Hosts. Royal Masons, the TOP.

We must Always hold high Respect for Our Jewish Sisters & Brothers.

One thing that I see clearly in You ...
Our Future ❤️

There are times any & every Person is miss-understood.
I think we All are more miss-understood ... then empathized with.
One can try to have sympathy, thats much different then empathy.
Neat though, when a Person recognizes when Two People have True Compassion with eachOther, Equal to another, while as different as Female and Male.
I would like to think of mySelf as tough ... a girl with the name Emma, proves I'm pretty soft about somethings.
About One thing, GODs thing, he made in You, Emma.
Emma Engle's Art
& of course Your my Queen :)
The One True King, does have Kings ... I suppose I might be One)
Christ, Jesus being the One True King.
I got this Ace up my sleeve ... but, shh)

Peacemakers will be called "Children of GOD".
We Truly Enjoy, what Our Good GOD Enjoys :)
In Jesus Name, Indefinitely.

All my Life, I have tried to find something within me.
Not knowing I was looking in the wrong place.
It's in You Emma ... I see that so clearly.

We are just a couple of Gems, Ya know :)
(The May birthstone, "Emerald" ...
Ancient Romans dedicate this stone to Venus, "Love and Beauty". Today, it is thought that emeralds signify Wisdom, Growth, and Patience. It's also my favorite color. )


Thank You for treating Emma so Good ...
Us Together
We are a "Power Couple, and we must respect Microsoft and Yahoo. They are on Our Team, So is Masonry, however, Microsoft is also Masons.
And to Emma R. Engle

Stating that on her "by Far, that this is highest seen network of Emma's Emma's profile :)

In the same way that it is important that I tell other ... I'll word it like this for Emma.

This is not here only social network, please Respect here online and in Person.
https://Emma-Engle.LifeYour-Man.Best http://EternalVanity.net, http://Nellis.Host, https://itsVanity.com, https://asMasons.com, https://Freemason.Host, http://Voice-ETC.com, http://Voice-ETC.com/AdCenter, http://Nellis.Life, http://Shriners.Life, http://Masonic.Hosthttps://United-States.Systems, http://United-States.systems/Weather/, http://Masonic.Systems

We are stranger are Team, a Team is Stronger when accepting the Leads, this is a 8000+ year old Fraternity.
Of course ever 2000 years, our next Great Leader come, GOD chooses though Kings and Queens.
GOD makes it hard for a leader, People did not believe Jesus with his thoughts of Masonry.
"Your Rite Masonry"

Nellis Host
Because "area 26", is on the Nellis Air & Army Base it is not easily accessible to Masons who are not Nellis F&A Masons.
(Nellis, Home of the Thunderbirds)
the Nellis off Base Temple.

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