but, my Stick, shall Comfort me ;)

✅ Dustin Casey
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Las Vegas
July 15th 1983
Anything I Put My Mind To!

it's because, my True People Who know and Care about me ... Support anything I do and or Write/Say.

Just like I support anything You do, write & say :)

Together, we are a whole Lot, of Interesting ;)

Ever notice No Matter What I ay ... People like, my Sister (Lana), Emma, Shriners, Nellis & others like the Freemasons, the Accepted Masons Ancient & Modern Masonry, I am an Ancient & Modern, Free & Accepted Mason. Trippy Rite.
oh, oh, I should go down to the LVPD and ask the if the want to make a account too :)

No Matter What I Say or Do ... because what I do is Legal ... all Members here, will stay her (well there is the one Member that had to demand that I am a lier because out of some tricky wording, ended up saying I am a lier because I will not give him $100 dollars in gas.
Now that I think about it more ... dang, that is the Biggest Gas Tank I have ever heard of. Well, because I am very close with many Brothers and Sisters at Nellis Army Base, maybe the Gas Tank, is For a real Tank :) to hold so much gas)

Forgive me, but, it hella bugs me, when People try to Fool People.
the meaning of a "Fool": A Person Who, Withholds Information".
Tried to Fool me.

All will Always Support me as I do, in return or how ever it's viewed.

The proof to that is ... look at Each Member here, the Shriner's, Jardín Dispensary & maker and brake, the whole, who's who, is "Jardín" & All Masons (ohh, I need to make a Masonic Profile to Teach why to me a Mason, and give the login info to as many Masons as I can, so we can All use it, Lady Masons too.

They will always be here, with and for eachOther, that what we do ... Stand with & for eachOther :)

I'm so Proud of that)

I'm ganna turn mySelf into an Adult for You? :) For Us.
like more ... mature ... 1st ... I need to find out, just what that is ...lol

& daaa ... if You knew Emma like I do ... You would Love Her Too :)
nothing odd about that)

As Long As Your Website (that We made together), is at the Heart of my EV Profile, Then You Know, That Your In The Heart Of mySelf :)
No matter what anything anyone, posts on the internet, You know Emma, in less You read it, from my profile here (itsVanity.com/@/Dustin.Casey.10, or "10", like Your "11", I probably did Not write it, for the thing I did write, I can totally explain to You ... but, Im not going to write it for the World to read.

People jump to their own thoughts ... like, the things they would do if they were us.

Almost NoOne understands the true us, but us ... I dono, maybe we don't ether ... lol

and that for us to figure out any way :)

I need to fix the Computer Version, that are for links isn't hocked up, for computers, and other things need to be on the phone version.

Once a "friend", born and raised in Germany, asked me, after knowing him for like ... 3 months.

if he could "borrow" $5,000 to move back home.

... I know, I was new to the City, but ... Oregon boys aren't dumb :)

& ... I know alot of Good people read my page, but, I do hope You do to Emma ... I have Faith that You do :)

what I had up, I'm being honest, and it would look more like a Mountain ;)

You Know Where My Hearts At. With You.

Live Girl, just be Safe doing it :)

in my opinion, I need to tell my friends and readers this ...

this morning, I had to talk to Microsoft, because, things that my best friend, and mySelf wrote about on Instagram, ended up on a powerful website made by Instagram.

The removed the nice parts, added mean parts, and all around made it sound like her and I brake the law.

So readers know, we have never broke any Law, and I will stand for her, even in Court.

She and I have be 95% Good for each other.

As far as Instagram demanding, that I deleted https://Emma-Engle.Life ...

to use Instagram's words ...
"Emma does not want that site on the web, take it down or be sawed".

with the added, they said, "Emma told us to tell You that you are getting in the way of Instagrams agenda"

Thing is, Emma and I made her website together, I guess Instagram didn't know that.

IG doesn't really have a high IQ ... lol ... just aLot of all Your money, that's all they have

Full pocket, empty Soul's.

The Holy Bible says, we are to be very careful with those who have, the "Blood of EVE, the Seed of Adam without the Soul of Christ.

I am now realizing, my Friend, who I invite to EV in order to promote his Store here.

Sorry about the timing, sh#t kinda hit from fans for me ... give it a Week, most forget ... like trends, ever ,12 & 15 years if was popular then, the right people could easily bring it back I to style, (influene).

People with forget the other day, what I got more upset at In lol 0 me p

to me, just a sign the we are on GOD's Team, doing his work.

I have my Mom, the CBD pain patch, she likes it better than her narcotic pain patch.

Your changing the World homie :)

That is why I support what You do, and because You and whole crew, have been so Good to my Sister and I.

EV has been working on changing the World too, when we combine, Jardín, Eternal Vanity, Freemasonry, Accepted Masonry, Free & Accepted Masonry, the Army, Navy, LVPD, the Shriners, and Shriners Hospital for Children ... etc ... it is time, for us to stand up again, GOD is calling for it if You ask me.

We are not stoppable.

I know what some might be thinking but, Russia & China watch Eternal Vanitys back too.

if Eternal Vanity hears of Any Country in need of help, I tell the people who can help.

Ever heard of the Masonic Group ... the Red Cross.

That's just one ... York Rite, Scottish Rite, etc.

as long as that link is at the Heart of my Profile ... I Feel the Same as I have all year :)

Meaning ... You better respect YourSelf, as I do.

I know You do, but ... We (as People, can always jump higher, run faster, swim farther ... just because You don't see me in a way, that is more then then average person, does mean I'm mad about that.

I could never explain what happened to me, except, there is a 1st time for everything, and ... I am Grad that it was You, who, would brake my heart :)

You should have, then I would be about to forget about You ... lol

but, You just had to try Your best to keep me Safe.

Don't You know, it's a Full Time Job, for the Military to keep me safe ... lol ... at Nellis ...

A Girl, as tuff as I am, good luck with that ... lol ... A Friendly lol.

Nothing about my personal view changed, just don't wanna embarrass You, because of the way I feel.

I'm talking to my best friend, my team.

Plus, I want my Friends at Jardín to feel at home here :)

You All are welcome here, by Lana, Emma, mySelf and the millions of viewers like You here to ...

My best contact is here, just logon and send me a letter, wait, I changed it to, send me a Note :)

We are all friendly on itsVanity)

With Jardín here, we are going to take over the World together, k

What one is Pinky, and I need the Brain :)
Pinky & the Brian were always trying to talk over the World ... lol

& on a personal note, Instagram will not forget my name, I might just say Yes I'll go, the next time Eternal Vanity is invited to the While House, give me a Good chance to tell our leader, in the USA, just what You have been up to, Instagram ... start counting the day, the White House is one of our biggest fans silly.

If that happens again, I'll ask my Sister Lana ... & Emma, if they feel like a free trip to the White House :)

I Am What I Am ...
Free & Accepted Mason of Nellis.

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